The Dawn of Magick


Written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Before beginning a synopsis of this theory let me first state that I do not necessarily agree that Charles Darwin's theory of evolution is complete. I challenge scientists to prove that the following theory of evolution is either more valid or should be given serious consideration of being assimilated. Selection as Darwin set down his theories creates a more efficient animal, granted, but it does not necessarily create an intelligent life form that can balance perception on many planes of existence.

My theories on magick and cave man are now outlined for the world to ponder. Let scientists in all walks of life be challenged by a new perception which if even partially proved correct will change the direction of scientific research and evolution forever.

No doubt, a cave man who had clairvoyance would be alerted to danger quicker than the cave man who did not and therefore would survive. Yet proof of the existence of clairvoyance itself is still viewed as mere superstition. My essay on MAGICK AND MACHINES was not only meant as a warning but an inspiration to others to continue scientific research along the lines of magick. Apparently, I have not as yet been able to make clear my point of its importance to the proper people.

I must further point out, no other members of the animal kingdom evolved into the equivalent of homo sapiens. My theories of early man's use of magick seems to be the only factor that can reasonably support such rapid evolution.

I am deducing from the present how the distant past looked. This theory may only be proved by magicians (who are also scientists) who have stepped upon and gained initiation on the Western Esoteric Path. I realize this statement may be viewed on with extreme disenchantment. Yet the fact remains that the lens must be made clear before the specimen can be viewed clearly on the microscope. How can a profane see anything such as this when initiation has not occurred. I present this theory knowing that very few scientists are formally trained in magick.

In the dawn of time, when man was not yet man, meaning his ruach, nephesh and neshemah had not yet been altered by racial initiation man-creature lived in the caves to avoid the predators. He drew sigils, coherent and incoherent in the sand, the rock and on animal skin. In time, a man-creature created a drawing of an animal. No one can say whether this drawing was in the dirt, sand, animal skin or cave wall. All we can deduce that the motive for the drawing was a product of hunger or desire or even idle play. Herein was the beginning of talismanic magick. The deer ( we'll say for hypothesis sake) was drawn in the dirt to make that deer appear in the hunt. Of course, the man-creature would focus on the deer, kill the deer and bring it home. The man-creature would come home to the cave, see the picture of the deer, look at the deer he had captured and killed. He would be very pleased that his new strong magick had worked. Of course, the man-creature had no way of knowing that the forest was filled with deer and it wasn't the deer he had drawn but his skill as a hunter. Nevertheless, the man-creature REPEATED it thinking it was working. And he did this and other forms of magick over THOUSANDS, perhaps millions of years.

The hunter had become the sorcerer using his magick to get his prey. Now lets go 50,000 years further in time. (once again, we do not know that it was 50,000 years, it may of been more. Yet we can deduce thousands of years of primitive magick in many directions established a difference in the manner which the man-creature viewed the planes of perception.) Now consider of this, if you repeat something often, the general rule is you will become good at it. In fact, you will develop "byways" or pathways within your being to make it occur to perfection. (The game of pool is impossible for the novice and a matter of warming up for the expert) Therefore it is no longer a matter of whether magick is real, the question is how many times do I have to repeat the ritual before I acquire that knack and the energy begins to flow. How many thousands of years did man-creature do magick over and over and over? What changes did this create in his being?

The man-creature had become a homo sapiens with the same basic environment. Why did the man-creature evolve and not other creatures around him? Why does the man-creature no longer need all fours?

My deduction has no other logic to follow. The use of magick by the man-creature made him evolve into another species. We call that species today the homo sapiens. Intriguing how initiation and evolution are exchanged as concepts. For it is true. Man-creature created a talisman that developed a dramatic ritual, that of himself creating the scenario of succeeding in his hunt, energizing it and following through with it. The abstraction of symbol manifested into the plane of disk reality. The abstraction of two realities created the union of energy that began the early ruach. Neshamah was created by the man-creature thanking the Gods by looking up. The man-creature was manifesting energy by the talismanic magick and looking upward to see if the energy wasn't a gift from the Gods. The man-creature's polarity shifted when trying to attune upward to stellar radiation and to tap into his Gods. This manifested energy made man begin to walk upright. This would mean what we have named "Kundalini" is a left over manifestation of excess energy from that very process of evolution that our distant ancestors experienced with the Great Initiation of evolving into homo sapiens.

I further profess that magick will evolve homo sapiens into the next species.

I call upon scientists who have studied and practiced magick from the point of view of "the method of science" to study the above theories as a unique and important direction of research.

Love is the law, love under will