The old way of Travel

He hasn't aged.

written by David Bersson

Apollonius strectched out his hand: "Take hold of me," he said, "and if I evade you, then I am indeed a phantom come to you from the realm of Persephone, such as the Gods of the underworld reveal to those who are dejected with much mourning. But if not, then you shall persuade Damis also that I am both alive and that I have not abandoned my body." Demetrius ventured to touch the great Master, thus wondrously translated from Rome to the Isle of Calypso.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The subject of traveling the old way has a multitudes of hints veiled carefully in endless scrolls hidden between the paragraphs of mystical symbolism. Is the lens of your being too clouded by you being imprisoned in the solid box of your restriction? If so, you will not see the Path of Initiation, the trek of traveling through thorns and roses, the movement forth as Hadit unto Nuit and that very ancient path of traveling to the mysterious beyond wherein the groves of Eleusis are a reality and the ancient cities of glory between the realms are explored. Places beyond imagination and beyond physical geography that once experienced the very planes of existence of geometry are balanced with your being.

It is in that poem I read long ago. It was hinted at in alchemical texts. Some Hierophant long ago screamed for me to wake up or die that I had already learned this and had not seen what was written between the lines of the holy text. I saw it again in the ancient forest where I thought that the ultimate attainment of spiritual enlightenment was the primal forests of eternity wherein I knew the Night of Pan only for Eros to test me with his Arrow that pierced My heart showing a path to the Temple of the Priestess. Something still needed to be balanced within my being for I Had Not, and therefore did not see the forest for the Stars of Infinite Possibility. It was in that essay that was inspired by the queen of the sorcerers of hell I saw the ancient path yet again. It was in the hint of the just merchant who sold me that talisman which, unconsecrated, I buried in the bowels of my ancient memories only to erupt havoc in the byways of My Sand glass. I chanced upon the ancient secret in a tavern where a stranger from somewhere else set down as a gift a drop of that poison of eld. I borrowed the Hammer of Thor to smash the doorway to Loki's lair thinking that I should travel by violence. I used the Sword of King Arthur to violate the world with the fire of my anger that the Path to the Holy Grail was endless.

Lifetime after lifetime after lifetime I knew that ancient path only to see the ancient path of travel would not lead me to a final destination save a state of consciousness beyond wisdom and folly. Was it all for Naught, one, all, many or something else? What secret existed that was written in so many cultures that repeated this mysterious ancient way of travel? With so many universes shown to be reality in the ancient texts how could I travel as the ancient initiates did the ancient path to the true initiations?

So then I resumed the old way of travel where the Path of my growth would give me not knowledge but experience where understanding is possible, spiritual love that did not exclude lust, initiation that completed my aspiration and made me challenge the world with the audacity of my awakening.

Behold, the pile of broken swords at my feet shattered by My Shield. For My enemies who have not taken one step upon the Path do not see that old way of travel where experience from the Great Work is the signature of initiation.

For the old way of travel all be it written in the Holy Texts cannot be seen by those who have not taken one single step with sincerity to tread the glorious Path to the true Initiations.

Love is the law, love under will