Sacred Geometry

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

On the reading list it is recommended a book named “The Canon”. This is how the book is presented on our old reading list.
The Canon. The best text-book of Applied Qabalah.

Noted that the author of this is not named on the reading list yet it was printed in 1897 e.v. in London. The author is William Stirling. As it turns out, it would have been better to list the author’s name for those who would study it and include it their private library. The preface is well written and should be read by all those who would observe those parallels with my insights how deteriorated the technologies can make so many. Comments of the inevitable slave mentality from those who fall into the trap of letting their minds go to sleep with the machines or those who ignore the glorious wisdom of the ancients is not a new idea. I simply emphasized it again in any number of my essays. Lets face the fact. That the origin of the sacred geometry goes back to the calculations and designs of the ancient temples. This shows you both the brilliance of Freemasonry and its misinterpretations. Yet, the Canon by William Stirling really did plant the seeds of all these new age books on sacred geometry. I absolutely recommend this book for your library. The concept of what precisely what we now name the “central mysteries” of the ancients means that priorities of study are essential. Most certainly, this would give sacred geometry status to give us what was really important. The idea of the “sacred succession” does include all those priorities which simply had different names for different initiates from different ancient nations. In addition, modern musicians who would have mystical temperaments should note that Chapter X titled “Music of the Spheres” gives a concise introduction on the subject written with details that simply do not cover the subject elsewhere. The Chapter on Ritual being Chapter XI goes from being naive to sublime back to naive but overall we must consider the magical currents of the times. So, yes. I absolutely agree that this book should not be ignored. How annoying it is that modern scientists would treat the ancients like they were children. How glorious it is to see a book by someone like William Stirling. Of course, we went to separate schools together. His book, The Canon, is clearly a classic in its highest class which kicked into gear and inspired many an initiate since its original publication.

If you observe our magical circle from Book 4 it is an applied Qabalah, sacred geometry magical circle. While it should be immediately obvious the ten squares of the Tau are the ten sephiroth it might make raise a few naive eyebrows that the diamonds are positioned such a way they are placed as the Triangle in the circle. Note the three diamonds on Our magical circle which each with four points multiply whereas it sums to the number twelve, which is the number of the zodiac and other correspondences of importance to this number. Sacred geometry again which is applied to the three diamonds with four points each is 3 X 4 = 12. The three veils of the negative applied to sacred geometry means distinct definition where those lost in the muddle of theory make idiot statements that the concepts excludes its nature rather than clarifies its reality. If your equilibration isn’t anchored where manifestations of positive and negative haven’t manifested pragmatic insights perhaps you should consider sacred geometry where you’ve overlooked the building of the Temple in accordance to proper correspondences. The Canon, again, resolves these issues with explanations of the Temple and even the Ark with excellent clarity. The importance of this lesson from the Canon, where it will not be immediately significant to anyone but the practicing magician that to manifest the force into a talisman holds sway with the same principle to knowing how the Temple is set up properly with the proper symbolism naturally makes ready for the Divine force.

Sacred Geometry studied from the perspective of Rudolf Steiner’s “The Fourth Dimension” is not for the faint hearted and The Canon should be read first to develop coordinates. I have warned initiates over and over again that you must balance theory with practice. What good is your metaphysics where you cannot do anything with it? What good is this information if it isn’t applied? The old problem where you simply haven done enough magick to develop your mysticism or school of thought has been many an objection to many an initiate. Your money is in the bank doing nothing but sitting there doing nothing as Karl Germer wisely stated. Neshamah into the ruach or fall prey to the issue of Theosophists and sidewalk philosophers. So, by all means study “The Fourth Dimension” but be warned you’ll not be able to apply it into the realm of the universal life or know what to magically do with regards to phenomenal existence without very real initiations. Of course, it never receives a positive response when you call them a worthless piece of shit for falling prey to such asinine presumptions. Never you mind. Now that you mention it, I do not expect the student to memorize all the lectures in “The Fourth Dimension, by Rudolf Steiner” and I have always objected to the bibliography on pages 221 – 232. Are there people out there who actually get all the books of such a bibliography? Even mister important PHD gives a bibliography that no one actually bothers themselves with to pay any more than a moment of annoying glances. By the time you’ve studied the lectures you are either ready to apply what will actually work on phenomenal existence with or simply join the Theosophists where you get lost in their delusional worlds where the theoretical overpowers you out of balance with the practical where you either die, go insane or become a philosopher or worse, the type of historian that you want to take a baseball bat to for idiot presumptions on what was really, really, really, the vital “sacred successions”. You most certainly will not become a Master in any sense of its reality by studying this prior to The Canon. I have tried to emphasize this very issue where the school of thought or metaphysics should absolutely have a basis in reality and this is the difference between a magician and exorcist where you can, at last, place sacred geometry in its proper place throughout the magical operation.

An excellent “cut to the chase” question was passed on to me when giving a lecture that I heard second hand from a student was how this information was going to be important for him. An excellent question but it wasn’t given directly where the query did not reach me until some time after the lecture. (of course in the background of my mind I was wondering how any moron would ask rather than figure it out for himself) This was an important question for we want to see reality as reality to actually act upon phenomenal existence. Of course, the question is already answered in our curriculum where the serious magician begins with the circle and Sepiroth in the form of squares and Tau. I emphasized the importance of this where it came down to knowing the letter in complete compliance or balance with the spirit where I went over this issue in my essay called, “World Conquest”.

Obviously, you’ve done sacred geometry as it was originally intended to be done when you do the Book 4 Thelemic Circle with the Ten Squares which are the Ten Sephiroth. Obviously, you are doing sacred geometry as it should be done when you set up everything in accordance with the altar as in line 3 in Liber VIII. The Eastern Gurus have been giving mandala versions of the sacred geometry with their meditations but lower initiates or those obsessed with genuflect dogma mentality rarely balance theory with practice. It is better to concentrate on the method of science with the aim of religion to study scientifically what you are on the other side of the meditation.

Love is the law, love under will