Preliminaries to the Temple of Nuit

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I have already written in my books those insights that are important to be shared with those who are preparing themselves for Liber Nu & Liber Had. I should warn everyone that much preparation is essential. You should begin with an Adoration carefully written and used at the end of your series of daily ceremonies that create preliminary magical links and align yourself with those commands in the Book of the Law. If you are a student of mine and do not understand the dire judgments of what I am trying to lecture you with I will explain in private. If you are without the circle it is yet possible if the neshamah is manifesting into your trained ruach. I cannot be concerned with the independent Thelemite that is under the delusion that he or she can advance as quickly without the guidance of the experience of the Hierarchy nor will I complain about them.

Adorations can be taken, changed or adapted with good effects to match the true will of the aspirant-- or used as is until the Voice tells you what to change to proceed to the next step in your Winged Flight to the Abode of Our Goddess.

With regards to sample Adorations Unto Nuit the only book I could possibly recommend is 31 Hymns to the Star Goddess Who is Not written by Frater Achad aka Charles Stansfeld Jones. Frater Achad was Mr. Jone's magical motto as Neophyte. When he was Probationer he took the name Vnvs in Omnibvs (V.I.O.) and J.F.C. Fuller Frater Per Ardua 1 °= 10 (who eventually withdrew from the A∴A∴) was his Neophyte and immediate Superior. Whatever might be stated about Frater Achad his Adorations unto Nuit are truly inspirational & very well written. It would be off subject to discuss his claim to of advanced to Master of the Temple. I would otherwise highly recommend Frater Achad's book as a means to have structure to create your own private Adoration Unto Nuit.

It is absolutely essential that the Adoration Unto Nuit be not too long and not be too short with regards to a Priestess in your Temple. It is otherwise advisable for the Priestess to have a complementary Adoration to the Priest. With or without the Priestess the Adoration Unto Nuit must be adaptable for either. These hints should be sufficient to understand how important it is to be completely prepared for Liber Nu & Liber Had.

I urge you not to permit those items required for the operation to be an obstacle for the magical operations of Liber Nu & Liber Had like they have been to others. An instruction and advice I give to new Neophytes of my Lineage is when they are doing their Holy Task of creating a Pentacle as instructed from Line 8 of the Neophyte Task to go ahead & do their Pantacle in accordance with Liber Nu, verse 16. It is nothing to get a little more wax and to create two disks instead of one. You will not regret this advice for it will assist you to concentrate on those priorities of gathering everything that is required for Liber Nu and Liber Had. Most certainly, the process of your Adoration Unto Nuit being made into the required chant or song written of in Liber Nu, line 28 will not be any real issue when preparation is kept seriously in mind. When you go to the antique stores or the metaphysical shops if you see a crown that is just right for a future operation with Liber Nu and Liber Had you will have it set aside.

Of course, Liber Nu and Liber Had are guidelines where the omnipresence of Her Body is shown to be achieved by a solitary magician. The Priestess and for those who are winners of Ordeal X will understand that the direction of Liber Nu and Liber Had; or those who are A∴A∴ know that you must manifest fully the divine forces of Nuit and Hadit to achieve the awakening of the bud-will that becomes the child. I say no more; for magical children will be mentioned elsewhere; and we are simply introducing, as it were, the aspirant to the Temple of Nuit as preliminary to even more exciting and sublime magick to come.

Now that you have been given these hints I should point out that the true Cosmic Consciousness of the New Aeon will have Liber Nu and Liber Had as a specialized Key to unlock the Temple of Nuit.

Cosmic Consciousness as I have already explained does not exist for the Eastern Gurus from India and other eastern geographies. Clearly, when I tell a fellow Thelemite that no system of spiritual enlightenment can match the omnipresence of Her Body or the consciousness of the continuity of existence written of in the Book of the Law they perceive the insight and continue the conversation. Not so, if you try to tell such an apparently presumptuous statement to an Eastern Guru. The conversation ends where they mistake such a statement as sheer arrogance.

Writing this from experience I end this essay stating that so few attempt Liber Nu and Liber Had that what a Winner of Ordeal X really is can be very confusing for the novice. Much less the averse karma of those few who will not listen to Me and prepare as I tell them to only become a loser of Ordeal X.

Love is the law, love under will