The Current

The A.·. A.·. manifests into the plane of Disks through Transmutation; which We may call Phenomenol Experience (the process of which may be studied in Liber LXV), being a testiment to the Influx of Energy created by the Crowned and Conquering Child upon an Aspirant to Our Holy Order. This Force travels downward as an Hawk, from the Supernals. Serious Aspirants will readily Understand that these energies cannot too easily be Felt within one's Being without Practical Instruction and Training.

The Oath and Task of a Probationer serves as the first emanation of Our Current to the World, assuring that the aspirant's karma be magically linked with the Manifested Budwill of the present Aeon. In this manner, the Magician, using the Method of Science, can begin to create his/her individual school of thought within the Reformulated External Temple. With both feet planted firmly in Malkuth, he/she may begin penetrating the layers of the self, Strengthening his/her Perception of the Path, Discovering One's True will, and accomplishing It.

This Arcanum should be seriously meditated upon.

Θελημα and the manifestation of It's Current on earth is within the reach of all who are of Us. Let the Light Awaken within! Let Us move Forward Manifesting the Aeon of Horus! Unto Nuit!!! Let Us be purged by the Prophet! Let Us make history of the old and Attain the Great Reward! Yea, Attain the Great Reward!

Since Ancient Times

Since the dawning of man's insatiable curiousity about himself & the world around him there has been what is termed, Scientific Illuminism. This search has yielded much arcana evolving into a broader understanding of who & what We are. In 1904 e.v. the Tree bore it's Fruit with the writting of the Book of the Law which was dictated to Aleister Crowley.

The Fruits of his labour lead to the manifestation of what is known in the world today as the Order of A.·. A.·. whos seal was first witnessed in 1907 e.v.

Since then have many sought the company of these Illuminators knowing that their methods for achieving Insight comes from a line of hard work & True Pride which have, to date, survived the inertia of ordeal & thus is the Proof of man's desire towards the Infinite.

It is Our contention that man will continue along this path of curiousity with the genuine will to unfold, leading Us through individual fate to the bossom of Our destiny; the manifestion of the Star!


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

It has been thus far in O.T.O. Constitutional history very frowned upon to take a Brother or Sister to an outside court to settle any disputes between members. I have heard the many say that Marcelo Motta was the first to shoot the gun but I don't believe that anyone but the Secret Circle of the O.T.O. knew the totality of Facts pertaining to the Order neither then nor now. Here on the "Outer Realms" we know at least two things. Any sanctions from Aleister Crowley to Grady McMurtry were subject to the approval of Karl Germer. Those of Us being Initiated on the Path of the O.T.O. understand how delicate are the Scales (I do not envy those who are confused). The Order Knows not unbalance but True Adjustment! Now even if we were to accept a profane courts decision over the O.T.O's, there is still the matter of the Caliph O.T.O.'s present "LEADER" being a failed Probationer of the A.·.A.·.; which is where the TRUE Θελημα of the present Aeon is to be found. And guess who his Superior in the A.·.A.·. was; you guessed it; MARCELO RAMOS MOTTA. All this schism caused by Karl Germer deciding to wait for his last Breath to name his Follower. I have heard it said that Sasha Germer made it up. That if Karl Germer had named Marcelo Motta, she would have documented it in her Magical journal. I could only hope to have students that Disciplined! Personally I don't believe that the Man that Our Prophet choose to Follow his work would have let the Magical Link be broken. It is the Mark of a True Master whose last ounce of physical strength is used towards THE GREAT WORK. This, my Thelemite friends, is Veracity!

Love is the law, love under will