The Universe is alive!

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Previous to this essay it has been as rare as chicken’s teeth to have a thesis title that either scares fools, bewilders intellectuals, makes the conspiracy theorist hide under the bed; or gives false hope to the monotheist. Also, worthy to mention shall be hearing the horrid screams of the astrophysicist using such words as “pseudoscience”. Of course, cosmic consciousness might seem to be by a few the delusion of the western master; and to many the false claim of the eastern guru but only experience can really verify what I am about to proclaim. In my own defense, I can state that initiation will verify but I already know that this will do little to ease the strain of what will seem to be impossible perceptions. Rather a controversial habit, don’t you think? Where I’m always stirring things up!

It is with very little danger that I will reveal any magical secrets in this lecture. I can, however, give you what I have decided needs to be revealed for the good of the Order. I won’t go into what a “yew type” M.T. implies but will adhere to the official format of taking each Oath and Task; and fulfilling it to the satisfaction of upper Hierarchy; whether they exist on this or that plane; and not necessarily existing entirely on the physical plane. Nor will I go into any hypothetical proclamations of skeptics who state without experience that the immediate superior in the Hierarchy is no longer needed after the knowledge and conversation in Tiphareth. After all, at Adept Major we have an apparently contradictory view of the magical powers where in the early grades they were leaks; and now we have a duty to use the magical powers formally at that Grade.

You might state that the Adept Major is slowly assimilating such experiences where he knows that eventually his thesis must be presented at Adept Exempt where its outline is not clearly defined until he fulfills the Oath and Task of Adept Major. My advice to the Adept Major might seem to be in contradiction to the Neophyte whose experience with magical powers are simply leaks in the aura. Yet, Liber V done over decades seals and creates a balance of opposites where you will not necessarily be led into these confusions of the planes with regards to the initiated interpretation of the magical powers at Adept Major. I’ll try not to shock the Neophyte by apparent surface contradictions on one school of thought with the other. The Zelator will have a better time of it; but let us not digress too much concentrating on the real message.

Brace yourself. I am about to expound a perspective that will have contradictions depending on what Grade you are. This is not the secrets of the universe; it is the universe that you have created.

I would hint that even those who haven’t bothered with Liber Nu and Liber Had can comprehend that the microcosm is an exact mirror of the macrocosm therefore you can read one and understand the other; at least from the perspective of experience. Ironically, its inaccuracy is as accurate as its accuracy for you cannot know beyond what you’ve developed but what you’ve developed is the whole of your Law. Or in other words; you’ve assimilated enough data to have a overall lens but that lens must follow the rules of Hadit unto Nuit; or you will view a stagnant universe rather than a living universe. Truth therefore exists with reason being a lie; and the only safe and true supernal from the perspective of the aspirant with his limited lens is to attempt balances where the only truth is the truth that has a contradiction within itself. From that perspective all the magical secrets are only experiences – completely guarded naturally whether you perceive them as inertia or an actual lion in the way. I’ll give you what I decide you are worthy of balanced by “mystery is the enemy of truth”. The “slaves of because” do not understand how important it is to realize that the Magus is the prophet in Liber AL; and you know what it commands in Liber AL, Chapter I, verse 32.

I am stating that the Universe is a living thing.

The key to this magical secret (or experience) is the word “thing”. As a consequence of this; the Universe is what we make it only in so far as we follow the rules of the Aeon. Indeed, simply read ONE STAR IN SIGHT where the work of the Magus is to create a new universe in accordance with His Will. The Magus is the Master of the Law of Change.

The most efficient balance shall be the preliminary meditation on the microcosm and macrocosm. Yet, in this particular Aeon we are perceiving this through the lens of Hadit unto Nuit. How the Universe is perceived in the Aeon of Maat will be a consequence of those rules of manifestation and phenomenal existence worked out as the Great Work for this Aeon by those who have truly attained, not only the Knowledge and Conversation but actually alignment with the plans of the Secret Chiefs. I suppose such magical links of what must occur might be already worked out by the Secret Chiefs. I wouldn’t know not being a Secret Chief. Yet, I am sufficient to know that a strong possibility exists that it will occur in this manner. Whatever you do or add to the New Aeon does have accumulated effects and the giant’s shoulders you once sat on as you become the giant future aspirants shall sit upon your shoulders. That is, if you’ve followed through with your Great Work to the highest initiation you’re capable of in your lifetime.

That age old solution to the issue of the impact of infinite where the human mind has no way of avoiding insanity has been clarified by identifying a human factor into the equation of infinite possibility by the concept of Nuit.

Hadit, as the concentrated point of aggregated experienced, again, resolves the issue of insanity with the advanced perception of the balance of microcosm we have to assimilate what was formerly a path to certain insanity at the overwhelming data. This explains what the abyss really is; and how the official text of the Babe of the Abyss (Liber 333) gives coordinates as a tool for the Exempt Adept growing in the womb of the mother - the natural growth of the child. I suppose a future aspirant might naturally awaken a tool not unlike Liber 333 to survive the Abyss but right now we have do have one tool and official text so coordinates might be presented on what we have named crossing the abyss. To give an idea how the process of Liber 333 resolves issues of the voices of the abyss you are given coordinates in each Chapter with commentary where the voices of the abyss are presented with equilibration. Whatever voices of the abyss that would naturally speak at you personally that would counter the natural growth of the child are countered by the specialized selected voices of the abyss with very real resolutions. This explanation on how Liber 333 really is an official text of the babes of the abyss may not be such a comfort if you are idle and stupid taking the oath of the abyss before you are ready.

I have brought up this before but it is so important to reiterate that the Crossing of the Abyss may be done on two planes, that of the ruach and that of nephesh, which are treated respectively in Liber Os Abysmi and Liber Cheth. I am warning you not to take the oath of the abyss until you are ready; whereas a study and practice of these two documents are the work of the Exempt Adept. Nevertheless, they should be studied throughout the Grades in seriousness of preparations.

From other perspectives the magical operations of Priest and Priestess do create magical children where they might have greater ease with the Chesed to Binah crossing of the abyss. Again, experience is your watchword and we are a long way from such concentrated efforts with so few high initiates in existence. A physical child born in Yesod might be possible in the future but right now we’ve only scratched the surface with the future of sex magick that creates a magical child. The novel “Moonchild” by A.C. might be a start of its advanced high magick but only a few people exist that truly know the processes to improve the secrets that will eventually be unveiled with these processes. Sex magick is yet evolving and the more you do, the more you can do.

I will state that modern science is constantly being observed to see if the information is useful for us. I have shocked a few academics stating that some of the science you observe today will become obsolete with the method of science and the aim of religion where the magical powers are exercised in ways that simply haven’t occurred to the mundane scientist who really doesn’t know what is important for the natural evolutionary wave of the New Aeon. The full impact of this truth will only be apparent to those highest type of intellect who do not ignore the inner universe where concentrating so heavily on the science of the outer universe and its telescopes miss the boat on priorities. It is inevitable that We will eventually take the reins of the future of science with the careless tutelage and lack of discipline that exists for modern scientists who exist on such a low plane of existence. Don’t believe Me, of course or even laugh at me. Yet, the truth should be apparent that those who have made it to the mountain know how life really is in the valley. Or to put it another way. If you exist on a higher plane of existence as a consequence of initiation you know magically what to do with an accuracy where the arrow of evolution makes it swiftly to a very real goal.

Love is the law, love under will