Analysis of the Motto on the Path
written by David Bersson
on July 27, 2020 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Although this issue of choosing a motto for the Aspirant has been covered in my essay on the Magical Mottoes I will give a yet another meditation or lecture on the consequences of its manifestations. After all, those who aspire to be Adept or even Master in this lifetime must be aware of the consequences of their actions. Being perfectly linear in our inmost sincerity we are confident to be unafraid of the consequences of our words or actions and fly with our own wings. Shall we devise a motto that would emphasize such a daring and courageous stand where we brandish the word wings as a symbol of Hadit? Such stark independence gives us insight on the words being ready to fly or smite.

Let us begin.

As further explanation of a magical motto that will actually manifest a unique revelation and insight I will give the example of Alis volat propriis. Of course to attribute a territory, for example, to such a name is to manifest forces of a separation or even extremist revolution as an eventuality from the forces. This would take place on other planes where in this lecture we are giving reference to the motto for the aspirant to the Path. If some hypothetical troglodyte consciousness who does not comprehend the complexity of such consequences for example you choose the motto La clairière you might have some deforestation or genocide with territory or as a motto for the aspirant the balance or clarity of insight as a main manifestion in the tendency for the aspirant.

Alis volat propriis has been traditionally attributed to the rough translation of "She who flies with her own wings." Latin scholars might object to the feminine attribution where the verb is not inflected but for convenience sake to move forth with the lecture I let the scholars fight it out while I continue with my thesis. I'll take my chances that I might be accused of duality.

With regards to the metaphysics of awakening Hadit to make swift and secure the pen we symbolically use this Latin Motto as a stage of our going to emphasize a very real event in our workings on the Path toward the balance of Hadit Unto Nuit where having shed those complexes of because we are able to perceive the insight of Hadit being Going. The Wings of Hadit on the Stele are an excellent meditation with this Latin Motto where you are able to perceive the metaphysics with clarity.

Alis volat propriis might suit both the armor of the Practicus or even other Grades such as the Exempt Adept whose Great Work is to not only create a thesis of a school of thought but must cross the Abyss. The perfect Grade attribution to this motto might not be clear and yet it should be emphasized that when you choose the motto you often try to find the correspondences from Liber 777 to create a motto that has definite correspondence with the sephira. I have already given examples in other essays on how some have failed and some have been successful where the motto actually proved these observations.

Now Alice informs us of her wisdom by stating "A cat may look at a king". No doubt this sublime perception of observation would not be complete without its rebuttal, "Yes, but can the cat see the king?" We have therefore insight into a motto being perceived on more than one plane of existence where its effects on the sheaths of the self are clearly to be psychologically fitted to the path of the star whose complexes awakening will have a multitude of lens depending on the experiences.

With regards to the awakening and resolution of complexes that have been locked so tight in the prison of the consciousness we know that the right motto will make these compromises of feasible stability arise with balance for the possibility of balance of being. So the right motto for the right aspirant should be chosen where real initiation can occur. Let the motto fit the True Self and the Aspiration. In the Arabian Nights we have the Genii who was trapped in the bottle for one thousand years proclaiming that whoever released him he would richly reward. Another thousand years elapsed where he proclaimed he would kill whoever released him as the anger from his imprisonment became so defined in his enforced solitary confinement where social distancing from his will to seduce Arabian girls and delegate wishes was duly compromised. Clearly, those complexes which are kept in by the solitary confinement magnified in intensity where the Genii vowed to extremist revolution has clarity and parallel. The choice of a motto where the aspirant carefully chooses the motto for his particular desire to achieve the balance of Adept-hood by specifically noting his or her particulars of experience now is observed with radiant clarity.

Clearly, picking "demon queen" or "Lilith" or "333" as a motto does not assist a faster progress than a motto more geared toward supernal aspirations unless it is balanced by its opposite. Confer Liber Tzaddi.

Love is the law, love under will

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865 e.v.)
Arabian Nights by Richard Burton