The Record and the Thesis
written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I have in other essays attempted to emphasize how imperative it is adhere to Liber E, Section I with regards to the the record and the method of science means writing the data into the record so others might benefit from and parallel the experiment or practice. Write what you done completely and only then try to clarify it by those insights that are consistent with your status of initiation. This balance of the linear and the non linear is in itself of great value where if you study what you have done, even years from now, your school of thought is built into the proper thesis which might very well be submitted for Exempt Adept. Such are weapons of instruction later when you become the Master who tends the Garden. It should otherwise be considered that when we refer to the Master we refer to the Grade of Master of the Temple. This is clearly a civilized advance from those who would call themselves Master to possess slaves being the revolting habit of the black brothers. It is important to note the wisdom of those whose school of thought is clearly defined by these perceptions of freedom where only a Master can correct the thesis of a Exempt Adept. Even such corrections might not assure the Exempt Adept will succeed in the crossing of the Abyss. I should remark that the magical record is of such vital importance and its use throughout the lifetimes of the Great Work and Path that I doubt anyone who does not keep a magical record.

I can only bring to the attention of the serious aspirant the Oath & Task of Adept Major to give my advice that as a consequence of its work with the magical power that the thesis should at this Grade begun with its outlines and structure. Be prepared to make changes in the directions of what you learn about magical powers as Adept Major to include the insights as a school of thought as Adept Exempt for one of the most important connections is from earlier Oaths & Tasks where you must understand the connection with the nature and powers of your being.

This does mean that other directions might be excluded from this curriculum for you by Adept Major K & C of the HGA whose instruction might take you in directions where world civilization itself and racial initiation is involved in unforeseen manifestations of karma. Behold where Thine Angel hath led thee!!

You should never be embarrassed what you write in your magical diary. The only person who will see your magical record is your Instructor and any comments he states critical about what you have written is meant to assist you. You need to be honest with yourself so when your magical record is audited by your Instructor real advice can follow. Part of your Instructors Oath and Task is clearly demanding zeal to those below them in the Hierarchy. You will read unpleasant things about yourself written in red ink when you are moving toward false paths and sometimes compliments when you are moving in the direction toward accomplishment. To be nervous or paranoid to your Instructor when it comes time for your Instructor to read your magical record might be fairly standard; but you must face yourself and your Instructor with open eyes. The magical diary, in addition, should be preserved for your future study long after your Instructor has passed on when you have to face what you were, what you are at present and the Great Work that is ahead.

We adhere to the method of science with the aim of religion where spiritual enlightenment can grow and evolve. The magical record is essential and invaluable where we can understand ourselves to bring us to clarity of True Self and True Will.

The Curriculum of the A∴A∴ is precisely defined in ONE STAR IN SIGHT and these Grades are absolutely written in this manifesto as it states without exaggeration or lies.

Love is the law, love under will