The Scholar and the Initiate

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Although a scholar will not be always an initiate, the initiate has to possess the assimilation of a scholar. You can start off as a scholar and become an initiate or you can enter the path as an initiate and use the a scholar’s protocol to present issues. Yet, with the initiate you are presented insights where the scholar gives you a plate of bones if they do not possess the insight of an initiate. How this is important to distinguish the truth of modern authors on the subject of our Path must be given serious deliberation. More often than not, the idle speculations or notions of the occult scholar who is not a practitioner or an initiate amounts to a lesser perception. Give me insights over history, I dare say.

I’ve haven’t in past writing explained clearly enough how important it is to write of the Path, its insights and the Law of Θελημα from those perspectives that do not do as others do and give soapbox of the man Aleister Crowley. Let others write their biographies, their history, and so forth where I am expressing myself from the reality of my travels and initiations. The great genius of the Magus, To Mega Therion is a far place or realm from the man Aleister Crowley.

I most certainly cannot take a path of someone else or their habit. This keeps going on and on with authors over and over again. Just observe your bookshelf. What authors are important with regards to insights? What authors are writing about the man Aleister Crowley or a mere introduction where you want fresh material and inspired insights? This isn’t a new issue at all with initiates. Nor would I stifle or name any name of those who continue to write about the man Crowley. It is otherwise significant to note this very really difference and how important it is to bring to everyone’s attention.

To clarify how important this is to those who are writing about the man Crowley lets observe what a Master states about this in 1953 e.v.. This Master is Karl Germer.

The man Crowley is of little interest. What counts is the genius in him, and his thought as expressed in his many works.

Letter dated April 24, 1953 e.v. from Karl Germer to Marcelo Motta

This important lesson expressed to my Instructor in 1953 e.v. is an important observation for those who would continue their alleged sailing scholarships across this cumbersome trade route where no port of entry is going to occur where the great genius of the Magus is left to random quotes where the man is given soapbox rather than the great genius of His Word.

Such uninformed opinion would only sway you from priorities. I want to write or read the essay that writes sweet words for the kings and gives experience. You could read Confessions of Aleister Crowley or any author from now until the middle of the Aeon of Maat about detailed history and not be a penny wiser from the efforts for yourself or to assist others on the path. Take your brands of scholarship and leave me to my own devices. If you are telling everyone that you’ve avoided opinion in your volumes this speaks volumes on the lack of confidence from a lack of experience from the lack of initiation. No doubt, you’ll write some fine background work but what of those who already with the first few initiations would benefit from your insights? Well, where are your insights?

Do you avoid opinion writing of historical essay where you haven’t even tread the first ordeal to the preliminary initiations? What has the Path taught you about your true self? Or is it all about not really tackling the Great Work where theory is balanced by practice? Step up to the plate. By now you should be able to give something to assist others on the path by your personal experiences or initiations where it is not opinion at all but the sum of your courage to actually do some work and present your thesis from experience. Well, even a few astral visions or your adventures applying some of the principles of a magical retirement. You can’t levitate worth a shit (I mean spiritually) after twenty years of magical practices?

Details that might assist others on the path are very important on the path from your private initiations. For example, I went over in past writings the issues I had when I was Dominus Liminus trying to fulfill the Task and Oath to the satisfaction of the Order where I resolved those problems by creating a Temple on the Inner Planes creating an Office going so far as to explain the details on my method of creating it. (The Atlas Method of Astral Temple building), or when I wrote my astral explorations with regards to the Neptune Operation or how the Ritual of the Bull Sacrifice was written years ago in Albuquerque, New Mexico, or what I went through in the seventies e.v. with my struggle with Dragon Asana, and any other number of very real experiences with the Priestess with successful or failed relationships. A red flag goes up when an author foolishly and naively states he or she is writing for themselves. Care to explain this statement? Read the Oaths and Tasks again to observe how I would raise an eyebrow to such a statement where I would question motivations. When an initiate exclaims, “fail not of a heir” it should hint enough that it is all for assisting those below you in the Order. Even going so far as to state that you need to have someone below you in the Grade below you to actually be acknowledged the Grade in accordance with ONE STAR IN SIGHT. If you are not in the Order are you a mere historian or occult scholar? Very well, lets go over this issue of thesis whether you are in the Order or not.

One essay or thesis, and sometimes unknown to you for years might become your thesis or school of thought in much the same way as an Adept Exempt’s thesis manifests magically either to you or others who vibrates on that level until another thesis exceeds it. You get what you invoke, you become the magical motto you identify with and even though you might be in Malkuth rather than Chesed the principles of manifestation of magick work in the same way only on a lower plane when you write a thesis. The magick of the thesis becomes what you are only in so far as it parallels with completeness the reflection of the status of your Grade, no matter how low. As observed by more than one initiate you may of written only one essay that parallels an Adept Exempt thesis on the plane or Grade you are.

Yet that one essay becomes your signature until you exceed it!!

The magick of that singular thesis becomes you where its magical energy becomes a bud will manifested thought form of what you are to vibrate with. Knowing this magical secret meant I would write hundreds of essays where my original thesis which I titled “Thelemic Discipline” (approved by my Instructor) began magical gestures of greater complexity by Adept Exempt and its thesis. Which essay is My thesis for Adept Exempt shall not be revealed for I “veil the shrine” where I cannot permit interference with magical gestures that are beyond the scope of nearly everyone who might chance upon my Great Work. If one hundred of my essays amount to my thesis as Adept Exempt, for example, what makes you think without real initiation you can determine anything beyond me as a man? This issue that what Karl Germer brought up in 1953 e.v. is as true for any true Adept or Master. I am not condemning in any sense the modern works of occult scholarship of Aleister Crowley, the man, of course. I am attempting for these authors to realize what they are doing; and how it is that I am not doing what they are doing.

Love is the law, love under will