Dictation & Discussion
to Frater Omnia Pro Veritate [Norman Mudd]
From Frater O. M. [Edward Aleister Crowley]


A.C. : Aiwass communicated The Book of the Law to me. I received benefit therefrom. This having happened I cannot doubt that communication is possible and desirable.

Mudd: I then enquire how this communication came about.

A.C. : Although it was not the direct result of invocation, unless the successful invocation of Horus be accounted such, yet in view of the Magical tradition that communications of this type may and should result more or less directly from the use of ceremonial methods, and of the absence of any other reasonable theory which covers the facts, I am led to make experiments and to induce others to make experiments on the assumption that people trained in

a) Magical
b) Mystical
c) Qabalistic arts

are more likely than those not so trained to receive similar communications with such fullness and accuracy as enables them to withstand the severest criticism. The original communication was made to Rose but would obviously have come to nothing had I not been there to gestate and partuarate the seed. These experiments have been justified by such results as the books LXV, VII, 418, I, Ararita, and by such works at the editing of the Tao Teh King and the Yi King. The validity of the method is demonstrated by John St. John. Also, by the success of those who have put them into practice with fidelity, energy and intelligence. Indirectly, also by the quality of the failures and disasters which have accompanied experiments conducted in ways which I have been able to predict results both of the wise and foolish virgins under my supervision.

The Book of the Law has therefore a double interest for me.

  1. The Book of the Law itself possesses the value it claims for itself.
  2. I being appointed by the Book to the functions mentioned in Chapter I, verses 15, 20, 22, 26, 32, 36-38, 50-52, 57, 61-63; Chapter II, verses 5, 9, 22, 34-43, 54-55, 59-60, 70-74, 76-78; Chapter III, especially verses 39, 42, 47. It is my special business to set people to obtain the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy guardian Angel by such means as I have myself proved valid. By the word "conversation" I understand communication similar to The Book of the Law as to origin, authority and value, each as may be suited to the nature and True Will of the aspirant or experimenter.

To recapitulate: The Book of the Law has a two fold value.

  1. 1. For its own sake.
  2. 2. As evidence of the possibility of perfecting an instrument of knowledge possibly superior but in any case different in kind from anything previously known.

On Qualities

If you get 0 equals 2 firmly in mind you will be able to divine how I shall deal with any metaphysical problem. It is apparently transrational but consistently coherent and fertile.

  1. Any quality which we possess, we possess by definition in an absolute degree. It is wrong to speak of greater of less benevolence, courtesy, envy, ect.. Either you have the quality or you have it not, and in point of fact I doubt if there is any quality which is not possessed in this absolute sense by all men equally.
  2. As 0 equals 2, some indeterminate finite expression, so the character of a man, (which is a positive thing) is determined by the cataclysm of the absolutes - the product of conflict. We need only measure the positive things that interfere with the infinite qualities. These are measured by Energy of Action consumed. (This is an imperfect statement.)

I can either give five francs to a beggar or go to the movies. Which shall I do? I can offer my blood for transfusion to save the life of

a) my best girl
b) my business rival
c) a stranger
d) a child
e) an enemy;
Which shall I do? "Rembrandt of the baby." One could make a very fair estimate from Yes or No answers of the relative proportions of prudence and benevolence in my character.

Note this is the 0 = 2 formula again. We are no longer speaking of the infinite or absolute Prudence and Benevolence but of the debris which exists in a multitude of individual cases. I analyze the debris and find that 75% of my positive acts show Prudence outweighing Benevolence. Continue the process with all the other motives possible and you would obtain a numerical table which would enable you to arrange the relative strengths of these characteristics.

Digression: These qualities are absolute. In the case of benevolence. The answer will be invariably Yes. Nuit is the totality of possibilities. "I am Infinite Space" means that infinite room to act in an infinite number of ways, of us, ect. In order to explain itself. The chemical analogy is good.

I take the gas hydrogen and investigate it physically. I obtain a very small amount of data about it, and I only get really one aspect of its nature, although it is a somewhat complex aspect. If I want more information about hydrogen, I see how it acts with N, C1, S, ect.. Those other elements are the Nuit to the Hadit which we call hydrogen; but we should also include in the idea of Nuit the physical properties. Hydrogen can distinguish itself from Oxygen in matter of atomic weight, from C1 in the matter of colour. All these categories are ultimately of the same nature. They are the possibilities of hydrogen. And without Nuit in this sense of the word hydrogen is nothing at all. Carbon is capable of satisfying itself with four atoms of carbon or two of oxygen, ect.. But if partially satisfies with one there remains only a partial satisfaction for the other. CH3 has room for a CI. If you want to be a little more prudent you must be a little less benevolent and so on. We measure qualities against each other by the amount of energy which the display. There are some men in whom avarice never yields to generosity, compassion, any such opposite motive. In that extreme case we mark avarice infinity, generosity zero. That is measured by the test cases, 100 out of 100 determines the action. If we analyze any actual act we shall find that practically all motives are involves directly or indirectly. (Surely these are the instincts.) What constitutes the greatness of the man is the magnitude and significance of the part of Nuit which he has made contact with. When we get a number of men of wide experience, travel, education, we find it difficult to distinguish between them. Points of agreement many, of difference few. So when a man becomes big enough, he has to become a Master of the Temple, his ego begins to go. He begins to see that the ego is an impossible basis of such a complex structure.

Qualities lice acidity, combustibility, which ultimately go when complexity exceeds a certain degree, are comparable to primitive passions, hate, envy. Qualities like polarity, fluorescence, are qualities that develop with complexity. They are not violent. The corresponding things in a man are the spiritual qualities. How this fits in with the doctrine of the crossing of the Abyss. Complex man begins to find himself in ideas which at first seem to him objective, e.g., enjoying poetry.

On Incarnation 1

So called successive lives are only separate in the illusory mode of time. They are like separate arbitrary sections of a picture. The reality is the picture which integrates all the aspects.

On Sexuality

A coster and his girl get up a dark alley one night.

"D'yer love us, Bill?"


(Long pause)

"Then why don't yer muck us abaht?"

Bill thinks this over, reads up his Freud, ect., and comes to the conclusion that there is hidden in these words something that might indicate that something in the nature of a would not be [illegible]. He was himself so far lacking in element of really Christian conduct that he consummated the marriage which had not yet taken place.

(Another pause during which he adjusts his costume and she hers.)

She then enquired as before, "D'yer loves us, Bill?"

This time he was not at a loss for an answer. There was not a doubt in the case. He replied immediately.


The information came as something of a shock to her womanly tenderness and incidentally presented a psychological problem which she felt herself wholly incapable to solve on general principle.

She therefore put it to him in clear and forcible language as follows:

"Then why d'yer fuck us?"

Doubtless because his intelligence had been clarified by the physiological relief just obtained, he explained his spiritual state intelligently enough, though indirectly, his reply being couched in the form of another question.

"Why do I shit?"

Very instructive. Explains the whole of English marriage. Of comment on Liber CCXX. Men feel the disgrace of the bestiality of fucking so acutely that they do everything possible to camouflage it. The whole point of Tennyson, and Cloventry Patmore, the explanation of their popularity, is their success in persuading the middle class people that marriage is a sacrament.

This falsity leads to all kinds of further confusion. They are compelled to act in all sorts of absurd ways in order to keep up the pretense that their animality is really romantic and refined. They heated Swineburne for proclaiming the sacredness of passion as opposed to weak emotionalism and feat me still more because I have analyzed the whole business so thoroughly.

Let me summarize my position:

  1. The sexual ace is a definitely animal gesture and needs no more justification than breathing. The impurity and falsehood come from trying to deny the plain facts of the case.
  2. The close connection of sexual energy with the higher nervous centres makes the sexual act definitely magical. It is therefore a sacrament which can and should be used in the Great Work.
  3. The act being creative and ecstatic and active, its vice consists in treating it as sentimental, emotional, passive.
  4. It is thus the most important act possible to man (consider under 2) yet wholly unimportant (as under 1). Modern ideas on the point err in both ways at once. The bourgeois diminishes the importance of the act by refusing it its place among the sacraments and by giving it the false importance which leads to prudery, sham romance, jealousy, ect., ect..

On Memory

I want to go into with you as regards

a) Practical Memory
b) Magical Memory
c) The meaning of things.

A being A, who was Cardinal Cazzo. He dies and goes to heaven. On Buddhist principles C.C. has disappeared, but the bundle appears in heaven with sufficient identity with C.C. to be recognized by anyone who knew him. He may or may not have memory of this. Now C.C. in his lifetime was confronted with this problem. Shall I bugger this boy? If I refrain my virtue will be such that there will be a being, A, enjoying himself in heaven who would not otherwise be there. While if I indulge this unholy passion, there will be a being A, in hell who would not otherwise be there. If however in either case, A does not think "I am here because when I was C.C., I acted thus and not otherwise, then why should I C.C., act otherwise that my interests prompt me" In other words, motive always assumes the memory.

On Hadit

If A is always at B and C, clearly it cannot move from B to C. When I say I, what am I doing to call attention to myself. Any other contradictory statement would be just as good.

On Nephesh

A sensible form of Nuit. The totality of possibilities of sensation.

On Neschamah

The number of intelligible forms the will might assume.

On Θελημα and Society

The girl who committed suicide because she had to put on her stockings every day was caused by a caged animal feeling. Contrast between monotony and known variety of life. How Θελημα cures this.

"Thou hast no right but to do thy will."

Not sufficient to know one's will and do it. Very important to keep off things that do not concern it. Philosophical sociology has misconceived its problem was that of interrelating units of society, neglecting the fact (Θελημα) that a preliminary adjustment of the unit to the universe was necessary and is necessary. Assumed dead units.

On Christianity 1

Conversation with a Jesuit. Anecdote occurred when I had gone through everything from Plymoth Brethren- Catholicism-- Rationalism-Black Magic-Buddhism-Mohammedanism-Hinduism-Church of England-Non-conformity-Paganism-Mysticism and had received Liber Legis earlier in the year (1904).

Our preliminary skirmishes ended in our failing to agree on just one fact, the historical truth of the Christian narrative. Examining the snag, we found that it really doesn't matter at all because historical truth depends on evidence, and however convincing one way or the other, our ideal depend not on conviction but on faith, which is really a moral and not an intellectual quality, and is the form of the will. Chokmah, quite unfettered by Ruach.

I tried to find out to what I should be committing myself if I joined the S of J in terms of the essential principles which determine one's conduct in relation to one's own integrity and to one's fellow men. He reassured me on the first point. Saying that assuming my acquiescence of the S of J, I should have a free hand in carrying it out. As to the second point, I agreed with him that men would be happier in the --- philosophical sense of the word if wisely herded, well fed, protected from disease and enemies, kept by ignorance and smooth optimistic assurance administered as a hypnotism: agreed that the alternative to his program was the disruption of society, the collapse of civilization, the return to a primitive barbarism, all this meaning the whole-sale destruction of nations and the wrech of the whole system which we have constructed from the original anarchy of the savage. (Note the murder of Hiram as the first object of joint action, the sons conspiring to kill the father.)

On Masonry

First 7 degrees of Masonry correspond to 7 chakras. 33°: tongue torn out, Chokmah. Mark Mason, head cut off. Royal Arch: Behold and hear the name of God. Penalty Blindness.

On the Missae Canon

Instructions for avoiding errors and performance exceedingly suggestive. Compare Catholic Mass and Gnostic Mass. Communion of saints equals religious value of copulating with your magical partner. Commit creed to memory.

VIAOV, Holy Book of the Sacred Words with essays on them.

On Air and Water

Air is the direct intellectual apprehension of the reflection given in water. Water presents images which are apprehended by immediate intuition. Any attempt to describe their nature must fail as being limited to some particular aspect of their nature. Example: Number. Take the idea of number. I claim to possess an absolute comprehension of number, but if asked to define the word, I find myself compelled to do so seriatim, and the series is infinity. So is the number of the true statements which I may make about number.

Re: Misunderstanding between Men. Assuming we have all identical intuitions of what we mean by such words as truth, decency, pain, faith, the moment we attempt to communicate on the subject, we find a conflict between A's per definition of the word and B's. They quarrel because they are both persuaded that their pet definitions covers the whole ground.

Neschamah having risen from Air to Water, all the variety of his ideas on any subject have become settles and harmonized and stilled in that pure fluid. And just because he reflects perfectly the ideas which fall upon his surface, just because he understands, he becomes unintelligible and inarticulate.

(This is the case against argument.)

The question arises: Is it possible to construct a dialectic method of communication between any two men in respect of such intuitions? In practice, we know that there exists a sympathy between individuals in respect of the deeper strata of their beings. Thus Sodomites recognize each other instinctively, and even less highly developed men often experience flashes of intuition about common interest in things like poetry.

On Qabalah 1

Mudd: A. C. to be chiefly known to history as a giver of method of communication which has hitherto been doomed to silence.

Qabalah explains relations between deepest kinds of moral idea, and literal and numerical value. One can check one's deduction.

On Thelemic Praxis

Θελημα gives a perfect moral code. Mind your own business. Understanding of this is necessary preliminary to technical training. Order of Limbs of Yoga is correct. Start with Yama and Niyama in an Abbey of Θελημα.

On the Book of the Law 2

March 1912, no. 7 Equinox published. Quotations there are in a form earlier than publication of facsimile. In the transcription of the MSS. There appears passages not in the MSS. "I adore thee in the song" Under curator translation. "abstruction". Replica made subsequently. "image". Bronze hawk at Cefalu. Bought.

Wrote letter to fifteen people from Cairo, "Equinox of Gods come."

  1. Ivor Back, probably has copy. Consulting surgeon, London. His father a great explorer in Egypt. In Cairo at time.
  2. George Cecil Jones, Chemist
  3. Gerald Kelly
  4. Rev. F.F. Kelly
  5. Norman Collie?
  6. Travers, Morris
  7. Allan Bennett
  8. Ernest Radcliffe? Assistant forest commissioner in Kashmir
  9. Edward Threnton Martin and Co., Calcutta
  10. Eckenstein, Oscar. 7 years.
  11. S.L. MacGregor Mathers. Probably.
  12. Elaine Simpson, "Soror Fidelis," Married.

In Bagh-i-Muattar account of 49 servitors of Beelzebub obtained sometime in 12 months following the writing of The Book of the Law.

Production of Beetles. A beetle sent to Jones from Boleskine to ask him to determine its species. He replied that at S. Kensington, they couldn't identify it. (June to Dec. 1904.)

Three typed copies of The Book of the Law made in Cairo. One used by publishers of Zaehnsdorf edition (Chiswick) previous to rediscovery on MSS.. Errors in vellum books due to the fact that this typescript not properly checked from MSS.. Two and three no memory.

Competition date leading to acquaintance with J. F. C. Fuller, 1904-1905.

Met Fuller early in 1907. Star in the West published 1907-1908 about.

Not been in Egypt since May-June 1905.

Book refers to Stele. Probable that incidents connected with Stele were of date March-April 1904.

George Cecil Jones objected to Liber AL on grounds of Chapter III. Suggested a dirty type of Allah or Jehovah.

A child born June 28, 1904 was given as first name Nuit.

The Rich Man from the West may not be a sympathizer but a bitter opponent who does not understand what we are doing.

On Wonder

In New Orleans I had the Beatific Vision for about three weeks without stopping, and learned to contrast it with the Vision of Wonder which belongs to Binah. Beatific Vision takes any object of sense thought and rejoices in it as that. But the higher Vision of Wonder goes beyond all these objects. It contemplates the necessary relation between them and in so far as it can be said to have any in it at all it is that on Wonder at integrity with which things are fitted into each other. I found that the Buddhist instructions were highly unsatisfactory.

The question of Wonder. Crack saying. Naïve wonder- simplicity. Failure of naïve wonder- simplicity. Failure of naïve wonder. You sweat blood to state truth simply )e.g. Taylor) and it eludes. Then you perceive this as the essential vitality of the nature of things and get a real sense of wonder. The methodological method of science viz simplicity.

There was an old man on a roof

Who said I have absolute proof.

There was an old man on a roof

Who said I'm entirely aloof;

I cannot explain

What is wrong with my brain

But I feel I have absolute proof.

On the TAO

Elasticity of the way of the Tao. Perfect elasticity. Distinct from reaction. Right Action. Love under will. Classic of Purity. When any two substances come together there is a strain in the person in charge has lust of result forcing circumstances. A proper scientific experiment does not prejudge results. Therefore if the scientists once get to see that they are their own proper subjects for experiment they should get the way of the Tao without trouble. To beginners it seems a hell of a lot to learn. In fact all part on one binomial expansion.

On Invocation

Invoke Nuit. After struggle has died down one comes to a smoothness which would turn into rest which turns automatically into ecstasy. -Not obvious why, but that was the ecstasy of creation.

When 0 phase goes into the 2 phase with the pain of division. You know. Yes. That is what one has to look forward to. When all the irritations are stilled arises the creative genius and joy to produce the new universe.

You can use that formula on any scale you like. E.g. in reference to any experiment from Chemistry to Physics, human life, the Macrocosm. All the same. A universal magical formula.

On Rabelais

  1. Pantagruelion. Necessity for Abbey.
  2. Rules of Magic
  3. Oracle
  4. Dramatis Personae

The people Panurge consults.

The finding of Panurge.

Pantagruelion is the material basis of the magical energies, the substance into which you can put any magical energy you desire and will cause the desired result to appear in matter.

Range is Macroprosopus. Monk is gargantua's magical power. (Possibility) Panurge the Fool. The unconscious, complete innocence plus perfect devilment. Pantagruel, son of gargantua therefore adept.

Nature of a Mood

Define a mood as an eddy. Physiological. Analyze preceding few days. Worry. Fear of death. S. India. Result low level vitality. Naturally contemplate death. He analyzed this. One special thing confirmed by others. When such you do not fear death. The objection to death occurs when you are well or getting well. Suggest some sort of mystic safeguard to prevent animals going mad with terror. In spring when like dying I will get well if I can discover any reason. Found book on mind. When I began to get well the common fear of death recurred. Mixture of impatience and disgust at disposal of body- neatness complex. Why am I interested in this mess more than any other of equal size? Had got into habit of caring for it. Escaped from control. Method of Empedocles. Buddhist corpse meditation useful.

On Qabalah 2

The idea of the Crowned and Conquering Child is compatible with that of Justice. ה is א the Fool and Justice is ל. What is the letter of the Aeon of Horus? ו? No. מ suggests itself. The Hanged Man. Age of Isis is ד of ה. Innocence of child excludes idea of Justice. Working without lust of result, the spontaneity if the child nature. Necessity for Chesed and Tiphereth being joined by ה and no other. Charioteer must join Binah and Geburah. Geburah is energy. Binah the Understanding. The Holy Graal informs the Energy from the Understanding. Distinguish between ז -Gemini joining Binah to Tiphereth. Sympathy. All the Castor Pollux symbolism. No sacramental influence. Gets its information from Binah, intuition, inspiration, ect..

How Chokmah communicates with Chesed by path of ו. Taurus the Hierophant. Something sacramental. Chesed the paternal power, the authority of the mind. Tiphereth gets from Chokmah by path of ה, feminine Nuit-Star corresponds to sign of Aquarius the Water Bearer. Aquarius is an airy sign, the Kerub of the man. Hence its relation to humanitarianism. How does the True Will convey its orders to the consciousness? Through Aquarius and no other. And influence from Chesed-Tiphereth through the Path of י-Hermit-Virgo-Hermes. The authoritative part of the mind explains what it is doing through this messenger, Hermes. Yod is the spermatoza, the vehicle of the unconscious, very secret. Informs you of its decision in a supremely intelligent way and yet one which could not be explained. On the other side, Geburah, the energy of the mind, informs you of what it is doing-it in its turn having been ordered to act by Chesed through the path of ט, which represents the lordly force of the Son by means of Libra-Justice. This seems to imply that it feels the necessity of justifying its violence, feeling it has to prove to you that it has taken everything into consideration and judged rightly about it. The question now arises about Netzach-Yesod which are below Tiphereth. Shall we suppose that the force conveyed by נ, ס and ע respectively is in the reverse direction? Both currents are in motion. Netzach is the wish phantasm. Hod the conventional intellectual apprehension of the Universe. Yesod the formulation of the Ego as plastically determined by Netzach and Hod with the idea of reproducing itself not creatively. Scorpio is vibration and watery. This is why it leads to wish-phantasms. On the other side Capricornus the Devil, being a direct ecstatic outburst of the Ego, creates a point of view. The straightness of the Capricorn forces explain why a wish phantasm should be feminine and fascinating, while the "point of view," though equally illusory, is clean and free from emotion.

Tiphereth acts on Yesod through ס-Sagittarius, a Jupiterian force echoing the Jupiter of Chesed. It is the Paternal authority and power of creation expressed as a vector instead of a point. The Tarot trump is Temperance, illustrating the transmutation of Ego by Alchemy, with various pre about to balance. The Alchemist being the feminine Angel. (Note the Archer equals Diana equals Dianus equals Jupiter.) Thus this sign connects Jupiter and the Moon. It is therefore the proper sign for the Ego to reproduce itself in things reflected in lunar form by means of process of generation.

How is Hod influenced by Netzach? Path of פ. Very difficult.

How does Netzach affect Hod influence Yesod?
Through Tzaddi-Emperor, Aries, i.e. the wish phantasm imposes itself on the image through this illusion of divine right. It is very arbitrary. Hod influences Yesod through the path of ר which here represents the illusion of pride, vanity.

Influenced upon Netzach and Hod from Chesed and Geburah respectively. The former if the path of Jupiter, lord of fortune. This is easy. The authoritative part of the mind, its creative paternal force, determines the wish phantasm by a direct emanation of its own nature. The Wheel is, so to speak, his daughter. He manifests himself through the Wheel of Fortune, the three guanas which represent varieties chased by chance. Hence the -- is like a series of pictures thrown on a screen by a zoetrope. How does Gebruah influence Hod? מ. This means that the point of view is bound to necessity, as opposed to its voluntary determination by the wish of the Ego in Tiphereth through 8, the fact that this energy can only be translated into conscious perception by means of reflection i.e., the illusion of matter, and this involves the destruction of the pure energy. It looses its nature by being reflected in this way. Finally, we have Malkuth determined by this triple illusion, 7, 8, 9- Netzach, Yesod and Hod. It is the illusion which reflects these illusions through the path of ק-Pisces-Moon, sheer glamour, dream. The point of view imposes directly through ש, the Last Judgement, a fixed idea which might almost be called prejudice. Yesod communicated to it through the sphere of Saturn and Earth. The darkness of the Astral.

On Subjectivity

Any conscious thought is limited as to the degree of its validity by the possibility that the universe may be subjective. It is a part of my distress and curse as a Magus that I can't give a sanction of a higher order that applies to all propositions alike. Standard illustration. My conviction that I exist. There is no meaning the statement I do not exist. I think it will do me good to bathe in the sea tomorrow. Now you might be able to convince that I was wrong about that. I think it will not, ect.. In each case the statement begins with the words, "I think." For purposes of casual conversation as distinct from abstract analytical investigation, paraphrase "It seems to me that it will do me good." Nothing can ever strengthen that. The appearance of God himself to guide me to a decisive conclusion, even the demonstration that I should be violating the law, of contradiction to think otherwise would not take me out of the limitations expressed by "I think."

On Wish Phantasms

Believing that life is an illusion and caused by will, all phenomena may be interpreted as wish phantasms.

On Bishop Berkeley

A.C. : Tried to confute Berkeley by strong argument, is argument in a circle. In confuting him, I have cut away the ground from under my feet. Whatever I think or say can be paraphrased in terms of formal logic, i.e. as an equation which assumes the postulates of reason.

On Christianity 2

Christianity ruined Europe economically through the Crusades. It has always been the policy of Rome to destroy the strong through whatever means seems handy. At the present time, she is working to ferment disorder of every kind in every non-Catholic country in order to establish the syllogism whose conclusion is "Peace on earth, good will to all men depends on complete submission to Papal domination." It is never merely a question of heresy, the repulse of the direct attack. Rome follows the principle of Lao Tze in trying to nip in the bud any efforts of humanity to progress in any way, seeing only too clearly that if the race should in any direction from universal ignorance, servility and superstition, the Church is in danger. For this reason, it is not sufficient to muzzle the hyena. Huxley was absolutely right in saying that Rome would reestablish the Inquisition in its worst form if it could destroy every form of secular strength. She realizes the power of money and therefore against the Jews as such. Pretending to stand for social order, she encourages Kaiserism and Bolshevism impartially, seeing in their success a triumph of anarchy so intolerable that her disciples will be invited to come to the rescue. The Italian political situation at the moment illustrates this with singular lucidity. The Vatican tried to crush Mussolini, fearing his apparent strength. When he fell into the trap of accepting the symbols of power without constitutional support, Rome immediately shifted her ground and made him do what she wanted as the price of escaping immediate destruction.

Having got him entirely into her power, she disowned her own party, forbidding Ben Sforda to proceed with his program for restoring the temporal power. She knows that she is not strong enough to accept that power, in her own name. She prefers to govern in the name of bourgeois resistance to Bolshevism. When the moment arrives, she will abandon Mussolini, Italy will be plunged into anarchy and the pope will point out that social security is a function of ultramontanism. I have no doubt that the Batican is preparing a social revolution in Italy, hoping to escape destruction by posing as a political innocent, and alternatively acquiescing in the martyrdom of her priests as a means of regaining the sympathy of humanitarians.

There is only one means of counteracting this policy, which is to destroy the organization of the Romish Church, root and branch. Unless Christianity is wiped out once and for all and the next generation brought up in freedom from its intrigues, the Church will survive the social chaos as being the sole body armed with a single intelligible principle of action. Provided that we can destroy her at her headquarters, she will transfer them to America, which is already almost wholly in her power. She can flourish in the U.S.A. because of the ignorance and disorder which have resulted from the immigration of the scourings of the slums of Europe and the consequent unwieldiness of government. The American Constitution contemplated a semi-Taoistic regime, of independent States composed of homogenous units. This explains why the principle of Jefferson has become impracticable; when the crisis arose it was necessary to appoint a megalomaniac dictator. The disintegration of the Protestant Churches in America left America with no effective defense against Rome but Freemasonry. The Craft, powerful in Europe because of its devotion to a definite spiritual and ethical ideal, has become corrupt in America by its prostitution to business ambitions. Nevertheless, the ultimate struggle in the United States must be between Jesus Christ and Hiram Abiff. Freemasonry, having lost its moral sublimity, will disintegrate, and the entire political and social system will be involved in the crash. Rome will then be able to point to the catastrophe as an additional evidence that its own system of demanding that man should abdicate every form of independence is the only alternative to collapse. Rome's argument has always been that the French Revolution was a direct result of Voltaire, ect.. They already quote not only the French Revolution but the social disorganization of England which was the logical consequence of Henry VIII's breach with Rome. They even quote the Russian revolution as an indirect argument pointing to the same conclusion. Once the principle of despotic authority was given up, even when that authority is alien to themselves, communism must ensue. The principle of compromise represented by Kerensky and Liberalism generally breaks down in one direction or the other, either by the dissolution of all decency, or the rise of an arbitrary autocrat like Cromwell or Napoleon, whose power (being based on individual genius limited by the span of human life and not on a moral principle independent of periodic change) vanishes at the touch of time.

They even claim that the scrimmage of 1914 was the logical consequence of Luther's heresy. They brand the reformation as a sexual and intellectual rebellion in the sphere of morals and intellect. These arguments are formally irrefutable and therefore since their claim is an anachronism, the conclusion of the matter is that the sole way of escape for humanity is that it should accept a spiritual and moral principle adequate to the Zeitgeist. This principle is evidently the Law of Θελημα, since it satisfies the conditions of political necessity and is, at the same time, not repugnant to the present stage of human understanding.

On Qabalah 3

The four worlds, Yetz., Briah, ect..

World of Atziluth (or Archetypal) is the world of any idea as it is irrespective of condition (Kether). Briah (or the Creative world- Chokmah and Binah) gives this idea a philosophic form: Chokmah states its intention in the matter, and Binah gives an intelligible form to the principle. The Yetziratic world (Sephiroth 4-9), is the world of the Rauch, the Formative world. It shows this idea explained intellectually with reference to the varying conditions in which it is proposed to embody this idea in actuality (the sephiroth being so numerous). They represent the plastic possibilities. The world is formative in the sense in which a sculptor puts a bit of clay here and takes it off there. The world of Assiah (the Material world) shows the reflection of this idea in a fixed form. The formative world is shifting so that its images are half-formed faces. Only when the Rauch has become steady, when the form of the idea has been fixed intellectually, is it possible for a concrete image to appear. The formation of these material images are necessary consequences of the Creative world.

On Incarnation 2

The current is too strong to appear in any one people continuously. No two important reincarnations in the same race. Frenchman, North African, (?Italian) Dutch, Italian, German, South East Europe. Edward Kelly (Welsh or Irish).

A Limerick

Nemo repente fuit turpitziessimus

A supper in sinking a well shaft

Was stricken by death in a shelfshaft;

But Hindenburg said,

"Much better dead;"

Cadaver werening Gessellshaft.

On Indifference

We carry out our experiments without the reference to the welfare of our bodies. This is explained by Dumas. It explains the lines:

(In bed with a bitch.)

This is a condition of good work somehow. Impossible to do good work if you're worried by conditions of health and fortune. Dumas contrasts Balsamo with Althotas. Althotas is very anxious to get Elixir of Life prepared and to prolong his days. Balsamo seems rather careless about it and is reproached for not looking after the old man better. Althotas talks about the callousness of youth, yet in reality Balsamo has lived for many more years than Althotas. He shows the contrast between the two policies, that of clinging to earth and that of being independent of it.

No Nonsense 1

Victor Neuberg, Lewis Carroll. Nonsense a positive thing. Not sufficient to derange sense. So difficult to write because it is perfect symbol of the Universe. Trance called "Universal Joke." Universe is supreme example of nonsense. See chapters in the Book of Lies. Freud and Bergson's book on laughter. Good Hunting. Original Joke is scaring the baby.

On Irony

Americans cannot understand irony because they have no background of truth. For an irony to be understood, it must be certain to the hearer that the ostensible sense is not to be taken, and if you haven't got a background of truth, you cannot tell that.

You make a statement so extravagant that its evident meaning lies behind the words. We might define irony as a means of conveying a truth by a means of a falsehood, and the amusement connected with it is perhaps due to an appreciation of the wit and skill necessary to couch the truth in so incongruous a fashion.

On Lust of Result

Always anxious to be successful but would never take a reward. Degree, Mountaineering, Chess, Poetry. When I can see the way to success, I drop it. Result is that from the point of view of outside world, I seem to have failed in everything I have undertaken. I am content with the knowledge that I am capable, This is a subconscious thing. Got on well because I made such a gorgeous picture of what I should get. Then stopped it. Necessary to work an illusion. Writers spoiled. Become slaves to public and publishers. Always to do the thing for its own sake. Happiness in biological sense is free action of faculties. This spoilt if you take edge off ecstasy by typing oneself down to the grosser forms of illusion. Prize fighter. Begins by just enjoying the scrap. When successful becomes prey of a backer, ect.. Has to fight when he doesn't want to fight in the least. His lust of result really ruins his happiness, self respect, self contentment. He is no longer doing the thing for its own sake, not acting freely in fact. Happiness is acting freely and fully without other consideration. Refusal to accept as a method.

On Complexes

Different senses according to context ---.. a khu is a complex. All individuals are one in a sense. Your Hadit is not different from mine. Love of Keats in not a complex. But hate of Keats is so. The Black Brother as an absolute compels, a complete knot in continuity; shuts himself up. Resist the straight.

Individual existences maintained against the law of spiritual gravitation. Neschamah necessary to understand this. From the point of view of the Great Work replacing the Rauch by Neschamah. In what way does Neschamah enter in consciousness? Lewis Carroll Neschamic. Nonsense rhymes. Why the fascination? In indicates a truth that is unsusceptible by being stated in intellectual language. Get the Alice in Wonderland books. Ultimately, we get unanalyzable ideas which must simply be accepted as self-intelligible or unknown. Therefore, intelligible is the mother of the intellectual, the dark womb from which that child came. Do not attempt to reduce the sphere of this intelligible but to expand it. Identify consciousness with these ultimates. Poetry of the best type stimulates your Neschamah.

On the Perfection of Malkuth

The whole of one's conduct of life depends on a proper understanding of the point raised in Chapter 4, verse 5 of Liver LXV. Not limiting Malkuth. Error is to regard one's own Nephesh as somehow important. The difference is to oneself in a disembodied state. The solution lies in perfection of development of the Astral body. In man. Unable to do astral visions. Harder you try the more difficult in mental things. The force of the imagination as the square of the will.

On Lies

Reason is a lie. A lie is a double statement instead of a single one.

On the Marriage Question

In Θελημα all states of life are equally honorable.

On Mutation

There are small differences in the conduct of a woman which make her psychology almost unintelligible to man. She thus furnishes a hint of what monsters may exist if we only change the anatomical structure very slightly. We can therefore imagine an infinite number of orders of being. This sort of analysis leads directly to the Abyss but in a rather bad sense. It is very dangerous to invoke the Devil.

On the Aeon

We are in an experimental stage. As soon as all the forces are successfully brought into connection with each other the result can only be smash (a draw as chess). Deadlock in chess an analogy of the whole course of a Manvantra.

On Nonsense 2

"Aught stands for nothing." One should be sufficiently master of circumstances to write poetry in any condition whatever, this is evidence of mastery.

Sick Man's Fancy

My mind wanders back through long years to a ver y brilliant, talented girl that I once knew. One of her pet sayings was, "Give your best to the world and the world will give its best back to you." She was not a finished artist and she did not get all she wanted from giving what she thought her best, and so she tried to sell it her sixth best. The result was that the world gave her pretty well its worst. The poor old world, vampire that she is, is starving for the life blood of a man which must be squeezed out with suffering, distilled and quintessentialized, and when that is done, she is no niggard of reward.

An Example of Prophecy

Some years from now I am walking with Leah along St. John's street towards Trinity. I am dressed in a rather rusty black frock coat and tall silk hat. I am limping slightly. A rather smarting looking British youth approaches in a Trinity Scholar's gown. I raise my hat politely to him. He thinks I want to ask him something and stops and returns my greeting very respectfully. I, still with my hat lifted, bow slightly and say, "My congratulations." He stares. I add pontifically, "Young man, you will go far." I then Proceeded. The incident stuck deeply in my mind. I watched his surprise in very minute detail. His mind is gradually flooded with waves of pride and pleasure, and by the time he has Sidney Street, he is all aglow and blushing.

He either knew or found out who I was and recorded it in his memoirs which he wrote after he became Lord Chancellor as a genuine example of my prophetic power. Can you give me the solution of the story? I had gone up to Cambridge to revel in old memories and to show Leah the place. Recognizing the gown, I was reminded of how we used to despise scholars in those days in our stupid, snobbish ignorance. I therefore thought I would make a point of giving a magical gesture symbolic of my subsequent enlightenment. "Congrats" meant that I recognized him as the visitor of a very large number of different kinds of fights ---.. I then thought I would perpetuate what O.P.V. calls as impish freak and bewilder the young man by prophesying his success in life, which was, of course, a reasonable forecast, given the gown on one hand and his good personal appearance and manner on the other.

On The Book of the Law 3

Catastrophic aspects of Liber AL. Civilization overwhelmed shortly by a calamity as a past civilization. Mechanism. Balance of town and country lost. Sterility of France. Not enough people doing the peasant work to give the town people the power to live their artificial life.

Note: the yokel dissatisfies by all, of town, as --- by education and the cinema. Why "island?" Because population cannot increase beyond definite limit. Therefore the plainest common sense is to make love in all sorts of sterile ways. Fuel insufficient.

On Venus and Luna

I want you to realize the difference between ♀ and the ☽ - Confusion is the source of much misunderstanding. ☽ is tripartite, the pure Virgin, the Mother of the Hag. She is not in any sense connected with Sexual love, even in the second stage. Remember ☽ is the Senses and the common people. Note her relation to ☉ contrasted with ♀' relation to ♂. Contrast the children of ♀ and ☽ Bacchus with the twins. Even at their highest points, ♀ and ☽ are distinguishable. The quality of ecstasy is different, ☽ is much more spiritual and material. The Nun and the sexless prostitute are ☽. ♀ rises of Romance and sinks to debauchery: ☽ is always single-minded and pure in the true sense of the words. With ♀ there is always much poetic illusion. ☽ illusion, or rather glamour, is much more complete. Note ☽ on the Tree of Life as Binah, path of ג, Yesod and Malkuth with influence in paths of ♉, ♋ and ♓. ♀ is the path of ד, the Netzach with influence on ♉ and ♓ as points of contact, discriminating carefully between them as just those points.

On the Book of the Law 4

Puritanism of Liber AL. End of Chapter I, verse 42.

Chapter II, verse 70. End of chapter I, verses 51 and 52.

In this and several other places there is evident implication that righteousness is more necessary than ever before. It is one of the paradoxes of initiation that the higher one goes, the greater the freedom one obtains, but the more important is it to coordinate the motions of that freedom.

Obviously the more opportunities of action one has, the more chance is there of unwittingly creating internal conflict, e.g. Kelvin's Presbyterianism- if he had analyzed himself fully, he would have found his science incompatible with his religion. Doubtless the concealed antinomy hampered him. Such troubles do not threaten men of comparatively limited freedom, Hottentots, Arch-bishops, ect..