Quantum Theory and the issue of Metaphysics

written by David Bersson on December 2, An CXVI 2019 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

To begin with such a subject we must firstly outline something to grasp with the preliminaries and from there develop as we gain more data. It is always feasible to jump to conclusions if you do not take the time to research, discuss or read what others have stated about the subject. So do not let this essay be the only paper you read on this issue but hear others out to draw your conclusions from a multitude of researchers.

General relativity from the ancient perspective of metaphysics corresponds to the macrocosm whose theories are cogent with some of Einstein’s theories. Quantum Theory from an ancient perspective of metaphysics corresponds to the microcosm whose theories existed long before Werner Karl Heisenberg’s published papers. Shall we explore that thought provoking perception that the discoveries of science have shown the ancient magicians to be not only real but using formula that is verifying modern scientific discovery? After all, the balance of the macrocosm and the microcosm could very determine for the ancient mind a volition unanticipated by modern science at present. Real magick is simply advanced quantum theory made pragmatic and put to the use of the corresponding symbolism manifesting into a thought form that is not in contradiction to any discovers of science? What a sense of triumph the occultist must feel at such a notion!

A study of the modern discoveries of relationships between the esoteric and metaphysics of what has been shown by science to validate the existence of ancient and modern magick would take a researcher who is educated in both sides of the issue. Clearly, it would be triumph of every occultist to see science show that they were right all along where the peculiar scenario of the ancient wizard who had supernatural powers was simply someone who was following rules of the multi universe or quantum mechanics that by trial and error they discovered a science that would not be proven for centuries to come. If a Warlock did, hypothetically, show some supernatural power to the inquisition and was burned at the stake we have a completely different perspective of history where we now have to study the psychological effects of those who, out of fear or jealousy, acted with violence against these Warlocks who have displayed such controversial behavior.

It might be interesting to comment that the pool shark does not have a degree in Geometry and an ancient magician would not know of quantum sciences yet both might have more in common than surface perceptions might immediately awaken for if such a study would be stimulated it might very unlock the truth what is latent within the DNA. If so many of the magicians and exorcists were murdered off during any number of genocides of any number of inquisitions clearly those whose strong tendency for such hypothetical magical powers of such DNA would become recessive for a time in the population’s DNA. This might very well account for the apparent worldwide interest in occultism where when the world stopped killing them something of an occult renaissance began to sweep the earth. After all, how much missing history could there be if books were burnt, Temples taken over, and those who had these magical powers were exterminated? In this sense, those latent magical powers might need a definition of the Master Therion in Book Four, Part III.

Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.

I have quoted a Western Master rather than an Eastern Guru where so much of the data that might be compiled for such a research would begin from the western esoteric systems which directly resulted in modern science. Clearly, with our most glorious tool called "the method of science" we can begin such a research where quantum sciences are applied to the metaphysics in preparation for our experimentation of the reality of the ratio and from this new definitions or clarity of those that are old.

Those versed in both Quantum Theory and metaphysics might both agree that matter and consciousness must be observed prior to acting upon any experimentation and with the occultist he might very well be following rules that are only now being presented by modern science.

I should theorize that experiments in quantum biology will once again prove that effects do occur with other than mere mechanical instruments that observe to create a display of reality. Such research is in its infancy and no published papers are presently on the date of this essay are anything but rudimentary.

Historical evidence is not going to take you too far since so much of the ancient metaphysics is lost or coded but perhaps some of what we have of the ancient texts might be understood with further advances in science.

I think the subject worthy of further pursuit, discussion and research.

Love is the law, love under will