Patriotism and the Law of Θελημα

We Thelemites are neither revolutionaries nor proselytisers. We do not aim to change the world, we aim to change ourselves. That is how we leaven our environment. It is by learning to know our True Will, and doing it, that we bring fresh fire into the world. No man can do his fellows greater benefit than to offer them an example of personal freedom.
A quote from Marcelo Ramos Motta aka Frater 216 8 °= 3

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The latest question on whether a Thelemite should be patriotic to his or her Nation has a much more involved and complex answer than a mere paragraph would permit. I state in affirmative if the Nation’s politics are consistent with the will of the individual without serious ramifications or change that would alter its original structure. America’s original structure could very well branch out toward Thelemic Principles, for example, the entire structure of Communism would have to be altered. I can see Democracy embracing the Law of Θελημα but not Communism. Other systems of Government do not seem out of touch with the reality of the True Will while Communism seems to be absolutely inconsistent on too many points of ideology. So a Thelemite living in a Communist Nation cannot be patriotic toward his or her country without being a hypocrite or a traitor to that Nation.

With regards to aristocracy it is both accepted and rejected simultaneously in the Book of the Law where a Nation of Kings and Queens can embrace mystical imperialism from the perspective of the Law of Θελημα with ease and comfort. In the United States, the Declaration of Independence rejects aristocracy forever and embraces it for the individual which is not in contradiction to the Book of the Law. All America did was twist around the relationship between Government and citizen to avoid the dictator or the tyrant King where the Government is the servant of the citizen. So both aristocracy and the “American Way” have a possibility of embracing the Law of Θελημα where patriotism is not contradictory to the Path of our Great Work. Since the Law of Θελημα is a specialized form of Theurgy or a sophisticated form of spiritual enlightenment we cannot attribute its past definition in the same way as we would had Iamblichus read insights of Government from his time from the Book of the Law. The Law of Θελημα is brand new material for a brand New Aeon and although the 93 Current does filter, in a sense, everything you read where insights seem consistent with any number of writings the overall philosophy might, in many cases, become misleading. As a Thelemite I see the Law of Θελημα in any number of insights from the past spiritual philosophies or political insights. What you choose from the omnipresence of such gardens can be valuable. There is always the usual dangers of obsession. It also means (in some cases) you delay taking your experiences directly from Class A. Gain the initiations first. When you are able to view from a higher plane you will be able to avoid the traps of obsession or even an ordeal with a hostile current. Those who have fallen prey to these types of traps try to proclaim the Law of Θελημα a religion, or state they are Taoist Thelemites or confuse “help and hope in other spells” with total deviations of their path where they become stagnant by using spells that have crapulous creed or attempting ceremony that is inconsistent with correspondence. Ordinarily, they moved into the darkness that becomes dominant from motivations that are inconsistent with True Will and True Self. In some cases, it was a matter of trying to gain fortunes with their mysticism where they have forgotten spiritual aspiration. In some cases, their ego is so defined from their very real intellects that they confuse intellectual comprehension for Neshamah manifesting in Ruach as teachers. So move with caution if you are to choose insights from politics of any Nation. Even writing this article I cannot absolutely state for certain that whatever politics manifests from Liber AL will resemble my vision of Government. I can state some of the insights of the Founding Fathers are consistent with my present understanding. I can state that you might be able to parallel the experience. Well, if you are trying to parallel this political speeches might lead you astray and study carefully whatever your original system of Government promotes.

To quote the writer, Henry van Dyke’s famous words in his patriotic poem, “America for Me”; “there is no place like home” I might comment that no matter how much I enjoyed Great Britain and Canada in my brief travels out of the USA I would never consider living anywhere else. I took my fill of travel in years past absolutely confirmed that I would will to live nowhere else. The promise by the Master Therion is the first nation to accept the Law of Θελημα becomes sole mistress of the world. Naturally, other Thelemites in other Nations all want and will their Nation to be the big winner. As a science and science fiction enthusiast or fan I note in the Book of the Law His stature shall surpass the stars so the first nation to take a Goldilocks Planet that accepts the Law of Θελημα might very well be even more than the ruler of one planet. “Choose ye an Island” might even mean an Island in space or a planet. It has also occurred to me that an Island Nation like England, Australia or New Zealand might be another possibility. We can only meditate in the direction of speculation any possible future and concentrate on our own Nation to keep in touch with the reality of point event moments.

Patriotism has its place, of course, but when patriotism becomes obsessive jingoism it only creates an extremism no better than an inquisition or a jihad. The “mind your own business” stand of early America is much closer to the Law of Θελημα which permitted social evolution over social revolution which was much more efficient for the will of the citizen to grow.

Both Russia and America had a Declaration of Independence from aristocracy. Yet, the Russian timeline or version of 1918 e.v. to murder their entire aristocracy only created a revolution that resulted in a country that repeated the errors of the Tsar in raw parallels of scenario for the Communist Party.

Most certainly, patriotism can be embraced by Thelemites for their nation. Yet, keep in mind the lessons of history which show extremist revolution does not always result in a better nation. It is subject to greater recoil than presenting our advantages as social evolution, spiritual evolution and racial evolution.

So, if you are a Thelemite (so we are called!!) it is not in contradiction to our Path to be patriotic.

The quote below the title by my Instructor, Marcelo Ramos Motta does give a stand that I find consistent with the Law of Θελημα. Thelemic Political Morality is so well written, in addition, that I absolutely agree with it.

However, I cannot state how it will be for Thelemites in five centuries or even sooner when our population is increased and a multitude of schools of thought where one of them finds popularity. Ask me again in five hundred years. I am writing this essay in the Thelemic year, An CXIX, and in five centuries any number of political systems might result from the Law of Θελημα. For all I know they might very well be in competition for the vote by then! If the vote is applied in that future. Read my essay called “Deviations of the Norm” and note that my essay called “Trumpets of the 93 Current” where history repeating itself on some level of civilization might very well give motive and will for the law of the battle of conquest.

We must deal with the present working toward an assured future. You cannot proceed and move forth like “gang busters” where a wise path means a steadfast progression where we explain ourselves in lecture and essay. We do not convert as the Book of the Law commands. That’s right, buster. This is the Aeon of the Natural Growth of the Child. So, do not jump to conclusions and rush into a situation that hasn’t been sufficiently meditated on in spite of what insights of the past of Government ideology seem to be parallel insight stimulated by the 93 Current.

The 93 Current lets us see the Law of Θελημα in many writings like Friedrich Nietzsche and Ayn Rand which does give insight and even parameters. It should not come as a surprise that I observe many early Americans as Thelemic. So, for myself it is far easier to adapt my own nation to principles of True Self and True Will than other nations where I would not be familiar with the complexities of their ideologies.

Therefore it is without effort that I can be patriotic to the United States of America who also accepts the Law of Θελημα.

Love is the law, love under will