The Greater Feast of the Master Therion

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

For those interested in the Greater Feast (Thelemic for "death") of the Master Therion this is what was passed on to me.

The Master Therion was feeling ill and He called his physician, Dr. William Brown Thomson. The Doctor arrived and completed his examination of Our Beloved Magus. He then coldly gave his callous estimation:

"You have been using Morphine in excessive amounts, and I am going to withdraw your Morphine prescription."

The Master Therion replied, "If you do that, the pain will kill me! And if I die, you will follow me within 24 hours. I swear it by the great spirit Taphthartharath!"

The Morphine prescription was withdrawn. The Master Therion died. The doctor died 18 hours later, apparently of "natural causes". An article that related this incident appeared in a British Newspaper called the Daily Express on December 4, 1947 e.v.

Patricia MacAlpine who looked after the Master Therion was an eye witness and present during the death of the Master Therion. According to Patricia "Deirdre" MacAlpine's testimony, the Master Therion remained bedridden for the last few days of his life, but was in light spirits and conversational. She claims that the window was open, and that when he died, thunder sounded and a strange wind blew through the room. Her account mentions no doubt at the end as others have attempted to state in the various yellow journals that have come and gone. On the contrary, the only account that would be acceptable would be Patricia MacAlpine, the mother of Aleister Crowley's son Aleister Ataturk, and she stated that the day on which the Master Therion died (being December 1, 1947 e.v.):
"he was very calm, but at the moment of his death, a gust of wind caught the curtains in his room and a pearl of thunder was heard as if it was the Gods greeting him."
One liar claimed that he stated "I am perplexed" before he died; which is in absolute contradiction to Patricia MacAlpine's testimony who loved and cared for him; and would not lie nor have any reason to lie about his last moments.

Love is the law, love under will

(Footnote from David Bersson):The yellow journalist who stated that the Master Therion said "I am perplexed" was John Symnonds. To read Karl Germer's estimation of John Symnonds go here:
Karl Germer's statement about John Symnonds