Significant History

written by David Bersson October 1st, An CXIX 2022 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

When I consider some of the lectures I have heard about what is significant in history I do have a brief moment where I would like to beat them within an inch of their lives. Of course, I couldn’t bring myself to touch them where I would soil myself with a mere touch of their deluded person. So instead of acting in a manner which might give me no real satisfaction I will rub my wicked hands together, scaring fools with an evil laugh and write this essay where I continue forth with a campaign of analysis that might very well give me a reputation as the Lord of Controversy.

When history is significant or where history is significant or the chronological significance of history or the implications of the history where it is significant for any given lecture whether it is science history or a metaphysical history or the history of wars or the history of literature should never be ignored. For we have lost enough knowledge in the past 10,000 years to be concerned about the significance of history noting that vicious habit of humanity never to learn the lessons of history where it is truly significant it is significant to signify a red flag of warning to everyone that no patterns of history can be deduced without observing with clarity the importance of how to work with the present to alter the timeline of the future to our advantage.

No doubt, we have historians who give a twisted interpretation of history or a miscalculation of history or a confusion of myth with history that was supposed to be a lesson for humanity’s meditation and deduction. We have psychological interpretations of history, moron newspaper reporter versions of history, social media’s averse interpretations, historical ramifications of history, and even confused twists of political movements, religious uprising, inquisitions, false connections, plagiarism and scientists giving lectures where they shrug off history in lecture where they ignore pertinent events, clarity of progress and false motivations. Clearly, we humans have lost so much history with savage invasions throughout history that you would think historical significance would at last be put in its proper place where caution not to lose it and to include it in lecture would be pertinent and responsible. Well, as I stated. We humans are always twisting history to fit the limitations of our insufficient data for example the leap in logic where we remark that as a consequence of observing the stars, moon and Sun as revolving around the earth we considered ourselves the center of the universe, or so it was seen, it had something to do with our egos or that we were special in the universe from the observation. These same scientists who proclaimed this idiocy remark right from the preliminaries of their lecture that they do not specialize in history and admit that some of their history might not be in the proper order. I tried to overthrow this nation of false assumptions in my article on centralization showing how important it is to show true pride which is distinguished from obsessive ego. No, I’m not stating that conceit builds confidence but telling you how important it is to not permit inferiority complex to permit yourself to certain failure by a very real approach toward self confidence and self esteem.

In addition, we have the issue of which history or which nation gives an honest interpretation of history. We have a history book in England giving us a history of the United States of America based on how they viewed the American Revolution and we observe how the history books on the same subject here in the USA where they do not seem to include what we consider to be pertinent history which they consider to be a vital stand of patriotism on either side. Goodness, what is significant for England seems insignificant to the USA where it becomes a matter of national pride and which history is the true history? If this wasn’t absolutely a curious dilemma try to read the American Revolution from a history book in France where we have three scholars screaming at each other from three countries where each has a perspective that they think is more significant than the others. It is a terrible state of affairs, don’t you think? Where we not only have endless debates from a multitude of nations all in disagreement about the history of each other nations where the very patterns of history for historians are subject to disagreement where we with our habit of never learning the lessons of history cannot agree on which events are significant.

Now, Seattle is named after a man who committed genocide on a Tribe that existed for centuries where their culture, and tradition was wiped out forever. Also, he owned slaves. He gives one interesting speech in his senior years and they honor him for his stand on ecology creating statues and busts of him as if he was a hero. Whether Seattle is the savage or the freethinker is emphasized as significant history depends on which article you read. How ironic that the city of Seattle does not change the name of its city as has become habit by other versions of deteriorated mob mentality who are too uneducated to see such changes will delete history and the lessons that are supposed to be learned.

Meanwhile, we look through history books in Sweden about early America where we find what is considered yet another peculiar history that is proclaimed to be significant. If we are to believe the historians in Sweden the “Swedish South Company” was an attempt of the old Swedish aristocracy to make the "New World" a colony of the Swedish Empire only to be foiled by the savage Dutch and in turn the power slipped into the hands of William Penn and other significant figures connected with the English aristocracy. Had their colony been larger in Pennsylvania modern day USA would all be under the control of Sweden and the tongue of the USA would be Swedish.

A history of glorious conquerors in our history books? Perish the thought. We are cautious to compare the tyrant who commits genocide with the wondrous strategic maneuvers of Napoleon putting Adolf Hitler and Genghis Khan in the category of vicious madman. On the other hand, Mongolian history makes Genghis Khan a wondrous hero. On the other hand, if the Confederates had won the Civil War being victors they would of written the history where the Articles of Confederation would have been proof that they should of won where this document would have been proof that they were more the original settlers than the Yankees. The victorious will always write the history while the defeated are in no position to write anything of themselves without severe penalties. History does show that the cruelties toward the defeated sometimes exceed the horrors of the war that preceded them as in the case of those in the south who were given the delusion of reconstruction.

“What reconstruction??”, is heard from a certain Tulane University Graduate (Class of 1976 e.v.), whose thesis was based on what was significant from his years at that fine university. Of course, his ancestor fought on the side of the south so he is quietly asked to leave the lecture hall being a boomer and the type of intellectual that will never be heard by the Ivy League intelligentsia. Of course, all the descendants of the slaves observe him wondering how he could be right about anything, whatsoever! After all, his southern accent immediately classifies him as a man of lesser intelligence and morally insane. Of course, this same southerner must have his history twisted! If we are to believe his version of history the Yankees were an invading political movement and aggression taking over the country that came much later than the Confederates. Their Mansions and slaves were simply showing the false elite British these descendants of the original pioneers could live as royally as they. Of course this can’t be true nor significant for this would mean that the original Government of the United States of America was overthrown! Why, the song “Yankee Doodle Dandy” has to be proof in contradiction to this scoundrel from the south to even imply something so outrageous. Why, you need to only study the lyrics of the song "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and look up the the real history of the word, “Yankee”. We all know from our real history that the "Articles of Confederation" have nothing to do with the word "Confederate" and it is just one of those peculiar coincidences that pop up from time to time.

The most significant lessons of history with regards to black slavery in the old south are so twisted that we have theater that ignores the real conditions of the slaves creating black heroes that wouldn’t of been able to articulate even close to those idiot presentations that twist history in their moron movies. So they invent an educated African that never existed to be the hero. For example, what was emphasized in the classroom of 1970 e.v. where the slave was brought up without the three R’s and the fear of the graveyard and the ghost as a very real means of control is out of the paragraphs of essay not to mention the Plantation Archives being in contradiction to the level of exchange from the slaves themselves. Hollywood creates all sorts of false history in their movies about slavery and eventually a multitude of these delusions will percolate into our history books where morons will no longer have those lessons of history to counter reiteration. Black scholars trying to make sense of what went on with the symbolism of movies like “Gone with the Wind”, colonizations, psychological manifestations of slavery, punishment of slaves, slave auctions and other significant parts of history create thesis where they are so obsessed by the tragedy of existing with ancestors that were in chains that they cannot articulate the point in a manner where they understand how to present slave history. The slaves shall serve in every nation whether they have masters or not. The psychological status of the Mississippi Slave Trader moving black slaves to the auction in Atlanta is not only considered insignificant and ignored but we have history being deleted by statues being taken down by naive politicians not knowing the danger of submitting to the mob’s objection on what was and what will surely occur again if we do not give the real event without twisting history. We should not need the question on how many years will it be before the blacks in the USA will be enslaved again as a consequence of our deleted history where the lessons of the past are completely wiped from our history as the tendency is at the present. The question is how to give a significant history where we do not repeat such events for the future. I think another perception from scientists might be of value where the study of slavery involves very real observations from those whose obsessions are neutralized by what really occurs with slavery throughout history. In this manner, anything of value and of significance can be studied without the dangers of emotional connotations. My immediate observation is slavery is a controlled experiment of eugenics, only in reverse, and therefore not to be encouraged. Of course, we are all humans and we know that slavery will occur again no matter how much its objections from scholars and scientists show its disadvantage from the perspective of the gospel according to Charles Darwin. No matter how much I object to the idea of taking slaves and those lectures against it we are not learning from the true history and constantly repeating our errors. Science does show us this is of a truly significant perspective that diversification and the mix of DNA from all the races has to occur since it involves the survival of the human race. That is, if we are to colonize Goldilocks Planets we cannot ignore any race when we restart the human race. You need only observe the mutations of inbreeding that have occurred with the various aristocracies throughout history to note how important it is never to exclude any race of human being from colonization of livable planets.

Years ago, I tried to give lectures how the history of science should include what was considered science in the past. When asked for examples I stated that alchemy and astrology should be included where they immediately jumped to conclusions that I was trying to introduce superstition into the curriculum of the academic community. It hadn’t occurred to their confused reaction that a study of both alchemy and astrology can be as complex as particle physics or even the equations of relativity depending on how far you take them. Of course, the point of it all wasn’t the level of complexity but simply an honest history on how we arrived to the technological status and science that we exist with today without any number of false observations today and in our past. Of course, the connection between alchemy with chemistry or astrology with astronomy was out of the question to investigate where I would be promoting superstition and upsetting the ambitions of the academic protocol.

A history of scientific equipment is another overlooked lecture in the universities. For example, the pocket calculator making the slide rule obsolete or the 914 Machine by Xerox making the old process of blueprints obsolete.

It should otherwise be an important point to consider that history should never be excluded and those interpretations of what is significant history be carefully scrutinized.

For we are human beings who have never learned the lessons of our history and continuously reiterate them.

Well, knowing this to be true what do you intend to do about it?

Why nothing at all, proclaims the latest assembly line of sheepel bleating sweetly along the Conveyor belt of either stubborn stupidity or mimicked rationalizations . Why, two Professors repeated the same history in two lectures so it must be true. This old fart that is objecting cannot have any significance for his perspective of history is what really occurred absent from any insight that might give clarity to any given event. The critic proceeds to create a string of historical events with eye candy videos that the majority paid no attention to during their actual occurrences and issues brand new lies considered insights and history in the most pleasant gift wrap directed at other idiots who naturally begin bleating in union the satisfaction of the newly constructed history. Of course, it doesn’t assist to tell them that you were actually alive at the time of the event and they are twisting what truly occurred.

After all, the warning not to repeat the errors of past history by showing the truth of any number of human errors from a significant history that could be avoided is too racy for their blood or worse that they might have to heed the warnings of history and act responsibly.

Love is the law, love under will