From the Castle of Nemo in the Inferiors
M. R. Motta
P.O. Box 90144
Nashville TN, 37209, U.S.A.
14 July 1984 e.v.
AN LXXXI, Sol in Cancer, Luna in Aquarius, Saturnus in Scorpio

To Grady Louis McMurtry
c/o Stuart L. MacKenzie, Esq.
405 14th Street
Oakland, CA 94612, U.S.A.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Grady Louis McMurtry:

You were inducted into the O.T.O. directly in the IX° by the Predecessor of our Predecessor, Baphomet X° and XI°. Since that time you have betrayed all the Oaths and Pledges of the Outer, all the Oaths and Pledges of the Inner, and all the Oaths and Pledges of the Supreme Circles of our Order. You have successively proved yourself unworthy of being called a Man of Earth, a Lover, and a Hermit. To specify:

Of the III° Degree, which crowns the Career of the Man of Earth and allows his or her induction into the Inner Circle, you have, by the testimony of your written word, your spoken word, and your published deeds, fallen short in these ways:

You have spied upon your Brethren, and conspired against them for the benefit of profanes. Three only among the victims of your treachery have been Jack Parsons, W. T. Smith and myself. Many more could be quoted. Even where your spying might have been excused as service to the government of your country, you know you should either have given fair warning to your Brethren or refused to spy on them. But your spying was not service to your country: it was self-service, and your country has been grievously harmed by your conduct, as the testimony of history has shown and will continue to show.

You have slandered and libelled your Brethren, both inside the Order and among profanes, at every opportunity for the last forty years of your life.

You have taken unlawful possession of the private correspondence of your Brethren and used it to cause them as much harm as you possibly could. I will instance my own case; but there are others.

You have allowed Brothers and Sisters of immeasurably greater worth to Humanity than yourself, both as persons and as initiates, to die in needless physical pain or in needless destitution, without lifting one finger or spending one penny to help them.

In all these ways have you broken the Oaths of the III° and betrayed the Obligations of the Outer Circle of the O.T.O.

The Oaths of the VI°, which prove one's worth to pass to the Secret Circle of the Order and one's right to the title of Lover, you have broken in the following manner:

You have aided and abetted the crapulous creeds of the Dead Aeon, albeit sworn to break the bondage of vulgar error.

You have shown obstinate disloyalty to the Word and Will of the Grand Master Baphomet X° and XI°, who inducted you into our Order, and you have in a period of forty years disobeyed, betrayed, and done everything you could to harm his chosen Follower and the Follower of his Follower. In this you were impelled by the lowest emotion of which a human being is capable: envious spite.

You have repeatedly failed to serve the Order and have repeatedly attempted to harm Her legitimate representatives.

You not only have failed to defend the Order to the last drop of your blood, you have tried to use Her blood for the selfish and petty ends of your lower nature.

You not only have failed to aid the Order with even the first penny of your purse: you have appropriated Her funds for your own use and you have endeavored to hand out Her patrimony to Her enemies, against their promise to proclaim you what you are not and what you could never be.

You have failed to show charity to your elders in the Order when they requested it of you, and you have reviled them among profanes for requesting it.

You have pandered your energies to dispersion instead of putting them to the Avowed use.

By breaking these your freely assumed Oaths you have awakened the vengeance of the Order; as it is written,
the avenger has arisen even from the Tomb.

In what concerns the Secret Circle, by your own written and spoken testimony you have consistently broken the Vows and Obligations of the IX° for the last forty years.

You have failed to protect the health and welfare of the Outer Head of the Order, both in the person of Our Predecessor, Saturnus X°, and Our own.

You have deliberately failed to increase and have deliberately striven to decrease the patrimony of the Order. You have stolen Our personal property and the property of Our Office, and have put both to the service of your spite and jealousy.

You have aided and abetted profanes who are not even honest persons, profanes who are liars and who are thieves, in embezzling the property of the Order, in defaming the Order, and in exhibiting to the vulgar Her secret rituals and documents.

You have forced Us to the indignity of coming forth among profanes to proclaim Our Holy Office, the secrecy of which you were sworn to shield and serve.

In all these ways have you made a mock of the rules and by-laws of our Order; yet you would pretend not only to membership, but even to leadership in it.

You are hereby expelled from the Supreme Circle.
You are hereby expelled from the Inner Circle.
You are hereby expelled from the Outer Circle.
You are hereby declared a traitor to your own Higher Self and to Us.

Let you die the death of a traitor; let the memory of your infamy remain as a warning and reproof to future generations of Brethren; yet may you live long enough in your sadness and misery to perceive how your lack of moral courage and integrity, your deliberate abandonment to the animal in you, has harmed your country, your fellow citizens, and the entire world.

You have never had Our Authority or any free Authority from Our Predecessors to create new Lodges of the O.T.O. in your or other countries, or to dispose of the property of the Order, or to confer Privileges in the Order. Your potential and limited letters of authority were subject to revision by Our immediate Predecessor. To his deep chagrin, he found you consistently wanting as a man and as a Brother, and withheld his sanction to the end. This is as well known to you as it is to Us. Let it become a matter of public record that you have cheated all those who, through your shameful arrangements with profane liars and thieves, innocently came to you in the belief that you could induct them into our Order: none who have been "authorized" by you will ever be admitted to the O.T.O. until they prove able to rue your folly and your dishonesty with all the sincerity of their inmost souls.

Should you, from this day forth, attempt to speak in the name of the O.T.O., the police forces of your country will be brought to bear on you. You are a liar. You are a traitor. You are unworthy. You are unfit. You are outcast. Die in your misery.

Love is the law, love under will

Witness Our Hand,

PARZIVAL X° and XI°, Frater Superior O.T.O.
Marcelo Ramos Motta
Supervisor General, O.T.O.