The Deteriorated Myth

written August 23rd, 2017 e.v. An CXIV by David Bersson
It depends, surely, on the stage which a society has reached on its fall to the servile state. Civilization of course, implies organization up to a certain point. The freedom of any function is built upon system; and so long as Law and Order make it easier for a man to do his True Will, they are admirable. It is when system is adored for its own sake, or as a means of endowing mediocrities with power as such, that the "critical temperature" is attained.
Chapter LXXV,
The A∴A∴ and the Planet

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The revival of deteriorated mythology is only one attempt to counter the territorial domination of other cultures. When its attempt is not to clarify the symbolism or update its path where it complies with the reality of science and initiation it serves only to eradicate other cultures which results in deadly deteriorations of civilization itself.

We, as human beings, are constantly trying to destroy what we consider to be negative or counter to our contemporary culture and when you observe what survives both sides lie dead in the battlefield of history. The deteriorated myth is cleverly shown to be the whole of the ideology and whatever the myth was originally is lost in time. Eventually this myth is discarded completely. We are then left with square one of the culture and civilization where we start over again and again.

The sheer idiocy of the Hollow Earth theory is an example of a deteriorated myth where its origin is now lost in time. Was it originally from a civilization prior or during the ice age where a hypothetical geography of humans lived in deep caves?

The modern pagan clearly has forms of magick and metaphysics attempting to revive itself from old deteriorated myths. It is debatable whether any of them have the original format or protocol where in their natural tendency for the mystical assume that their magick isn't a form that would be considered a stone age magick to the ancient mystics. The proper method of reviving magick is to apply the method of science and clearly many of the ancient texts are misleading and incomplete.

Haitian VooDoo has the inferior formula of the mount of the Loa into the being of the Mambo where clearly the entire system of magick is based on low plane magick. Domination & possession of lower spirits are a part of the ceremony. Such methods are clearly a deterioration of noble tribes in western Africa like the Fon Empire. The deterioration of the mythology of the ancient myths of the ancient African Gods by slaves reacting against their white masters created a religion that tries in vain to start over with what the slave tries to remember about his tribe. What can you expect when the religion tries to revive from a black and white snuff film where the bloody sacrifice of animals shows a stone age magick by descendants of black slaves? Clearly, Haiti and Jamaica are no geographies to find the secrets of the Obeah & Wanga to the satisfaction of the researcher.

Culture after culture, tradition after tradition we see the same pattern of history where civilization reaches a level of progress and exists for centuries only to be destroyed by some other culture where we realize what we have lost and try to revive the deteriorated myth only to destroy what we revive and the myth to take on a form that never existed originally. In many cases, we are left with only bones with absolutely no clue how some ancient civilization could of done what takes advanced technology to accomplish today.

Geographically, China owes it longevity to its Great Wall and the United States of America owes its evolution of freedom to its position on the map where both the Atlantic and the Pacific separate it from the rest of the world. Yet, in terms of deterioration of its original Government, and the deterioration of its original culture you cannot expect either nation to be free from a similar deterioration where it is absolutely not recognized from its original protocol and aspirations. For both may very well destroy itself from within over a long period of time. In the United States of America they are destroying their own statues and there early history and in China they have permitted western technology to influence its ancient culture. In three thousand years will China and the United States be able to accurately give historically its first four hundred years of history? Patterns of history show they may disappear completely. Both Nations might find the rest of world civilization so revolting that they might escape from the chaos to a Goldilocks planet.
Naturally the pattern of deterioration will continue in different directions if these two Nations or others choose a Goldilocks planet where they might eventually not even include Mother Earth in its history or even deteriorate to a stone age culture. Any Nation that does not have a space program will be a future factor in a seed in its eventual destruction, dissolution, and absorption. It is possible that when technology advances where migration is in the millions entire Nations might claim entire planets. I write hypothetically and perhaps with too much optimism noting my remarks where the pattern of our own deterioration in our known history gives in addition the possibility that China, Russia, the USA, and other advanced Nations might not even exist in three thousand years where a smaller Nation might make that key discovery with space technology and be the first to colonize the Goldilocks planet.

No solution has been ever presented to world civilization on how to keep its progress from deteriorating into oblivion. No modern Nation is excluded from its own eventual extinction where we become a deteriorated myth where what was is the delusion of the historian who gives the picture with what is left of the data of the vanquished nation. We plant the seeds of our own destruction and cancel each other out throughout history to such a horrifying extent that we cannot even be certain what occurred in our own history as human beings.

No solution has ever been found to the vast amount of knowledge lost when the deterioration of civilization creates a situation where almost in spite of the objections of the civilized they helplessly find them unprepared for the transitions. If patterns could be determined with accuracy we might see the signs and find a way to not lose the progress and knowledge that such transitions always bring.

If two pebbles have tumbled to the valley they might very well be nothing to be concerned about. Yet, if we alert ourselves to the reiteration of pattern we might determine whether those two pebbles are the sign of a coming avalanche. In history, we have had the Rosetta Stone which assisted us greatly to revive ancient language and knowledge. We need many, many, many Rosetta Stones for what is coming and inevitable.

Our entire history becomes a deteriorated myth which historians assure us is fact and when you study what they give us you see nothing but the destruction of civilization after civilization.

Love is the law, love under will