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Working on new Tarot Deck. Secret Holy Task for Frater Sphinx

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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Worship be unto Our Lady BABALON! For in wild delight of Her revelry, not every drop of that wine of humanity decanted for her delight falleth into Her Cup which alone holdeth the Blood of All Saints.

Unassailable broods the Sphinx in the shadow of the Castle-Tower, which is the Pyramid in the Mouth of the vast desert, which are the likeness, in graven stone, of the Orgy of Lust of Our Lady and the Beast She rideth.

Aye, though Her spilth fall upon her Copious Bosom, or is lapped by that Seven Headed Beast, Her Mount, therefrom, or is ground into the dust at Their feet by convulsion of Their Coition, is not one drop thereof lost, nor polluted, but does it fertilize the black earth.

Need we again admonish the Child and the profane that though those Saints, each a TEITAN in their Will and Daring and Knowledge and Silence trod the Glory Road, they trod that ye, even Ye might exceed them thereon, and that was the meaning of all their Lives and all their Deaths, that peradventure your eyes, which are their very own, would find these words and that your blood, which is their very own, would stir with that yearning that is your birthright?

Thus, fret not thyself, o vinter, of the shape of that Cup borne Her by Ganymede, nor fear it overfull. Reckon, neither, of the vintages of seasons past, however full shone the sun in that sweet summer of thy youth, though they will never come again. Till thee thy soil and wisely sating the hamadryad of thy fields with the libations of thy tender caring, and wisely pruning her vines in their season.

Worship be unto Our Lady BABALON! For though She be indeed the very Waters themselves, yet is her thirst never to be sated, though with all the peoples, and multitudes, and nations and tongues thereof unto the Aeons be She intoxicated. Now, as then, calls She for More! Yea, calls She for More

Love is the law, love under will