Ponder the True Self

written by David Bersson
February 29th, An CXX 2024 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Why, it goes without saying (for what its worth, I shall mention it anyway) where I jump vigorously on the soapbox adjusting my expensive tie in preparation for verbal proclamation to be the person to state that so many that are certainly certain about being certain are certainly at error to be giving the weak stand on “True Self” where they most certainly are certain that it corresponds to any parallel with the ridiculous implications of “higher self”. I consolidate or give summary of this essay in the first paragraph for at least this essay trying not to be boring in its stringent compliance with rigid protocol. It might be beyond the intellectual comprehension for those who permitted the intelligent machines to obsess them to realize how parameters or coordinates that are absolutely in compliance to the evolution of the English language from the Book of the Law shall alter the flow of the English language in compliance with its syntax shall naturally create a new form of essay where it replaces old Aeon English. My objections to any rules of essay have not excluded this priority.

In Magick without Tears A.C. is calling a student “scorpion” in Letter 28 (Need to define God, “SELF”, ect.) and this letter might be read either after or prior to this essay. In addition, the letter in Magick without Tears, letter 264 (This “Self” Introversion) is highly recommended for further study. Both are excellent letters which if you begin from this essay and move forth to them you’ll have some very real perspective on how “True Self” is Thelemic; and “higher self” a deviation.

In my clever attempt to pass myself off as normally civilized, I am not going to name any names for I most certainly have not written all this to agitate anyone but to simply distinguish how perfect the words “True Self” when presented with clear analysis from the perspective of an aspirant with the preliminary of even the first unfolding or initiation shall be certain of its stand as a truth. I sum this up to proclaim I have most been certainly certain about certain individuals who have confused one for the other where you with absolute certainty (I’m certain) will be led into error by not being certain about how they are distinguished. As enjoyable as it might be to gain a few moments of satisfaction to name a name with regards to this issue I will most certainly attempt to avoid such behavior unless I am knowing and destroying the traitors. So, if you would read me taking a stand against traitors you’ll have to wait until I decide they are traitors for me to write about them. Meanwhile, we’ll simply state that it has been an issue with some and that’s that! After all, they are not necessarily traitors to commit this error but simply fools pissing away their lives with the usual delusions of hypothetical mysticism without the balance of the practice. Without a doubt, it never gains the attention of civilized exchange and ruins the conversation completely to tell them they talking out of their ass; so I won’t say that being too civilized.

Why yes. I trust you’ve enjoyed my paragraph of introduction as much as when I sadistically wrote it smiling wickedly to myself how delicious a reaction I might receive from an actual fool chancing upon it thinking how horrid it must be for it to apply to themselves. We can only speculate, of course, for more than likely the fool who commits such an error would not be able to reach the third line of the sentence without a nervous breakdown. Well, the rules of essay ordinarily dictate that you sum up what you are going to express in the first paragraph. This time I complied yet what’s the use? After all, if you do not digress a few times to build the thought form you haven’t given enough angles to give any real complexity. I have complied in the past to those normal rules of essay only to find it only pleased the professors where those who were reading what I have written get bored shit less. No doubt, you have to know the rules before you can purposely break them. How pleasant it is to apparently break all the rules of essay just to please my readers. Better this than being boring!! Let me sum it up in a well chosen title and let me move on in my enthusiastic endeavor to write with creativity.

Ah yes, I have been meaning to have that expressed for quite some time. Let us begin with this issue where I object to “higher self” and observe “True Self” to be a superior expression of My Great Work.

I don’t like the expression, “higher self”. It is a ill defined and a stupid expression where the implications of its presumptuous proclamation are without any backing, scientifically nor an expression of ideology or theology other than the false path of senseless dogma. Such idiocy must be countered by giving a very real expression of the True Will by replacing such dogmatic nonsense by the expression “True Self”.

Ah yes. True Self. That's much better! It defines and implies a greater truth than some slimy rationalization not based on a true awakening. The idiot expression “higher self” is the last ditch of old aeon beggary raising its weak, wavering wrinkled fingers of retrograde dogma as it dies in its misery for the lie that it tries to express. Now, “True Self” shall be a truth of what you really are as a basis for higher initiations; and every star will become a star upon their destiny of their own making based on the truth of the course of the star where the wand of the True Will becomes the whole of the Law.

For those locked up in the stupidity of the expression, “higher self” they would naturally create a ceremony based on self sacrifice whose dogma is counter to those who use the expression “True Self”. Or as bad, move on to the simply ridiculous conspiracy theory mentality of dogmatic proclamations of God within, without and where ever completely ignoring any unfolding of complexities which should be the start of the ceremony of initiation rather than its True Will being relevant to the star where the wisdom knowing it is a lie, this folly against self. If the exposure of innocence is a lie I absolutely reject anything but the “True Self” and reject “higher self” as a concept which would led me to false conclusions. We can, over a period of time, learn the truth of our self, the True Self. Not at all with any certainty where the same meditation on something as vague as “higher self” is going to move us to any truth. With the true self I am observing with clarity what I am even going so far as unfolding what I really am deeply into my subconscious and with the higher self I am making dogmatic assumptions that led me astray. You inquire within solving issues of your True Self and those who attempt the presumption of “higher self” you presume to presume a presumption of dogma that will take you to the realm of delusion rather the earthly, pragmatic place of self discovery. One of the highest initiates in the history of the human race has called a student a “scorpion”. We must therefore carefully investigate what all the fuss is about!

We have intelligently selfish aspirants who use the expression “True Self” being centralized; and stupid selfish fools whose presumption that all stars have the same course try to dictate the will of others. “higher self”, indeed!! How do we actually define such a meager expression where you automatically have decided on dogma? To release complexes, awakening the True Self makes perfect sense where we can apply it to the method of science. Yet, “higher self” is ill defined from the perspective of the aim of religion. Rightfully applied shall be “True Self” where applications of the method of science can unfold the complexities.

Well, what if I decide not to help others but help myself? I can express myself as “True Self” but when I try to use inferior the terminology of “higher self” I have expressed myself as a bleeding heart slave of dogma.

Will I be tolerated less for trying to take the reins of my life and will, so I am established enough to have a say one way or another in the course of my life? No doubt, if I finally realize my True Self wouldn’t the first urge be to assure that I am centralized and free from the enslavement of others?

So, I have revealed where becoming intelligently selfish where I place priorities on my True Will has a very real array of decisions rather than the fool who is stupid selfish where not knowing what he is compromises the will of others.

Love is the law, love under will