How I teach

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I do feel sufficiently energized this early morning to expound how I teach which resembles strongly much of the protocol of the Hierarchy that my instructor presented. So brace yourself! I feel some deliciously controversial thoughts coming on. I do enjoy it when those insights are awakening where I know what I know what needs to be known; and expounding it I am satisfied that I have taught what I have taught with the razor sharp precision of a serious teacher. Let’s get started with some insights where we distinguish the method of teaching; and extinguish the thoughts of those whose ego based dramatizations are put to pasture, cows that they all are let them eat grass. Why should I bother with those who aren’t serious enough to join?

Oh great. A student has appeared and joined whose girlfriend followed him into the Order. Will the girlfriend do anything more than be a vampire to this new student? Oh great. Some spineless little turd has written some idiot event of my Path that has no bearing in reality. Oh great. Some worthless piece of garbage passing themselves off as an initiate has tried to write any number of speculations on the Great Work and A.C. that show he or she is guilty of ruach masturbation where their theory is off the balances of practices. The list does go on where they seem to be sincere on the surface but in short order they reveal themselves where they really give you nothing more or less than an attempt of promoting themselves rather than assisting those who are truly serious about the Great Work. Of course, I already explained my objections to the so called scholar who isn’t a practitioner; and there is no convincing any of them that they deserve the same status as those who have moved forth on the Path in accordance with Our curriculum.

It serves me well to expound in this essay how it is that I teach the way I teach while so many others go public. I already explained the importance in my essay called “Veil the Shrine” where we must observe caution; and move carefully with regards to public presentations. Social media can be enjoyable only in so far as the discussions do not become too viral. Yet, herd mentality does prevail to such a degree that I have found it a waste of time to do video, do interviews where the questions are an insult to the intellect, and this issue of a star moving on his or her course being always unique where the approach to any individual must be carefully expounded. This, in addition, where those who have taken the Oath and Task are those who I must take the time for while those outside the Order who do not think prior to any number of questions are not going to be a priority. You need me; and I don’t need you does seem to be something of a stiff upper lip stand but if your aspiration and self discipline isn’t serious enough to join then run along and let other teachers give you a handkerchief to blow your nose. Bind your words by your deeds. If you enjoy social media so much that it makes you feel special to run with the dabblers don’t blame me if in twenty years from now you’ve haven’t advanced beyond where you are presently. Meanwhile, I must adhere to the perfection of ONE STAR IN SIGHT where its incredible wisdom does guide you properly with how the Order is presented. Well, a magician might come my way and explain they aspire to awaken their magical powers. Whereof the nature and powers of your being are firstly given in the form of the preliminary Oath I have no objections to such a surface aspiration. So, you don’t have to aspire to become an Adept and Master in this lifetime like myself so many years ago early on my Path. Sincerity of aspiration is a high virtue of true elites; and even an aspiration toward this highly imaginative idea of being God Incarnate with a multitude of magical powers does not find any real objections. Better this than some weak fool coming along who has been tainted by some filthy Eastern Guru from India who tries to get you to meditate on something that would stifle what you really are deep within – that secret self and True Self yet to emerge from hidden depths. Or as worse, give you a meditation that stifles your latent magical powers on the other side of the meditation, when analyzed is something that evolved from what some so called mystic decided would be best to get the multitudes to be more civilized. The attempt backfiring where you have meditations out of touch with the reality of our species, the human being. The Law of Θελημα and the curriculum of the Order Curses these old grey land troglodytes out of the picture where our definition of what is strong and good is now aligned with pragmatic realities. I urge you to observe more carefully the very real issue of pinpointing where old Aeon standards are obviously in contradiction to the New Aeon.

Most certainly, I have lectured on the dangers of some of these stupid meditations that would stifle the magical powers all for the sake of what delusions they have of what a civilized human being should be. How repulsive the Indian and the Buddhist can be compared to the glory of the western esoteric path of magick and spiritual enlightenment. They can take their old Aeon teachings and stick it where the Sun doesn’t shine. Once again, I must emphasize the Pride of a Thelemite from some worthless piece of rotting garbage that permits ego gratifications to sway them from proper decisions. I do realize how confusing this is for those who have permitted Mongol Crapulous creeds of violated Taoism or Confucianism or Buddhism twist them every which way but the lessons of one pointedness and True Will where their old Aeon salvia drips from their mouths where they should not wonder why we take a hot shower to wash away their filth, take the sign of the Lord of Silence and do banishing after banishing knowing how demonic their teaching have become where they make you puppets rather than promote true growth and initiation. These eastern gurus from India or other areas of the Orient do not understand how the temperament of the western person is different where certain meditations or even magical practices are in violation to our Way. I only trust the writings of the Master Therion with regards to eastern interpretations. Read Him first; and then read what they teach from their perspective. We do Yoga our way; and use only that terminology that fits those priorities which are purged by the prophet. Confer the brilliance of “Eight Lectures on Yoga” compared to the nonsense you have to put up with an eastern guru who has ignored the western esoteric path. In their attempt at spiritual enlightenment they go from oriental nation to oriental nation where they proclaim mastery with their eastern path ignoring the sensible path of comparative spiritual enlightenment both east and west. Our objections to civilized puppets and sheep from their meditations cannot too often be emphasized where on the other side of their idiot meditations they make delusional proclamations on the subject of what is really a civilized, spiritually enlightenment Master. You see how it turned out, as an example, in 1959 e.v. where the Tibetan Wonders were massacred being mystics out of touch with reality.

You should pay attention to what occurred where the communist Chinese with their mongol horde mentality absolutely wiped out glorious monasteries; and equally radiant mystics whose old Aeon passive indifference drove them to near extinction; and as worse they went from the fire to the frying pan where they moved to retrograde India where they absolutely were absorbed by time and unfortunate circumstance. The Tibetan Wonders once considered wondrous Masters were wiped out by a more aggressive and savage nation where their Tibetan meditations were not geared for survival but their naive idea of what a civilized human being must be. Let the errors of Tibet be a lesson to everyone.

It is well that I am in perfect health at my age! Apparently this does set well with those who have tried to be my enemies completely misunderstanding my existence. I cannot create parameters for others with regards to my health. After all, your biological will and entire bio system might need particulars that I would not be able to deduce at random. I do have a fairly good breakfast which long ago someone told me was the most important meal of the day. It has worked quite well; and with my morning breakfast I always drink three cups of black coffee. I can take salt but I try to avoid too much sugar in spite of my love for any number of sweets.

Of course, I have secrets; and the way I proceed everyday with my magical practices and magical gestures are a consequence of many decades of Great Work. So, I must insist that I have strong motivations for staying alive where the glory of my Great Work has made life worth living. I’ll let other teachers go about their business with how they teach; but for myself the type of magical books that exist are of a different caliber than my concept of permitting originality to erupt from the True Self for the aspirant. After all, they have their methods covered; and I shall not always repeat their attempts. If anything, retaining the attitude that only those who personally come to me is jolly well good for me. Random fools, dabblers, and curiosity seekers are interesting enough, I suppose. Yet, those who aspiration is keen and volition vibrate with sincerity and self esteem are going to benefit from my teachings. After all, unless you’ve officially joined My Lineage I see no logic to expound to you with regards to any of the real details. I shall not at this time mention any names but you’ll have plenty of teachers of magick out there; and I do not need you if you are not really sincere to waste my time. The unfit should be ruthlessly discarded; and the fit should be fortified with any number of tips that might give them any number of keys that only experience can expound.

I already tried to explain in my essay where I gave a commentary on one line of Liber OZ this pertinent point of perspective that if you think the way I think is the way you think I should think the way you think than you’ve got a another thing coming to think I will think the way you think! For my will to think the way I think I think is my right; and you do injustice to me as a different star than you to try to impose yourself on me. If anything, it is an important part of my teachings to encourage the natural growth of the child without the old Aeon catastrophic formalities. Read again A.C.’s fine analysis of Liber V where it would do you a world of good to read it more carefully. The way I teach I insist is what had A.C.’s approval at the time of his death where he has worked the system over the years; and in Magick without Tears he gives excellent depth to his methods. What had A.C.’s approval at the time his death is very important. If you try to deliberate past insights in the early days of his path you might be swayed on how to teach. So, my method of teachings is consistent not only with what was passed on from my Instructor but my experience and understanding on what met the approval of the prophet. If you find fortifying the fit; and eliminating the unfit too racy for your blood then find one of the teachers who live their lives teaching the novice; and yet exist on Neophyte level even after thirty years or as worse claim to be a Lineage where when faced on what has passed on to them decide to hide their shortcomings by claiming to be touch with the Secret Chiefs; or do something really, really stupid trying to create a Movement Magically without initiation. Such teachers might teach you something of value for a short time; but they cannot stand the strain of time where no real insights occur after they expound to a certain extent insights preliminary of value. After that, they prove themselves to be worthless pieces of shit only trying to take your money; or otherwise make you a puppet of their dying movement that has no chiah manifested, neshemah inspiring their ruach. Instead, you end up being enslaved by a guru whose motivations are not to the advantage of your sincerity nor self esteem.

Moving right along with one wicked and controversial thought after another I must proclaim the way I teach shall be more in touch with fortifying the fit and eliminating the unfit than so many others.

Naturally, I might hear objections that I am not being patient enough toward slow students but this really has no basis in reality. I actually encourage the student to plod along year after year so he or she will at last know what the real Path of Initiation is all about.

I leave my soapbox this morning anticipating this essay shall stir things up. How pleasant it is to create paragraphs that creates such dramatic reactions.

Well, I do not have the status nor desire the status of being the wickedness man in the world. Nor do I have such an aspiration to be in any way Satanic. You go Yaweh, I go My Way. None of the orthodox for a mystic and magician like myself.

If anything, I present the Great Work to the contrary of any wickedness.

Nothing is evil nor wicked in the Book of the Law. We cast the evil ones away!

Love is the law, love under will