The Way of the Dao

  1. Black part of Malkuth.
    Candidate fasts in perfect darkness & silence for 24 hours.
  2. Olive do.
    C. bathes. He is given cool foods & wines. He reads the chapters appropriate and meditates upon the Universe as Water, according to the doctrines of Anaximander (or whoever it was).
  3. Russet do.
    C. in heat. He eats spicy foods & wines. He reads chapters of Fire & meditates on the Universe as Fire as said Anaxagoras & Empedocles.
  4. Citrine do.
    C. in open air, preferably on a mountain. He contemplates Universe as air.
  5. He then goes through the 0° = 0 ceremony simplified but not altogether purged.
  6. He meditates again in darkness & silence, fasting.
  7. He returns to his normal life for a day.
  8. Jesod
    He meditates on the Universe as Generation.
  9. He studies profoundly the System
  10. of Correspondences.
    He imagines himself as the God
  11. Shu, supporting the fabric of
  12. the Universe. To this end a
  13. heavy globe is bound upon his back.
    These practices alternate during the week.
  14. He returns again to the world.
  15. Hod
  16. With the aid of a teacher he
  17. continues to master the Table of
  18. Correspondences & prepares the
  19. necessary rituals, talismans &c. for the
  20. great invocation of Netzach.
  21. He retires into the world.
  22. Netzach
  23. During these 7 days he desperately seeks to invoke God to visible appearance by the rituals of Art.
  24. Again he rests in the world. (N.B. During these days of so-called rest he must strenuously fight against any thoughts of initiation, memory or hope.)
29 - 30. The Ritual is performed as laid down by D.D.S. &c. in the Book.
35. The day of rest.
36. He meditates upon the Harmony of all Things
37. upon the Death of Christ & Osiris & on any convenient
38. day passes through the 5° = 6 ritual modified duly.
39. He must seek to reconcile in one harmonious symbol all the antinomies.
40. He must think of all things soever with love, especially his own dead body.
41. He must seek to perceive Beauty in all things, again with reference to his body.
42. He again resteth.
43 - He practiseth Pranayama, only ceasing from exhaustion.
48. The Brother will see that this is done. Scourging, vigils, and feasts are applied.
He is made to eat highly seasoned foods, & has as little water as may support life.
49. On this day he resteth not, seeing it is the Path of the Lion.
He shall triumph in his strength. (? a Ritual of 6° = 5 )
50 - Here in perfect ease and delight among his friends (the Brethren
55. of the Order if possible) he shall learn to reject them & all things. He shall offer up all that he hath, if so be he may somehow attain. He shall talk with his teacher concerning the reason & shall perform the holy meditation which refuteth the same, and go through a fire ritual.
56. Again he resteth not, seeing that there is no Path. He shall sign away all his property, give his wife & children or all that he holdeth dear to another or to death: he shall take off all his clothes and plunge from a height into a certain black waterpool. He shall further reject the desire of initiation.
57 - Drawn from the water he shall sit in silence and darkness with
63. love and lamentation, thus destroying the ego in the Non-ego.
64 - He shall now destroy the pairs of opposites, thus destroying the
70. ego in the ego.
70 - Saying ever Hua allahu alazi laillaha il Hua he shall abide in
77. the Supreme bliss of Samadhi, thus destroying the ego in Hua.
78. He shall withdraw himself into the Abyss of annihilation.


V.V.V.V.V. 8° = 3

This is to be worked out with infinitely greater detail.