Magick as a world power

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Before I expound and bring everyone up to date on changes that seem to be occurring all over the world and this issue of directing magical energy to the advantage of the Aeon I really should present at least one paragraph to these rumors about me. After all, what could be more delightful that being mistaken for something you are not showing how typical it is that lack of individuality herd mentality makes stereotypical observations. Trying to sum up any educated individual is deplorable where years of his study have made him worthy of a better explanation than some troll who thinks he can sum you up with a one line proclamation of idiocy. Yet, this is the norm on social media, main stream conservative judgment and if I only try to sum it in rebuttal I might state it is all so predictable as to make others suspicious that I have some magical power to read their character with razor sharp accuracy adding verification that I must be what they think I am must be proof of their silly blurts.

Now just one moment, gentlemen, I have been falsely accused of being a mad scientist and an evil sorcerer maneuvering for power. I haven’t been called a terrorist, or a racist yet but I can only smile in delicious anticipation of yet other intensely amusing accusations from the profane crowd. I can imagine that ironic moment when purchasing a carpet at the market place the police dashing toward me with their guns out saying.
Put your hands over your head, son, and move away from the magic carpet..
I dare say, if I’m ever so terribly wicked as rumor would prevail perhaps on the positive side I shall not be mugged. If the police are watching me they’ll act as efficient servants to protect me from home robbery. I did get that off my chest by some excellent rebuttal, don’t you think? Now, what could go wrong? What is really crossing the line? If someone has told someone off; objecting to something; raising their voice; and wagging the forefinger in their faces with any number of accusations he can be charged with profiling, racist remarks, terrorist threats or even sexual exploitation. If a woman tells someone off she is called a “Karen”. Of course, if any violence is involved they really get themselves in trouble. These laws never stop it from continuously occurring. Are people simply as racist as they always have been; prone to stupid acts of violence as always; as obsessed with madness when they join the mob as usual; and has anything improved with regards to social evolution? Not so you would notice it. I have noticed more laws created; and some of them not necessary where violations have been already covered in previously written laws. All this means I am not surprised in the least when an accusation against my person has been presented.

My word, yet another year where I’ll be passed up for the Nobel Peace Prize. Perhaps it is those meditations on the spiritual warrior of west. What can the matter be? What ever is all the fuss about? How is it I am emphasizing such apparent unrelated diversities of otherwise eccentric; and most certainly it seems to be allocentrism or is it? One moment I discussing the universal life as if allocentrism is important and then discussing idiocentric as centralization as if that is important. Most certainly, I am not presenting sociological solutions or political philosophies. After all, the balance of the microcosm and the macrocosm lets you have your cake and eat it too.

Let us begin our lecture with all these boogeyman accusations fresh in the minds of those expecting me to say something incriminating or controversial.

So many books on history have been written without the vital study of the patterns of history as an attempt to make the proper decisions for the present and a greater future. After all, what does your history book really say or does it really benefit others as lessons to be heeded? All that history of humanity’s endless issues, nations arising, nations conquered and what have you gained with regards to solutions after you have, so late at night, quietly placed the volume back on your bookshelf. You look out your window at the quiet, silent peace of the night pondering how you could, one man, alter what is now which seems like chaos towards a balanced and civilized future only to realize that the Great Work ahead must exist with nothing deleted from your meditations. I shall then roll away the stone to see what crawls from the darkness.

You state that a very unusual event has occurred that seems to be so violent or just unusual that action or resolution must be concentrated on the event. Well, if it is so unusual then you can be assured that the Universe, or God or Karma is telling you you’re being given another chance to handle it properly where it appeared has shown that some tangle in the hair of eternity needs the divine comb. If you handle it properly you gain and if you let it get the better of you it will only come at you again with more severity. You are dealing with something that might be considered a test. Something that must be resolved this time or else the worst will occur. Another example of karma catching up with you and yet another example is where you suddenly realize that you are becoming weaker and you finally, finally realize that it is either now or certain doom if you do not cease relations with your lover who has shifted from romantic dove to vampire. It might be your biological will telling you that near heart attack means diet. Any number of point events you need to learn to see; and some are very subtle. Yet, some strike you very hard, very fast. Blind ordeals come silently. Yet open ordeals will exist as well depending on the karma coming your way. Such point events might come as an attack which means to annex. Yet, conquer, that is enough. “that is enough” is the key where you only apply what is necessary keeping calm. If you do more than is enough you will not resolve the issue where you retain power. Meet this karma wisely. More than likely, to claim a contemporary event is an unprecedented phenomena is absolute delusion where you haven’t looked back at history carefully to see how the patterns of history have arisen over and over again. If anything, if you meet the issue calmly you can resolve whatever karma sent the ordeal your way.

Yet, history does repeat itself where I already explained in 10,000 years of our present 300,000 years of existence or history we, the human race, have lost so much. What was the human race really doing in those 290,000 years of missing history where we emerged 10,000 years ago to find ourselves capable of what is impossible for the other animals where writing and farming emerged? Clearly, Darwin gave us answers of the past but what are we to really to evolve into; and can we evolve when we have compromised the very ecological systems that assisted our arise to an intelligent life form? I want to learn what is really important and not be hindered by data that cannot be immediately be relevant. For the method of science with the aim of religion might very well be a key to all the very real issues. Why haven't the scientists studied what the eastern meditations are doing on the other side of the meditation? You look at the universe with your telescopes and fail to look within the universe within. Then you rationalize it all away with stupid, sidewalk philosophies which land you with a multitude of crash landings of solution. I also explained that no other explanation for the complexity of our abstractions of mind could of evolved without some form of an educational process that shifted us to our status as an intelligent life form and I proceeded to explain how the storytelling with lesson passed on from generation to generation was a process that evolved us where it was possible for us to understand complexities and symbolism. Storytelling with lesson being the most ancient form of the educational process prior to writing was a recommendation I presented. Also, I recommended to the academic community that such a reconciliation of the two forms of the educational process would revolutionize the educational process.

I do seem to be predicting everything these past few decades with greater accuracy than before. Even so much so, that you will pay a high price for not listening to me. For not only do I present the patterns of history that stubbornly repeat themselves as a consequence of a human being a human where they always do the same things the same way with the same errors but I have the added stock tip of observing manifested energy in the universal life. Well, I’m two up on you with this with a third in my back-pocket where I know where to apply the magical gesture. From another plane of existence I have had it in mind to speed up the process of the Aeon by adding some efforts with regards to unique magical gestures. All those who are of us, want and will to have the fruits of the Aeon to give us banquets and glory sooner than last Aeon when it took so long to get the forces in full swing for the proper transitions last time. All this amounts to doing magick today to achieve a future that shall be determined definitely. Better this, than let the patterns of history repeat the same errors.

Now consider of this, (not a logic you'll hear everyday) clearly, what is named science today would have been considered magick centuries ago. Why, of course! Following through with this logic what I am calling magick today must be some advanced science that I am using to change the future. This means with an advanced science I have arisen as a world power or perhaps I have reinstated magick as a world power where I clearly must be a monstrous, clever fellow for taking over this earth while everyone was discussing any number of ridiculous irrelevancies at dinner?

If the science today seems like magick to those of yesterday it goes parallel to linear logic to observe magick today an advanced science. How is this even possible? If you try to do the impossible repeatedly which was an attempt at what magick tries to accomplish you eventually create a byway where it actually works. So, my observation that we have had latent magical powers within our DNA need not be necessarily taken seriously; although it should. What we do know of the evolutionary process is successive generations create diversification or even mutations by behaving repeatedly with the same habit.
Excellent, now that I've stated that I get to quote Myself again which makes the sheep bleat and the lean wolves howl; not to mention bring smiles to all the women. I expect at least twenty marriage proposals as I state:
What is impossible today is impossible today:
until tomorrow, when it isn't

Quoting myself does make my heart go thumpedy thump. I might state that such impossible magical powers today that never existed before might actually arise as mutations. Mutation and evolution and magick together in the same room?? How controversial a concept where an experiment is in order to see if they can live in the same house. I do realize that all this must be studied by very real scientists. Be that as it may, magick is therefore no more in breach of logic than a chameleon changing its color or a hungry monkey using a branch to eat insects where generations prior to this habit didn’t exist and now exist as a part of its method to have better meals of insects. Well, you might wonder whether I can present a preliminary scientific experiment to work this out to pragmatic realities. I can and I will. Any science must be verified by a number of experimenters. All this is subject to very real scientific experiment. For example, do the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram one hundred times a day for two weeks. Record everything and write a thesis of what has occurred.

With one simple experiment we might very well change your casual observations to the speech of experience. We can present the surprising proclamation that magick is a world power. Yet, to prove it takes experience where previously you wrote it all off as superstition. Of course, it might seem radical to apply the method of science with spiritual enlightenment yet what about that unexpected discovery of a key to the evolutionary process made into a process that shifts dogma from the meditation process?

Love is the law, love under will