Latent Magical Powers


written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The purpose of this article is to bring to the attention of the aspirant a basic exercise and method to carefully observe the change in Temple Energy; and to make an attempt to unveil what has manifested by the years or weeks of magical work. By now, you should of already be familiar with the Master Therion's instruction on the knocks; and I'll begin my illustration and presentation by elaborating on a basic experiment using them.

When you have developed your clairvoyance so you can basically partake of the essence of material objects; I would experiment with the four weapons how the knocks are effecting your consciousness. The Wand is the symbol of the Will; and the Lamp is the symbol of the Divine Light. Therefore; a definite change in aura, consciousness and energy should be particularly noted when you knock once upon your Lamp. Your magical record should be close at hand for such a series of experiments. Tile and Banish your Temple firstly and begin.

I have struck once upon my Lamp with my Wand. Immediately the Temple has changed. I went from the passive indifferent waiting to a consciousness whereby I felt the urge of my volition to aspire to a higher force; where I consciously seek an answer to my personal evolution; where I aspire to partake of the essence of a higher entity; to grasp a plane of existence that is consistent with the Next Step for myself. As the sound of the knock echoes into the aethyr I observe that entities are attracted to the outskirts of my circle; and I recite my special License to Command/Depart whereof I take control of my environment; and continue to build my "helpers" or my legion of demons, devils, spirits and ghosts to assist my attempt to move forth with control on so many planes of existence.

The experiment continues. This time I shall strike once upon the altar with my dagger and call a spirit to give me wisdom. What have I done? The altar symbolizes my offering of aspiration unto the higher; and the dagger is the symbol of air; my weapon of battle but also a weapon that controls the spirits; whether they be the ruach or the spirits of the wind. Once again, the aura of my Temple changes with this sublime knock; and a Spirit appears and before he tries to speak I use the banishing air upon him. He becomes more defined; and speaks. "In the garment of mystic tone the winds sooth the Master's soul". I send the spirit away; and pause to meditate upon the mystical event that led the spirit to impart this message to me. The spirit sees me as an Entity that is using mystic tones to communicate with nature; and in this case I had used my dagger to strike the altar carefully observing the change in the Temple's aura and energy. Naturally, this alerted spirits on other planes who were curious on my call to battle to affirm my aspiration to the highest.

I cannot often emphasize that whatever you do in your Temple with knocks, gestures and ceremony does accumulate over time; and you will eventually reach a point where an experiment such as the above will greatly benefit your understanding on what you have become capable of; although you know not what you can do until you have actually experimented to see for yourself.

You seek magical powers? Well, you may of already developed them from your years of daily practices; and you simply have moved too long as a robot doing those same practices over and over again to see what has really developed within you.

Clearly, latent magical powers cannot be brought to the surface that you already have unless you devise such an experiment to see what you are already capable of. This experiment gives you a magical link to bridge this mystery; and gives you a chance to discover them.

The above experiment is the beginning of the breaking of mold; the movement forth that you set in stone shattered as you arise as a magician who will improvise your magick in your daily life. Of course, whether you've been practicing magick two weeks or two years the experiment will other wise show you what effects your efforts are having on the aura of your immediate environment; and in this case we are in our private Temple.

You must meditate on this; and realize that magick does not cease when you leave your private Temple; and is actually used on whatever pavement or ground you may walk.

It's a terrible state of affairs, don't you know, when you suddenly discover that you can open a doorway into another dimension or change yourself into a Hawk; and that you've had this power for years; and did not know it!

Love is the law, love under will