Joining the Order

Aleister Crowley

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Your interest in Magick should be the Dawn of a New Life. Determine now to rise above the deadly level of morality: to fit yourself to raise your fellow-men from that abasement:

to learn the Mysteries of Esoteric Magick:

to master the Art of Living ("Magick " Cap. XI., par. I.):

to attain to the highest powers, the deepest wisdom, by the development and guidance of the Will, with full control of body and mind, and of those secret faculties which are still unknown to any but Initiates:

to enjoy the fullness of experience, the increasing ripeness of Age, with the perpetual energy of Youth :

to join the selfless Brotherhood of purified and chosen souls:

to partake of every Secret, every Sacrament of Nature:

to learn to prepare, and to employ to the fullest advantage, the Elixer of Life :

("Magick" Cap. XX)

to aid the Master Therion in His Great Work, the establishment of the Law of Θελημα.

Your first step will be to write us.

For A∴A∴ or Society Ordo Templi Orientis