Return to Sender

written by David Bersson

I will teach you how to command the spirits. For our spiritual path is not against flesh and blood or lust, but against the deterioration of the strength of the soul, against those powers that come from dogma who genuflect becoming weak fools, against those magical currents which permit weakness or cowardice, against the demonic forces of wickedness in the earthly places. Have you forgotten who We are and where We came from? Behold, my civilization was intruded in the era of the pregnant Goddess who let Her burden down upon the black earth. So shall We, intrude this earth wherein We shall shed light upon your star dust wherein the blazing core of a star shall be aflame within the heart of man. Fear not My Robe and Cone for I have stepped forth in the Sign of the Warrior God whereof all those who come to My Circle must heed the wisdom of the current of the times. Command the spirits lest you become something lesser than those who are legion where they obsess your very being. I have spoken and so shall those who arise shall arise and those who would be slaves without masters shall have closed doors to my sacred shrine.
A quote from a past lecture by “the Innkeeper”.

And so it it came to pass that once upon a time He who was most Holy and viewed with favor among the Angels of heaven, the mighty and terrible one in His sincere glory, King Solomon wrote the book for his son Prince Rehoboam, and commanded him to hide the book in his sepulchre upon his death. After many years the book was discovered by a group of Babylonian philosophers who opposed the slave lords of their land to repair King Solomon's tomb being opposed to the enslavement. Being mere Babylonians who were not educated in the ancient mysteries they were remained baffled at the texts. Yet one among them a mystic by the name of Iohé Grevis, who opposed the Priests of Sin, prayed to Yahweh that he attain understanding of the mysteries of this magick. An Angel of God whose name is too secret to reveal appeared to him and extracted a promise that he would keep the text hidden from the unworthy and the wicked, after which his neshamah manifested truth into his ruach. Iohé Grevis then placed a magical spell upon the book that the unworthy, the unwise or those who did not know Divinity within would not attain the desired effect from any of the workings contained in the book. Today, we call these books of magick, the Greater and Lesser Keys of Solomon.
From the archives of an ancient family who remains anonymous for their safety.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

This essay shall cover a return to sender of a few objections from those who have not studied carefully enough those lectures or have simply hightailed out of the lecture hall horrified at demonstrations of magick. I return those objections to the sender where knowing what they really have become or cannot be fail prior to anything occurring that would prove my insights to be completely attuned to the music of reality.

My lecture on the very real methods of exorcisms of haunted houses follows suit the entire volitional stand that is overlooked by those who use machines to detect spirits. That unless the exorcism is to the advantage or development of the magician you are a mere participant in an endless game where the experience shows no benefit. My advice is to gain Legion of Spirits by exorcisms of haunted houses. If this is too aggressive for you perhaps you should go to an Eastern Guru in India who will teach you to be passively indifferent or learn to sleep on a bed of nails. This ridiculous complaint that I am taking advantage of wandering spirits of haunted houses by making them part of my Legion of Spirits tastes like the watered down whiskey of passive indifference. Beware lest I send your great grandmother’s spirit to haunt you who is now my loyal servant. (I was being intensely amusing when I wrote that last line.) It is hopeless state of affairs, don’t you think? Where so many have such a diluted sense of humor that I have to carefully elaborate on which sentence is actually humor. Why, you cannot be a “tongue in the cheek rascal” anymore without someone trying to object to someone who enjoys some “leaping laughter”. So, I have to knock the bottom out of any number of objections where sometimes I am serious as a heart attack and sometimes funnier than a chapped donkey butt. If such objections miss the point of my serious advice or miss my equally immortal wit don’t blame me but blame yourself for not reading what I have expounded carefully enough.

I command to differ rather than “beg to differ” where I continue to promote the magician and exorcist. These two words are together, I’ll have you know showing a wisdom that must not be ignored. I therefore enthusiastically recommend that when an exorcism is done on a haunted house you add the spirits or even demons to your Legion of Spirits. Why yes. Everyone should have the Lesser and Greater Keys of Solomon which are excellent text books on the subject in their private library. These Ghost Hunters who use machines are really not getting anywhere, don’t you know, and as entertaining as they can be they do not promote Our way nor do they seem aware of who we are and our motivations. I’m not aware of any of them paying much attention to our lectures and of course, the sum of their methods goes nowhere where they learn nothing. Couch potatoes, weak fools, those enslaved by the machines and the naive multitudes seem content to watch them operate but from the perspective of the magician and exorcist who is a very real practitioner of magick it is a compromise of protocol to ignore the old way of exorcisms where you actually set up everything to actually gain control rather than those methods of the Ghost Hunter who don’t know the first thing about magick. You really cannot compare the self esteem, the centralization, the knowledge attained, the exhilaration of being the center of your Circle where you command rather than passively request some naughty spirit to show themselves.

You can object, and you can object and you can object some more to the curriculum and the Hierarchy’s decisions yet it is pointless to do so. It should be otherwise observed that not stepping outside your circle while being good advice you must understand that who we allow into the circle is another matter to consider from the perspective of the Instructor. It is true that we “Refuse none..” and veil the shrine. It is also true that moving up in the Grades cannot be acknowledged without adherence to our curriculum. I have pointed out that social Darwinism can deteriorate into callous savagery while our method is to fortify the fit and eliminate the unfit. This means no one who is unworthy has the possibility of moving up in the Grades without our scrutiny. We do no violence with our process of natural selection and accomplish by open eyes ordeal, or blind ordeal those tests which let us fortify the fit. You simply cannot apply the gospel according to Charles Darwin without committing acts of savagery. Our method to simply not permit the unfit to associate with us which is ecologically efficient. Our Grade system and definite Oaths with Tasks gives definite acknowledgment to those who can actually show their Great Work by magical record where we positively identify who should be worthy of the company of heaven.
You will not please the Pharaoh's heart by the gossip of the marketplace but paying tributes to the Gods by steadfast worship.
Bind your words by your deeds or go the way of a slave. For those who complain and run away not taking a stand let them eat the dung of Sebek, for all I care. We prefer the company of those are brave enough to continue and not give up.

Although I covered in my essay on folklore how it would be to the advantage of the academic community to study how it is tied into the evolutionary process we do have the issue of amateur storytellers writing children’s tales without lesson. While we are rarely heard it is also an observation that they are herd and cannot add something they view as an irrelevancy. Yet, we insist that storytelling being the original form of the educational process prior to writing makes Book 4, part II, "An Interlude" more than an exercise in kabbalah correspondence development but a key that unlocks new byways for the complete reformulation of the educational process. Ask yourself this question. What would the educational process look like if both forms of the educational process were actually studied and applied to the university level? I trust that if you entering the realm of the western esoteric path of spiritual enlightenment you might not immediately observe the importance of “An Interlude”. Well, study it now and I would anticipate that you will be aware early on its importance. A.C.’s “An Interlude” deserve very real recognition for its important contribution to the Path, spiritual enlightenment, development of primal or material analysis.

It should not surprise nor permit the ego to intervene where you, and you, and you succeed while you, and you and you who have not applied yourself other than being the very real vision of a caged parrot with clipped wings fail.

In those rare cases where the student repents his rascal ignorance and returns proclaiming the aspiration has not faltered (as long as no official written resignation has transpired) we take off where we left off to audit the record to see if progress has occurred in the time of silence of the student. The ordeal, while not being completely conquered has been sufficiently been held at bay we observe a chance for a new beginning where existence on a higher plane occurs as consequence of the aspirant simply not giving up.

You can laugh, and you can laugh, and you can laugh some more. Yet, the truth of what we are who follow the western esoteric path of spiritual enlightenment and magick is Our way of life. Those who behave like we are trying to return superstition to the multitudes mocking us simply do not bother to study what it means to actually apply the method of science to the aim of religion.

You can lie, and you can lie and you can lie some more but I absolutely will not acknowledge your Grade, your objections or anything else if you have been proven unfit by your laziness, lack of respect, or foolish rationalizations amounting to ruach masturbation. Claim all those Grades after I have expelled or cut contact with you, if you will, but I know who you are and what you did and did not do. You cannot escape us nor what you have become. I refer you to my advanced weapon, my magical mirror where it showed you your demon face.

I persist to insist and how can you resist? After all, our curriculum being ONE STAR IN SIGHT shall not be met with deviations from those who would try to compromise something that was written by a Master.

Love is the law, love under will