The Forthcoming of the Hierophant

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

There is something to be said about saying something about something pertinent to good sense being I shall now proclaim yet another issue worth speaking about. This issue I shall therefore lecture on the importance of Liber VIII where it has been named “The Forthcoming of the Hierophant” (LIBER VIARVM VIAE); and mentioned with subtly in ONE STAR IN SIGHT. All this is necessary to clarify after solitary magicians have appeared trying to elaborate on the Knowledge and Conversation whose delusions on how the Instructor instructs the aspirant who has reached the Oath and Task that demands the attention of the centralized Great Work.

How pathetically revolting these trouble makers; and presumptuous are these would be ragamuffins of deteriorated Tiger DNA would be trying to pass themselves off as being worthy of being lions are mere sheep passing themselves off as really qualified to expound. Is it not written?

"Beware the Rainmaker"

for his pleasant smile of giving you rain shall not make the desert bloom but drown or flood the multitudes. Only a real magician and initiate who has gained the wisdom of what to magically do; and in this particular case an Adept Major will expound; and what to not expound permit originality to arise. For the Adept Major knows the magical powers of the second rank; and knows caution must be with his instruction where it is not possible to lay definite rules for the Knowledge and Conversation. He can however, instruct, being in the Sephira above the aspirant about to create the checkered floor and Twelvefold Tablet real instruction knowing what not to say. That those who are solitary magicians would attempt definite instructions without initiation is an outrage to civilized protocol. Beware lest they led you astray! No doubt you have warned sufficiently in line five of Liber O but I also warn you against any lecture which tries to give instruction on the Knowledge and Conversation by the novice. Indeed, when the idle and stupid have tried to teach you and you ignore Us where does that leave you who have permitted a liar or traitor to convince you in contradiction toward Our official instructions? I urge you to observe caution when someone who has been cut contact with, expelled or has never been an aspirant of our Holy Order trying to expound of the Knowledge and Conversation.

It should be important when you explain the process of something so important as the Knowledge and Conversation you automatically check with how the Curriculum is presented. Naturally, we have those who jump to conclusions, do not research how we have openly presented the process, claim they know how it works without any working, and any number of objections where they, if studied carefully, are unworthy to piss in the same outhouse as those who have already attained and know the process as normally instructed.

I shall now quote ONE STAR IN SIGHT:

“The Masters of the A∴A∴. have therefore made no attempt to institute any regular ritual for this central Work of their Order, save the generalised instructions in Liber 418 (the 8th Aethyr) and the detailed Canon and Rubric of the Mass actually used with success by FRATER PERDURABO in His attainment. This has been written down by Himself in Liber Samekh.”

We do have charlatans and fools who try to expound about the Knowledge and Conversation who have failed miserably to read carefully the above quote. The “generalised instructions” in Liber 418 resulted in our Official Document called Liber VIII where Liber Samekh shall be an important ceremony for a 91 day magical retirement. Those generalized instructions are, indeed, the sole regular ritual which sets up the Temple. By the time you are advanced enough to proceed respectfully with Liber VIII and Liber Samekh you only need this instruction if previous Grades have been accomplished to Our satisfaction. The Oaths and Tasks therefore have been completed to the satisfaction of the Order by normal audit of the magical records where no obstacle stands in your way to proceed.

This always has shown clarity where you can ignore so much of any dogma presented in the volume called “The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage from 1458 e.v.. The instruction in ONE STAR IN SIGHT is the purging of the purity of the prophet where those ready for the work of the Grade can accomplish it. I am silent on whether you use the Seals at the back of the Book. Such a definite instruction would be a deviation from the said “generalised instructions”. You cannot very well complain that it wasn’t explained or unclear where Liber VIII is specifically named where it left it all out into the open on what to do. Clearly, the “generalised instructions” in the 8th Aethyr, if you had bothered to read the Aethyr is Liber VIII. We have already given Liber VIII as it was passed on to us as an Official Class Document in its complete form explaining those who try to present on archive listings often delete entire verses. I went so far as to give some information on Liber VIII in my essay on Magical Retirements.

Love is the law, love under will