Pragmatic Perceptions of Proportion
written by David Bersson
December 30th, An CXIX

“The Magicians of tomorrow will be armed with mathematical theory, organized observation, and experimentally verified practice. But their Art will remain inscrutable as ever in essence; talent will never supplant genius.”
A quote from a footnote in Magick in theory & practice, Chapter XVIII, by the Master Therion, 1929 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I shall bring up the issue of income and ratio for those who follow the apparently controversial Path of initiation. We are not of the type of eastern path where any idiot oaths of poverty are viewed with any false virtue. We find no virtue with rationalizations of religious poverty. Weak fools fear money and we strife to be the center of our circle where we differentiate and pay attention to that brand of intelligent selfishness where we can distinguish the pride of a Thelemite from ego gratifications to one extreme. The degrees of altruism that emphasize self sacrifice on the other end of the spectrum more often than not in contradiction to our True Self. In the universe where Forbes Statistics try to tell you who is the richest they never really present anything but amount ignoring the complexities of ratio. Of course, the complexities of “old money” where wealth is buried and family is king in contradistinction to “new money” where family is ignored over showmanship of charity we never read such ratio in the financial news. Why, if money is power only a fool gives up power, don’t you think? Of course, it might seem morally insane to some to give to charities out of ratio to family. To others, they are simply getting them to get moving on their own. Others consider it better if their sons and daughters do not have to struggle as they did. So the ratio equations of “old money” and “new money” strike at the very core of our private philosophy and how we perceive family and even our sense of virtue.

I might remark that you can solve right triangles using proportional equations which is a good preliminary to Trigonometry. Eventually, using the barbarous words of power, SOH CAH TOA, is to the advantage of preliminaries where the S and T Scale on the Slide Rule will at last make sense. I bring this up to emphasize how much better you will function when very real examples are given for equations rather than firing equations at the student where the student is shot down by numbers that have no inspiration nor imagery nor example. I might comment that without a vision of something to relate the numbers of the equation to the student perishes in frustration and changes his major at the university to social studies where his deterioration continues becoming a teacher than cannot do rather than further development of the mind where creativity is radiant with the volition. I refer you to my essay on the Reformulation of Education where I lecture on inspiration.

It seems like many observe no use for ratio equations or as they are more commonly named at universities that teach these fascinating equations proportional problems. Why yes, shall we get started with this adventure? Now, if five demons from hell fit into three triangles how many demons would fit into 13 triangles? Piece of cake! 5 is to 3 as X is to 13. We have made it all a mystical puzzle where solving X gives us the answer! As everybody knows, such a proportional equation can be written as 5/3 = x/13, or it can be written as 5:3 : : x:13. I should not have to remind everyone that the product of the means equals the product of the extremes. The extremes in this equation are 5 and 13. the means are 3 and x. So, 3x = 5 x 13. For those who are too young to have had Slide Rule (Also called the Slip Stick by the greasers at the Esso Gas station) in school this is how you arrive at the answer. Set the hairline at 13 on the D scale. Move the slider so 5 on the CI scale appears under the hairline. This multiplies 5 by 13. Find 3 on the CI scale. Move the hairline over it. Read 21.6 as the answer on the D scale. This gives you the answer for how many demons of hell equals X where your proportional equations are easily solved without an electronic calculator. I have tried to explain other ratio equations solve the issue of financial proportions where you can be amazed on how someone from California with their gold rush mentality making $100,000 per year is living as well as “Joe six pack” from Mississippi who has his trailer and Ford truck paid up where he has more than the Californian who has no perspective where he has been hypnotized to believe that unless you are involved with coding you have no career. When you try to explain the millions of different types of employment that exist they give you a blank stare. Of course, the proportions are adjusted if the Californian suddenly moves to rural Mississippi or the East Coast with his savings where a dollar isn’t worth twenty cents with the ratio equations. Of course, with regards to solving ratio equation they are oft times blinded by herd mentality and the proportion equations give a certain clarity to the reality of the true value of income in ratio to each other.

Fortunately, we have enough history intact of the Gold Rush to react honestly to the racial consciousness, DNA traits of personality of those descendant from the original migration around 1850 e.v. to have an understanding how this has affected the ratio of the present status of inflation and income in that fascinating region of the USA to other States here in the USA. Of course, the confusion of the rest of the USA attributing their issues to politics are at least partially due to the way it has been presented by so called scholars who have no comprehension of cause and effect create thesis that insult the intelligence of those who observe their dilemma with clarity. If this wasn’t disappointing from the perspective those who honor significant history we have the moron rationalizations of any number of “new money” celebrities who have used their fame to influence the naive herd mentality with more theater that is based on the false assumptions that as a consequence of what they observe in their geography it should be true in other parts of the USA creating the most hideous outrageous leaps of logic with their thought forms in theater. The retrograde mentality of Californians, the hideous inferiority of their educational notions, the inflation, the homeless, the poor decisions of the immigration issues, and even the aftermath solutions of the wildfires show how deteriorated Californians have come in ratio to the rest of the country. Clearly, this particular period of history has given California a reputation of ill and diseased perceptions of finance compared to the rest of the USA and this cycle will continue for a while longer as they adjust to their self crucifixion as they realize those errors and adjust them. A careful study of the Gold Rush mentality and its dangers should be brought to the attention of scholars where trying to rationalize the consciousness of the overall consensus of racial consciousness or even DNA succession will yield more data to result in the solution of this off balance ratio with the rest of the USA. Am I then analyzing California mystically, magically, scientifically, from the perspective of Jung or Freud or simply trying to create change? Well, perhaps all of the above. Whether you agree with the why you must find solution with the how. He who has the how is careless of the why. It is otherwise noted that a migration from California has occurred to a greater extent where the immigrations have increased out of ratio. What about someone moving from Florida which has a more stable population to California and not only facing homelessness but getting in trouble over a violent situation that was brought on by the financial demands of a State out of ratio with the rest of the country? Does this make this hypothetical person insane if he or she gets in trouble with the law? Simply a ratio to consider. California is not a State I would move to where I have always considered the four seasons on the East Coast to strengthen my immune system. I am healthier on the East Coast than living in the desert or the south. Of course, I have confidence that California although with more flaws than other States might be suited to others better than me. The average Californian can barely think for themselves in the manner of social consciousness aligned to creativity aligned to volition from the persistent beating of herd mentalities. After all, although deteriorated in many ways I have to admit that it might be a magnet for others who would find its strange environment compatible with their aspirations to improve the numerous issues. Those who are like that should move to California and those who move from California are going to be pleasantly surprised on how much better it is if they have been out of touch with realities where they were obsessed by the oft times suicide tendencies, drug addiction, and homeless prone fools who cling to the margins of the Gold Rush mentality. The majority of the homeless in California need only to move and their lives will change toward a better future. Proof of this is how well it turns out for the numerous south American immigrants who find work and homes in just a few years. How convenient it is for those who live in different States can eventually find a place for themselves. In Europe when a Government is getting tedious they migrate to other countries. Yet, in the USA with fifty states they need only pack up and move to a different State. After all, every town isn’t going to have the same type of Mayor. I give no names with regards to politicians. I have not been involved with political party nor would I name a name that might soil their reputation where I cannot be the one who sees anything but what is presented by journalists who are in no position to give anything but compartment perceptions of scenario they would only give sensationalist articles or outright lies, intentionally or unintentionally.

Silver and gold are used in Liber AL, Chapter I, verse 51. The word “equation” is used in Liber AL, Chapter I, verse 56. If I remark to a Thelemite that a beggar cannot ever become King they understand the wisdom of Liber AL, Chapter II, verse 58. It is far more difficult to explain yourself to those whose obsessions with old Aeon dogma have been made slaves without Masters which is a ratio that has old Aeon negative connotations for the path of initiation.

Love is the law, love under will