Para-psychiatric science

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

It has been many years since my Instructor lectured at me with regards to insanity existing on planes that remain undetected by science. This remains to date, a subject that will only come up when the experiences of the Path and Initiation reveals and awakens complexes or mental blocks, whereas issues of the aspirant are faced with the realization of the True Self. So therefore, the common psychiatrist with his method of analysis is simply not going to tread these paths of darkness and light. Any human being who has experienced initiation successfully coming out the other side of the ordeal will have parameters and purpose different from those who on deeper levels have not measured up to the standards of the Hierarchy become spiritually dead although they might seem perfectly sane on the surface. They feel nothing; and have permitted magical currents hostile to the Aeon to make them puppets. For someone of my breed who Instructs this is especially important where experience has verified the lecture where I can observe these people once considered fit failed to my surprise and disappointment. So in this lecture I will give my thoughts on the issue. Most certainly, when faced with the ordeal do they arise to the occasion or freeze in the midst of battle? We have the soldier that delights to slay returning from his time in the military to live a glorious life; and the soldier that in the aftermath of the battle has mental health issues. When you apply this principle to the Path of Initiation we have the preliminaries of a whole new science. Well, it looks like if I am to explain this I will have to give explanations that are built paragraph by paragraph. After you have explanation of this and this and this you can finally come to the realization of that and that and that. Meaning, this time I have to lecture it from more than one perspective so you can wear the garment of its overall perception.

I should bring up this subject where the majority will not have experienced where the student successfully and gloriously reached a level where the initiation really occurs. It should happen more than it occurs; but it is never me who is responsible for failure nor success. I am a mere auditor where it is always efforts of the student that brings glory to themselves by fulfilling an Oath and Task. It is worthy to note, the karma exists for the Instructor and this shall be where it becomes very interesting, a experience which benefits the entire manifestation of the feasible supernal in the immediate superior; and in subtle ways enhances the overall Hierarchy.

For the M.T., ONE STAR IN SIGHT, gives two examples, the first being cast forth into the Heaven of Jupiter and the other example being the Sphere of Elements. The karma of its particulars have been cause for meditation. After all, where ever you are cast has very real causes and effects with your instruction; and the reaction of a M.T.’s instruction that has cast forth into Geburah will be different that a M.T. cast forth into Yesod. It always seemed logical to me that someone who remained a Dominus Liminus longer than any other Grade that this would be where the M.T. would manifest. Or for example, if you remain an Adept Major for six years you’ll be more likely to manifest into that Sephira for your Work when this occurs for the M.T.. Well, this was a theoretical meditation which might not necessarily be true all the time; or not as powerful a factor as meditation would attempt to resolve it. I have changed my mind on this meditation where I seem to observe it was who you actually instructed to the highest Grade shall be a stronger karma than my previous meditation. Whether either shall be more true than the other I absolutely found the insight nowhere presented with real solution. The point yet stands that being cast forth into Geburah has the energy of the Sephira in its essence of intructions producing a reaction in the student.

Well, para-psychiatric science hasn’t evolved from parapsychology as yet but as the method of science with the aim of religion develops New Aeon magick I do hereby suggest it as a very real avenue of study. Perhaps some of these ideas might be stimulating to the serious aspirant; or even to the scientist who finally gets a real grant for long overdue studies of parapsychology where the occult scholar gives you interesting history without resolution of mystery. The practitioner, the occult scholar and the parapsychologist on the same page might very well begin the existence of para-psychiatric science.

I do observe critics, skeptics, cynics, failures, old aeon magicians, and occult scholars have some reflection into the lower planes where their objections are often the very opposite of the coin. As if they are specialized forms of demonic energy where the resemble of their failure has an opposite energy. The very real initiations that are acknowledged are sensed by the black brothers and their currents who try to counter them would have them arise on the bad side of the mirror of the very real initiations. A Zelator might finally be ready to be passed on; and being passed on a failure who at that Grade gave up will poke his head out; and utter a scream of slanderous frustration. Keep in mind, that the failed Zelator being years from his past failure would of have had no knowledge that the Zelator existed and succeeded. Just a coincidence? Careful record keeping over the years might yield its truth.

Well, a careful study of the failures where we have so many of them might appear, on the surface, to be a waste of time. Yet, how they appear magically rather than psychologically will concern phenomenal existence, manifestation, and even a study of how a successful initiation will manifest to the lower planes; or in the Hierarchy strengthen the Hierarchy. It might seem insane to the critics when I state it will effect the entire universe; or even the future of the evolutionary wave of humanity and the universe. We do observe that the incarnate demons passing themselves off as humans seem to exist with boring intensity more frequent than the Initiate who has buckled down to the Oaths and Tasks. They keep presenting what they present; and keep talking the way they talk; where they endlessly try to show off a encyclopedia of occult scholarship where they take directions that prove nothing with regards to real initiation. Instead of real insights they show ruach masturbation. Clearly, ruach masturbation has always been an issue. After all, whatever the art of conversation shall be for the New Aeon most certainly isn’t what they have become after they leave the seriousness of the Hierarchy failing - proceed to social media to bother everyone about everyone else.

Ah yes. The critics never let up with their mannerism and demeanor. You study how empty they are and you realize they are mainly the shadow voices of herd mentality brought to the surface where the only release from the reality of their past failures is sarcastic cynicism. These are attempts or the last ditch to plead one last time in their own favor to save face from their dire predicament where they have no one to blame but themselves for the prison they sentenced themselves to where they have joined their fellow inmates in cell block 333.

My reaction to the way you are reacting requires a reaction filled with facts rather than the style of cynicism that brandishes your own failures. This isn’t at all what I tried to teach before you left so ashamed of yourself only to return not with the supernal voice or the inspirations from the Knowledge and Conversation but those voices of the abyss that you heeded instead of the glory of initiations that you might of grasped had you heeded self discipline. What’s next? Are you going to claim to be in touch with the Secret Chiefs when you couldn’t even stay in touch with the reality of the efforts that are necessity to embrace the Great Work?

How perfectly nefarious it is observed; where those machinations of minute observations would attempt to sum up a star in a paragraph where volumes of complexity have been overlooked. It has always been a careful observation that cynicism and the skeptic are world’s apart where the cynic tries to make a show of you in criticism in a single line where the true skeptic moves with facts to back up the issue. No chance for any civilized exchange or rarely does the cynic behave where resolution or understanding has clarified the sum of the scenario. We might walk away from the skeptic with some respect for counter perceptions or an alternate school of thought but the cynic is never tolerable where they are obsessed with their own stand with any number of sets of standards of what everyone should be.

The modern cynic is no more tolerant nor efficient than the brand that existed in the distant past common among the Greek Philosophers. Whatever good and self control they preached toward virtue had no bearing on any issues of the True Self where no one actually improved their lives by the endless rigid and dogmatic deterioration where the actual diversification of will was taken into consideration. In a word, they tried to factory produce a socialistic puppet where individuality was washed ashore the polluted beach of those false perceptions of what a human being really is in their primal being where nothing was accomplished. At least the skeptic has a chance to come ashore and reach the fruits of the Island where truth might be ascertained by facts rather than foolish and random speculation and presumption. We must distinguish between the cynic who proclaims their past failures in their weak objections from the skeptic who is keen and eager to embrace the facts to uncover truth. I refer the skeptic to “The Soldier and the Hunchback” and the Chapter on Doubt in Liber 333. Yet, this genius document and quote will not assist the cynic who somewhere along the line of his Path failed; and wants to strike out, get even with those who they hope to convince cannot see them as they really are.

Those lost in cynicism want you to join forces, not with truth, but to exist in their own delusional world where past failures have dragged them to undecipherable, cryptic, complexities of protocol where they moved too far into the darkness of their dead end paths of false determinatives. They want to drag you to a social club of failures and want you to be like they are – the stagnation of originality brought on by sloppy thinking.

Whatever you are I would not want to be, nor will to be, nor what you think you are would what I think you are; and what I most assuredly would will to will is not what you want nor will.

For we are all stars upon our course throughout the timeline of what we have become; and the effort to awaken the True Self everyone has that unique True Will. This does change the raw reality that Myself as your Instructor I would guide you with Will of My school of thought where; in its primal aspiration would be for you to be taught properly where your peculiar school of thought shall arise like a golden, glowing rose to show clarity to the light once stagnant darkness of what will make you arise from mere disciple in My Garden to bring you to the table of the banquet of the glory of true initiation.

I once stated with no little irony that necessity is the mother of reinvention after studying how humanity commits the same errors over the years. No doubt, such a proclamation to reinvent yourself where you have decided to take the reins of your life rather than let others influence you with regards to becoming a centralized human being who has inquired within to awaken the True Self exists in realms of such a theoretical parallel an entirely different universe of discourse difficult for those overly compromised by old Aeon currents.

I trust that this lecture has given rise to a greater clarity of the issues of the Path with regards to success and failure. Not to mention the entire concept of para-psychiatric science to be considered where previously we have had so little understanding of what is transpiring psychologically with the aspirant in the aftermath of his or her arrival as an ape of Thoth into the main stream of herd mentality.

Why, of course! I should expect the worst for such a controversial suggestion where my wicked rivals will, no doubt, claim what I am really doing is suggesting a new science for psychiatrists where I have driven so many insane by my black magic spells I try to compensate for my behavior by suggesting a new science.

Love is the law, love under will