Ideas that inspire

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

So then, shall we discuss the issue of ideas crossing over to extremist revolution? After all, politics and religion has actually had a history where war and inquisition has resulted in such poorly chosen decisions. Do you think that it is inevitable that extremist revolution will occur only to overlook the wisdom of social evolution in your Great Work to present the glory of your movement? This problem isn’t anything new to history; and yet its dispersion does keep hindering our behavior where we permit such nonsense to overcome the glory of slow and careful deliberations. A discussion on how much more efficient ideas and social evolution carefully presented in lecture shall be to avoid crossing the line to the stupidity of extremist revolution has become, once again, imperative to meditate on with no little depth.

It is the work of the thesis to present the ideas that will assist the aspirant to see the glory of the Path. In Our presentations we offer the type of lecture that would show the wisdom of our path where we emphasize the awakening of the True Self as a means where spiritual enlightenment does not rationalize away the truth of what the True Will dictates. The process can be slow and tedious where we emphasize the seriousness of a real aspirant who follows out the ordeals and emerges with a very real change that we label initiation. It takes many essays to give proper commentary where we build a school of thought as a new byway to avoid any errors that might be encountered along the way.

Although this sums it up briefly it should be brought to the immediate attention of the aspirant that to cross the line from the ideas that present the glory of the path in the civilized form of social evolution to extremist revolution must be strictly avoided. We have learned from the insanity of the eastern esoteric path of spiritual enlightenment where the martial arts isn’t balanced by the ancient eastern wisdom where endless brutality in theater has dominated and corrupted the path. We have learned from the type of politics that moves from social evolution and freedom of the citizen to extremist revolution and genocide. We have learned from the type of lecturer that tries to change our path toward an elimination of our aspiration to bring the method of science to the aim of religion to some common fad that contradicts our method of training. We have observed how the ego reacts to those successful with their aspirations who follow out the issues of the Oaths and Tasks compared to those who ideas have no basis with experience and have not given pragmatic advice but become liars and traitors in their attempt to keep their ego; and ignore the truth of those who try to instruct.

Apparently what we have learned with regards to protocol yet will be ignored by those whose ideas have no body with no initiation and have become sidewalk philosophers whose insight is dormant from allowing their volition to be pacified by any number of psychological compromises. In a word, they have forgotten themselves in their dive into the stagnant waters of herd mentality where they lead the blind over the cliff or the herd into battles that disturb the careful social evolution where real civilization awakens. My only real request is for you to observe carefully; and do not permit fanaticism, conspiracy theory, political maneuvers, scammers, and anyone at all to sway you from thinking as you will rather than become a slave without a master.

Progressive education in the Ivy League schools have committed atrocities. Extremist religion arises to murder the innocent. Mystical minds move from the glory of ideas to a path where we are actually persecuted unnecessarily. The warning from these issues have very real parallel where have moved from noble ideas to improve our lives and awaken our True Self to directions where the original lessons of spiritual enlightenment or political aspirations are left behind as we swing wildly at inner demons instead of learning self control and proper decisions based on ideas presented that have a truth in the supernal and a use in daily life.

The recent invasion of the White House by savages who permitted noble ideas to move to extremist revolution did parallel the invasion of the Russian aristocracy in 1918 e.v.. It did not succeed, fortunately, where the karma was on the side of preservation of noble ideas over a reiteration of such a deterioration where had it succeeded would of meant the overthrow of our Government. Instead of the ideas deteriorating into further savagery as it occurred in Russia where the elimination of a 300 year old aristocracy led to communistic protocol when it occurred at the White House justice prevailed where it failed in Russia. Here in the USA those culprits were brought to justice where we could carefully gauge the cause and effect of the entire event. An excellent example where ideas deteriorated to savagery for us to observe not to permit such outrages in civilized behavior be our undoing.

I have warned everyone that the ideas must not deteriorate when you take a Class A document literally but explain that it has truth on more than one plane of existence. You cross the line if you do not heed this warning; and persecution of us will occur.

Many years ago I warned all my brother and sister Thelemites that if the ideas ceased with true aspiration disaster would occur. I told everyone that they would eventually come for us, bad people, who would stop at nothing. They smiled and shrugged their shoulders. After all, what was this brother actually observing who couldn’t possibly have insight into the future? All those who ignored my warning either drifted away or failed but I am that I am who will once again, warn everyone that caution with regards to crossing the line from ideas should be repeated to all initiates.

How curious that I observe these patterns of history with dripping blood over the pages of history where others act like it will not occur as it always has occurred throughout time. As irony would have it; I remember thinking perhaps I was being too dramatic. After all, no one around me seemed to observe what I was observing. Yet, all those who ignored me; or shrugged their shoulders at what they considered to be irrelevant, or left the order met with some sort of obstacle ended up outside our Circle. So I was right all along although years ago I wasn’t as absolutely certain of the issue as I have come to be absolutely convinced of the warning here in the year An CXX.

I will not name the brother who once casually remarked and questioned whether I was taking it all literally where I actually was surprised and shocked that he saw what I had been thinking that to move the ideas to something counter to our true aspirations means creating problems for us that could be avoided. Little did he know that this issue of what to take literally had been a pause and movement of meditations many years prior to his even becoming a member. Could it be that he was beginning to observe what I observed? Well, his Great Work might take him away from the issue to realms I haven’t covered. After all, parallels do exist but everyone’s Great Work has different thesis. Whatever thesis he might write as Adept Exempt might have directions that surprise me, if or when it comes to pass.

I have gone so far as to present what I have named warrior spirit meditations that might delay that time where they come for us. After all, our battle is not moving to the physical plane to bloodshed and murder but social evolution where we present our Path in its perspective where we simultaneously do not ignore our primal being but give methods of meditation where we do not fall to the dispersion of foolish decisions.

In addition, I have shown, even further so, where following through with our system redeems you from all pain as you move slowly and carefully to the higher initiations. The reaction from the unfit will always be the same as those who emerge in triumph will always be able to take what they have learned to properly instruct carrying on with a wisdom that is impossible for those who have permitted themselves to end up idle and stupid.

Ideas that inspire are very important. It is also important to realize that we must manifest completely into the Plane of Disks. This does not mean extremist activity but social evolution where very real racial initiation is feasible.

I call upon the many and the known to observe these issues where they study carefully our dedication to spiritual enlightenment and the Great Work for the good of humanity’s civilized future.

In the end we have an end where we do not end. Nor err in the direction of savagery where deterioration from noble principles has recoiled our movement upon us.

I leave this lecture by quoting Holy Verse:

Confer Liber VII, Chapter VI, verses 38 - 41
There is value in our tincture for a world of Spice and gold. For our red powder of projection is beyond all possibilities. There are few men; there are enough. We shall be full of cup-bearers, and the wine is not stinted.

Love is the law, love under will