It is no odds

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

A very real psychological study of the gambler has not been studied sufficiently for any real conclusions scientifically to be presented to the academic community; much less the international intelligentsia who on the main have concentrated everywhere on its negative attributes with such outfits like “Gambling Anonymous” where it is treated like alcoholism.

For Thelemites, however, we have the words “chance” and “odds” in Liber AL, Chapter III, verse 39. This presents to those who are paying attention to how this is applied. We observe that it is included in our perception of change and the processes of phenomenal existence. Well, this means that we must pay better attention to the gambler, the casino, and especially those who professionally gamble who against all odds beat the odds constantly collecting hand-pays from the slots and winning a high percentage of the time at poker and blackjack. Something is quite different about the professional gambler who claims he needs a “lucky lady” to energize him toward the grand jackpots or the progressives at the top of the Slot Machines. These gamblers are not counting cards, they possess no specialized miniature circuit board to move the slot spins, nor are they cheating in any sense of the word. We cannot get them to come to the laboratory to be tested with the EEG machines so all we have is our observations of them as they astound everyone that knows who they are with a system or a logic that absolutely defies what we know of science.

In addition, my interest was stimulated by at least one student who I will not name who became obsessed by gambling and it almost met with his absolute downfall. We must distinguish between the vacation gambler who takes a trip to Las Vegas not expecting to win and losing it all where when the holiday is over no further interest in gambling occurs, or the video creator who creates scenarios that we cannot be sure is what we observe. My interest is the professional gambler that never comes out into the open and has his secrets. If the odds are against them how do they do so well? How is the universe on the side of such people and what can we learn from them noting how they exist as they exist? Well, if we perceive in every case that it is an obsession like drug addiction or alcoholism we most certainly will not be able to come to any scientific observations or even partial conclusions. Once again, those two words, “chance” and “odds” appearing in the Book of the Law means we must observe with more concentration how gambling fits into the perspective of our definition of magick and phenomenal existence. Unless you are a Thelemite who will more likely see my point and I might very well be accused of promoting mad scientist protocol among eccentric intellectuals or possibly worse that I am plotting against conservatives to trick them into losing their fortunes by promoting an addiction. As for name calling, and any slander, insult or lies about me it is all a part of the recoil of the gesture. Such routine false accusations from rivals have slowed down a bit in the past twenty years but then, again, many of my enemies have died, gone insane, committed suicide or gotten married where they no longer persist as they did in the past.

On the other hand, (oh no, not another poker pun) I have gone to the time and trouble to go to the internet to see what these people are like who are creating slot videos or any other form of gambling that might give me some insight into their psychology. Of course, none of those who I inquired of thought only in a few cases that I should know about them so I have only rudimentary outlines which other researchers might find a byway for. Remember, that I am that other breed of researcher that does not teach class at the university so I might not so easily convince someone so private as a professional gambler to open to me for study as a unique specimen under my microscope. Be that as it may, many of these gamblers who appear on video are exhibiting no special system nor what might be turned factors mystical. Yet, at least three that I observed on video defy all explanations scientifically considering how the odds are against them they persistently win. It goes without an absolute clarity of logic where those who appear in video are for the most part rejected by the private professional gambler who will not reveal his secrets. Therefore someone like myself who aspires to know how they can exist and the details of their so-called mysticism is of keen interest for me. I have heard that these rare gamblers do take apprentices and some of them pass on their secrets from generation to generation yet I am unable to determine what is taught them that the video gamblers are going to have lacking to make them like them. It is curious that during the old west times gambling was noted as a profession although times would have been far more dangerous for them where they would have had to face those who saw the impossible occur and decided they must be cheating and a gun fight would occur never to the advantage of the security of the professional gambler. How curious that none of this has been studied by science where I am convinced some peculiar rock needs to be rolled away to observe scientifically to see what crawls out from the darkness. Those who would parallel this study might very well observe the high rollers on video. Of course, be warned that to participate in any prolonged gambling might result in dangerous obsessions. Many have lost their fortunes thinking if one more roll of the dice would occur to their advantage they might come out ahead. Of course, the majority never do and there is no such thing as gambling responsibly unless you have whatever the professional gambler has which I strongly suspect (as a hypothesis) as something beyond anything science has studied where it might even reach into quantum theory or the manifestations of phenomenal existence. I call attention to scientists all over planet earth to hear me about this. Of course, I tried to get the telepathy experiments going with EEG machines years ago and it all fell on deaf ears and we all know where the Cards came from with our experiments where the symbolism of each Card was carefully given as a very real correspondence. As for the experiments with ESP Liber E existed decades prior to the official experiments from scientists who, in different nations, tried to apply it for national defense for the development of the super soldier spy. Never a dull moment with  either, with the ghost hunters using some fascinating electronic equipment that tries to hear or video record paranormal activity. These devices might be useful for the professional gambler who I am convinced has something science needs to study or specialized designed biofeedback machines. So get the bread board going and electronic schematics  ready for new blueprints to adapt for the experiments ahead. I encourage more research along these lines.  

Whichever way you roll the dice, (oh no, not another gambling pun), it might very well resolve those questions that have presently no clarity or even bring us to new perspectives of philosophy, magick, mysticism, quantum theory, or even the complexities of phenomenal existence.

If you think that the Las Vegas gambling logic with odds is out of touch with modern science, then think again! To take SETI for an example they state the odds of life existing with the size of the universe means that there must be countless civilizations statistically. See anything wrong with this logic? Well, the truth, at least at time of this writing, that no intelligent life has been conclusive therefore there are no odds. With no odds they try to apply Las Vegas gambling logic that would upset the sanity of any professional poker player. Where they at least know something of the odds of any number of cards coming up from very real observation. With SETI they have no odds but something called a Drake Equation which, again, is no odds if you study the equation it amounts to mystical speculation with no data to back up its truth. Naturally, if you try to point out this defect in logic to the intelligentsia they immediately accuse you of being self centered, ignorant, egotistical or uneducated. Do I then “believe” that intelligent life exists somewhere in the universe? Well, if I state I “believe” it does; based on Las Vegas logic of no odds how am I not on the level of someone who accepts something on faith rather than certainly??? Can’t answer that, can you?

It should be clear to anyone observing the Drake Equation that it remains Pseudoscience even when the first extraterrestrials are found where it then will make it possible to have odds for when the extraterrestrials are found an entirely new equation will have to devised based on data. Am I stating that probabilistic arguments move in circles where the debates are mental masturbation? Why, of course I am! The best debates are those where we smile on how we have done each other in, don’t you know, and this should do everyone in who is conned by the Drake Equation. Most certainly, if you are to waste your time debating an issue the Drake Equation is an excellent past time. It is curious how this clever equation cannot prove anything unless the actual alien intelligent civilizations are proved conclusive. We could make an equation about the millions of bridges that exist on planet earth stating with such a large number bridges it has to be possible that trolls exist under a large percentage of them. Of course, we would be paralleling the idiocy of the Drake Equation and the Las Vegas logic of odds of extraterrestrial life stating the universe is too big for it not to be so. Yet, the Las Vegas logic at least has odds! Presently there are no odds until the extraterrestrials are actually found.

I can only shrug my shoulders trying to explain myself and contemplate how the inner universe of mind isn’t given the attention of the outer universe of the cosmos with the same very real intensity of experiment.

Therefore I conclude my thesis by calling to the attention to Thelemites those two words in the Book of the Law where “chance” and “odds” show that gambling and gamblers might be studied with far more seriousness than it has been in the past.

Love is the law, love under will