April 12th, An CXVIV 2022 e.v.

Care Frater ----- ------ ------

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I was pleased that you saw the pun in the Book of the Law with regards to “wilt” and the words “O lover, if thou wilt, depart” existing with dual meaning where “wilt” is a deterioration of will is clearly an important dual meaning. Of course, I was subtle and put “wilted” in parenthesis knowing that those who were to see it would see it. I was going to write an entire essay on “blinds” but this is something that I have to observe caution with knowing how clumsy and naive it would be for those who have not met initiation. On another plane, to show certain weapons to the enemy is to have them use them against you, for example, to give away too much about magical warfare.

Unless you are view this from the mountain you cannot see the overall view of the valley is the only way I can explain your next query. Uninformed opinion is worthless and you should shut up and get the facts. Unfortunately, you are in no position to know all the facts since I gave only a hint of the experience. Grit your teeth and await further instructions. You don’t seem to understand completely that unless I decide you are worthy I leave you with what I leave you with until I decide you are ready. We are a Hierarchy and not a Democracy. If you will to have your will have any significance you do what I tell you to and obey Me without question. I absolutely know what you need and all the magical signs to observe. After all, I was where you were thirty five years ago.

You do seem to be coming along quite nicely and you are starting to move away from previous delusions. Right now, I would have you study the concept of fortifying the fit under your command and the lessons of eliminating the unfit have an unbalance in your perception of power. You’ll need to meet this issue within yourself to achieve the proper balance. Please allow me to respectfully object to this where you really need to let the “blind ordeals” take care of this issue where you permit the karma of the scenario to work itself out.

All right, that is out of the way and I think I have explained it where if I decide to put this up in the Letter section I can assist Hierarchy everywhere from such idiot blunders. Discipline must be balanced by Fraternity.

My suggestion is to give the same rule as I give. No phone calls, no text messages and email letters in the proper format. Email letters give you as an instructor to study what the best response is where trying to resolve issues by one sentence blurts of ruach are going to perpetuate misunderstanding. We are therefore in a much better table to lay out sensible instruction where we have established parameters of self discipline. My directive is to expel anyone who gets in the way of such instruction. Anyone who does not comply is unwilling to learn is therefore useless to us. Of course, such a directive is only applied for official instruction. I tried to emphasize that we do not break the student but give them coordinates and parameters. I’m not, however, asking you I’m telling you…

All this is very serious business way where we will to encourage those who have embraced aspirations in the direction of them becoming an Adept or Master in this lifetime. Do not confuse the Orders, of course. It seems I rarely make a decision that is dogmatically perceived as standard where we have different stars on different planes of initiation. Spontaneously manifested I Speak and with mutual satisfaction of the good of the Order do I move forth.

The good of the Order, the will of the Order, the aspirations of the Order, the manifestations of the Order and how I decide you are to function as an officer will only make sense to you over time, if it all it hasn’t dawned upon you by now.

I looked over your letter again to see if I’ve covered everything. You will have to have more patience with yourself.

Well, this goes for a female initiate who should discard any male vampire and depart. As for any sister that has been a Priestess, even for a short time my rule is to hold it all sacred and never utter a word about anything that went on. Over the years, you’ll find one Priestess will take up where the last one left you off in these Holy Manifestations. For my perspective I cannot find any logic to any relationship that is worth while unless they are a Priestess. Running around trying to hustle girls to seduce is for the birds and something that I have left behind long ago. Well, record it all in your magical diary and we can go over all this later. I don’t have the highest estimation of that type of stripper, gold digger, drug infested, twisted type of woman who I might of liked years ago but today I find to be as vulgar as your wife.

I inherited entire libraries with a few members that quit. I have a wonderful Coptic Dictionary from one expelled student and some really good books that were virtually laid on my lap during those times past. I also inherited the entire correspondence of those who are now in positions in leadership or now have claims from magical organizations they started after they failed from our Hierarchy.

You can be assured I would never print publicly the private correspondence of these failed members knowing that such a filthy maneuver has been done to my Instructor. For example, one person who I won’t name printed a book which conspicuously did not include the letters that prove my Superior was in good standing with Karl Germer only printing those letters which he considered in the negative. Printing old letters that show succession, resignation, expulsion and so forth is another matter. Yet, printing the private instruction of failed members is a waste of time if they have already been known and destroyed in previous publication. Have done with it and move forth!!

Of course she was shocked by My response. I really gave her some food for thought that time!!! I told her if I am not who I claim to be or the Grade that I have attained then who is? Are there then no Adepts and Masters in the world? I told you that more surprises were ahead but her reaction was nothing less than typical of her usual rants. If I dragged down her soul to awful torment why should I be concerned? Perhaps she will commit suicide from my delicious response and do the world a big favor. She is most certainly little use alive with her annoying attitude and meddling in our affairs. We have more to be concerned about than her who is the type of occult scholar that doesn’t do magick which I have already warned everyone about years ago.

It hasn’t occurred to her that anyone could be honest and any skepticism on her part is merged with her stupid ego.

I take it you’re going to read this letter to your devoted again? Well, keeping this in mind and my plan to give this letter to the Letter section I do have seemed to dragged the letter on.

Never a dull moment in the Hierarchy.

Love is the law, love under will

Frater Sphinx
David Bersson

April 6th, An CXVIII 2022 e.v.

Brothers and Sisters

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

So, now I have been requested by a student on relationships or Thelemic Relationships. I think it really began as a learning experience trying to understand my ex wife in New Orleans. Most certainly, my adventures and my relationship with her did have no little pause of silent meditation on how my next relationship would go after I went away from her. My entire vision of glory how I wanted it to be for her and I was shattered by events that a part of me looked on with interest and of course, once I put her behind me for a long time I simply didn’t involve myself with anyone letting myself heal from the entire experience. My ex wife was an intelligent and vibrant woman that I do not regret marrying. After all, it was an important learning experience and although it didn’t work out I had to have her as a learning experience on my Path. I haven’t a negative word to utter on her behalf where I have come to terms with the experience long ago. Her mother, however, was a bit trying in some ways being the type of woman who showed me on at least one awkward occasion which I won’t go into was on the mentality of a Cajun Redneck.

(The practicing Demonologist should be altered to a dangerous and vicious creature called “the mother in law” whose horrifying existence I insist is very real and not folklore at all. Approach with caution and if one compliments or criticizes you play along with them as if they were a real source to heed. The most dangerous demon on earth is a mother in law on rampage. To keep the interfering and nosy demon at bay when she criticizes you nod your head in silent agreement and when she compliments you say something like “Compliments are always welcome…” where the mother in law goes away where you can proceed to work out your problems without the consequences of her maneuvers. Observe extreme caution.)

It should be extremely important to anyone who becomes a Probationer that if you have taken the Oath and Task seriously something similar will occur to magically test you. I made the correct decision and when the relationship of my ex wife was done with I was faced with serious meditations on my Great Work and Path. You must learn to be firm and assertive where such passive indifference in a relationship is clearly a deterioration (wilted) of volition. Well, this might not be the learning experience of a Thelemic Relationship for others but for myself being too romantic I learned to balance my being by learning to be merciless toward myself with regards to how I viewed the Path. After all, I knew that some adjustments in my being were needed to keep on the Path. No woman after the issues with my ex wife would ever sway me from my aspirations and the entire nonsense of romance had to be observed from the perspective of a male dove who must choose Love under will properly. So, from my perspective it would be better to be the male serpent choice of Love under will.

Of course, another Thelemite might of taken a different path where being overly aggressive to adjust their Thelemic Relationship they needed the romantic lessons of the male dove’s choice of Love under will.

How ironic that you can’t win for lose in terms of relationship reputation where the failed relationship of someone like myself who decided I was being too kind and thoughtful by not being assertive enough would come off as a bit callous and cold. Of course, trying to explain myself has not been easy! Now, the other brother who was a bit too aggressive, if he wasn’t shot by the vicious mother, comes out of the relationship trying to calm down to a choice of male dove Love under will being observed might wonder on what occurred to make him less aggressive.

We are writing about the learning experience of growth of relationship where it is very important to note that the perfection of the Law of Θελημα where no matter whether you choose your love to be dove or serpent it will adjust your being depending on the level of your volition to either bring you to being less aggressive, as needed for your will, or depending on your obsessions with romance more aggressive where to arise above the experience you need to chose the serpent love.

The word of Sin is Restriction. O man! refuse not thy wife, if she will! O lover, if thou wilt, depart! There is no bond that can unite the divided but love: all else is a curse. Accursed! Accursed be it to the aeons! Hell.

Nor let the fools mistake love; for there are love and love. There is the dove, and there is the serpent. Choose ye well!

As it turned out, I did realize that my choice of serpent Love under will was more efficient to keep myself centered. Better to put a stake through the vampire’s heart and move on to morning breakfast contemplating your inner freedom than permit some worthless little woman sway you from your path.

If anything, I think back on my ex wife and thank the Gods that she was the way she was to assist me as a learning experience.

For Thelemites to have a Thelemic Relationship the key is to honor the will of each other. My recommendation is therefore, if she is to become a vampire to discard her like trash into the gutter, being absolutely merciless in your determination to stay on the Path. She has read your magical record or in anyway betrayed you in your honest endeavors why try to hold on to the relationship? It is beating a dead horse and now it is time to depart to experience another relationship where you have learned from the experience.

I will not insult your intelligence by giving you some idiot list of what I regret had I known better of my relationships. You’ll get no such list and get away from me with such stupid, asinine requests. Every tribulation of ordeal should be a bliss. Every ordeal that gives you a learning experience is part of the Path. You have to experience!! I regret nothing with my relationship with my ex wife and there was no right nor wrong on either side. We were who we were at that time and I made my decisions based on what I was learning. I honor the part she was in my life. It was more complex to ponder that it was better to have loved and lost and than to ever to have loved before, although I wouldn’t exclude such a romantic notion of those trying times. With an experience as a marriage that didn’t work out I learned what my obsessions were, what direction would be to discover my True Self and the Path of the True Will became what was really important to fulfill myself. The wisdom of the Book of the Law telling Thelemites to depart means where you depart to you can carefully meditate on what you have learned. Most certainly, the learning experience will assist your very next relationship. You must understand the mundane wisdom in contradistinction to the initiated wisdom which comes from facing the ordeal and coming out the other side of it on a higher plane of existence.

After all, you do not want to end up a sidewalk philosopher but an experienced initiate that can really give sound advice from experience on the path. While all those tense moments going through a relationship can be most tedious you most certainly learn when not to cross the line if you are trying to learn from the relationship.

I should add that I am a heterosexual and my observations of relationship only include women where the “swish” might write of experiences that I might not of encountered. I should not exclude this in conclusion where although two gays might be vampire to each other with such parallel ordeals they have haven’t actually written too much. The “swish” or whatever they are calling gay people today might try to judge my sexual preference for women only as a restriction whining that I am not tolerant enough to them. This is typical of the type of stupid persecutions they have had to endure and I understand their reaction. However, I cannot very well apologize for my lust for women or my enjoyment of relationships with the Priestess. Nor would I hinder anyone’s choice of sexual preference as an instructor. Do I consider gay people to be normal? Absolutely not. Bisexuals I find myself not observing their existence as other types of gay. This is not in contradiction that I absolutely honor the swish as stars upon their course to discover their True Will and I treat them with absolute respect when they are actually buckling down to the Oaths and Tasks or come to our Feasts.

I think this should give any Thelemite some vision on what I went through and what might occur with their relationships. Any further details of my ex wife are not necessary aside from those I have already given. I really do take the privacy of her and others that existed or were involved even causally very seriously during that time. It was otherwise important to detail what I have detailed and I really needed to acknowledge the entire affair as a very real learning experience. Some Thelemites object to marriage altogether denying that it can be anything more than foolishness. The word “wife” is clearly written in the Book of the Law so I must command to differ. If it is not your will to ever marry I most certainly can honor you such a position. Yet, who are you to chart another star’s course? I insist that it was important for me and do not deny that it might not be your will. So, when you advise others who consider it there will it is best to take the Sign of Silence. If it is the will of the star who insists it is there will to experience marriage I am a witness to its benefit as a learning experience.

Of the three Grades, being Hermit, Lover and man of earth I offer Thelemites the possibility that marriage might be for the man of earth more often that the Hermit and the Lover. This would be the safest statement presented to Thelemites where I leave open and even encourage marriage if you decide it is your will.

I did write the first marriage ceremony for Thelemites years ago involving the possibility of two stars going forth together toward infinite possibility. Yet, how many Thelemites is this ceremony going to be standard for? I cannot state for sure where you observe from this article that my first attempt didn’t work out. When I existed as a Hermit I thought I should move toward being a Lover and when I was a Lover I thought I would return to a Hermit but was never a man of earth that chose marriage again.

Love is the law, love under will

April 3rd, An CXVIII 2022 e.v.

Cara Soror ----

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I have no objections to your request to teach you how to fight with magick and win the battles and I most certainly can do this over a period of months. However, you never come to Feasts and want to be behind the scenes and you must realize that traveling here means to learn from me such sensitive magical secrets you must leave Europe. Not only have I inherited the enemies of my Instructor but long ago I issued a challenge to be sent out by a dupe of a failed Probationer who wrote to observe my reaction where this failed Probationer was forming a Thelemic Organization. The reaction of the dupe was a beggar not hiding his poverty very well by replying he existed with an extreme of poverty by whining that he did possess the funds for the postage to obey the command. What command did I issue this dupe who wrote to gloat and mock me? It was a proclamation that resulted in my development of the skills of magical warfare. Lets just state that many broken swords piled beneath me as their futile efforts to strike my shield in battle served me well as a learning experience on how to deal with the enemy. This was during the 93 Lodge days when I was in the midst of exploring the realms and the old way of travel.

Cajun French spoken to the educated in Paris? This would be like a hillbilly from Arkansas trying to communicate with a hard core English Major at an Ivy League School where they would instantly assume he was of lesser intelligence. Even so innocent as a southern accent spoken to the type of intelligentsia that exists among British professionals is viewed automatically as inferior intelligence. Well, perhaps it isn’t as dire as it was but try deep south humor on a Ivy League Campus with a southern drawl and see how it works out for you. It is no wonder the Cajun French rarely leave Louisiana to visit Paris or other French speaking nations!! Perhaps the French and the British should visit Tulane University in New Orleans which is one of the finest colleges in the south. They teach the freshman to think for themselves marking them as a first class university. I’ve been to one Mansion party in Nashville and a few in New Orleans decades ago where the deep south educated will surprise you with the clarity of their insight. It might be an otherwise an amusing observation that the accent and flow of English from the British seems to always sound to myself as if they are sophisticated and highly intelligent even if they are exchanging small talk. Not so, with the English of the south or the French of Louisiana where the French or English is spoken in the accent of the deep south does instantly invoke images of the uneducated to those unaccustomed to the demeanor of southerners.

Forgive your enemies? Perhaps. But only after you have defeated them. The entire concept of a peaceful coexistence cannot be achieved or a Thelemic Union being more than a pipe dream until some of these traitors and their false elite organizations have finally died out. On yet another plane A∴A∴ Lineage is growing exponentially as the infested black brother currents of the false elites drives them deeper into the mire. The image is not the balance of pairs of opposites at all but letting the light blind them. We banish them from our sight by blinding them with our light. Confer Liber AL, Chapter II, verse 14. If they will not veil the shrine they have much to be concerned about as I already explained in my essay on the subject of veiling the shrine.

One point that might of escaped you trying to make sense out of all the vicious exchanges of the past. This would be the true manifestation of the Supernal with magical organizations. Liber 61 shows you a magical organization that failed to initiate. Only the A∴A∴ moves to manifest its Knowledge and Conversation from the Supernal. The O.T.O. does not move above Chesed and therefore has its seeds of its own destruction depending on the Grade of its leadership. The real Grade, of course, and not any invention of a higher so called Grade that pretends to move above Chesed. This is no idle insight but a fact of manifestation which as you move up in the Grades you will observe with clarity.

My directive to the Hierarchy worldwide should be clear. Any organization that is promoting the Law of Θελημα no matter on what level, and no issues in addition be expressed even if it is apparent that they are novice. We can use all the assistance from any number of areas to promote the Law of Θελημα. Thelemic Organizations should be honored and not condemned. Do not harass them, mock them nor instigate any chaos. Now, the exception to this directive are those Thelemic Organizations that have leadership from our Hierarchy that became traitors and failed members.

My first Feast was the April Feast of 1976 e.v. in Nashville Tennessee where the astounding conversations inspired and impressed me. You never forget the first Feast, of course, and I had finally found other Thelemites after so long. You cannot imagine my exhilaration after returning to New Orleans that other Thelemites actually existed.

Love is the law, love under will
Frater Sphinx
David Bersson

April 2nd, An CXVIII 2022 e.v.

Cara Soror -----

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Although I appreciate your long email letter written in proper format and with diligent self discipline it is clearly a waste of time to ramble on about politics, and what candidate you consider to be corrupt. What's new? Always is there a war going on in the world. Lets discuss the Great Work!!!! Perhaps it would be a better idea to only look at the news once a month and read more. Is that even possible for a young woman like yourself who has only just left her twenties?? Isn't is true that your generation can have a nervous breakdown if the crutch of your cell phone has gone missing from your pocket? Why, these young magicians today, they don't know first thing about the black art and show too little respect for their elders!!

As for your dislike of computer nerds, as you call them, most of them engage in more violence with their video games than their equivalents of parallel intellect fifty years ago. I tried to explain years ago that with the awakening of the magical powers some of this technology will become obsolete and of course, I was met with blank stares on what the sephira I was talking about.

It is curious that the greasers whose skills with auto mechanics back in the day that were always impressive were also some of the most aggressive personalities and you did not anger them. They were auto mechanic nerds but at least they showed some manhood. I always viewed them hanging out at gas stations to be a real curiosity.

I was pleased you enjoyed the April Fools essay. Now that I have that expounded that I have many surprises ahead and when I release them depends on the direction of feedback I receive from our dedicated. If a subject needs to have additions to assist the aspirant I am all for it. If I have inspired someone not knowing it would inspire them I must meditate how I can improve or alter the presentation to meet the aspiration of those who would so diligently write what parallels have been seen from the essay.

Once a book has been printed it is pointless to write a review that complains about coherency or change. The author isn’t going to change anything and is in no position to change anything. The reviewer has wasted paragraphs behaving like he has something to state to improve the book when it is already printed. This would not be the method of criticism that was perpetuated in the early Equinoxes and this approach amounts to the intellectual snobbery of a college thesis where the paper presented to the Professor is seen to be academic intellectual masturbation. My method is to put the essay on the net where I let it be observed by any number of aspirants. I then meditate on it for a period of time and if I think it will be of value to the student I eventually include it in a printed book of essays. Meanwhile, I might of changed it any number of times. This would depend on what I am presenting, of course.

Again, it is the Book of the Law that evolves the English language and we do not submit to the trends of the times in terms of changing labels where we would end up changing the style of a letter. This is an important point. No one is going to change the label of “black brother, black magician, or black lodge”, based on what they think we should change from being offensive. If they do not like what they see they should change themselves. Whoever invented the term African American only confused the issue when someone like Elon Musk who is white and from South Africa would be labeled such. Gender changes in grammatical syntax are a further waste of effort where no one is going to change “man” meaning “humanity” on the objection of feminists from Liber Oz and other documents. Man as humanity is used in the Book of the Law. Those who have such objections need better solutions to present. Are we to change everything that Aleister Crowley wrote? He would not of liked that. Call me a purist in the sense that I want it the way A.C. wrote it where rather than submit to the trend of the times I insist that the trend of the times align themselves with the 93 Current.

I am looking forward to the Three Days of Feasting so I might be going silent for a week or so.

Yes, I want your magical record, yesterday! No, the Lotus position isn’t a part of that so don’t even consider such deviations from Class D instruction.

Love is the law, love under will

Frater H.N.R.
David Bersson

April 1st, An CXVIII 2022 e.v.

Brothers and Sisters

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Since today is April Fools day I thought that presenting an essay that involved three fools that have written me asking me fool questions might make an interesting essay. Forget about the “play of the magician” today where instead of trying to give insights about the High Priestess I would simply see what it would be like to actually answer questions that clearly would involve insights that I would not ordinarily share with beginners. Love, power, worship and other aspects of initiation can be handled in an essay on another day yet in this essay cleverly called, “Clever Questions” we have tongue in cheek, some wit, where we go into meditations that explore realms that aren’t covered anywhere else.

Go here:


Depending on your Grade, the entire essay is either funnier than a chapped concubine butt or serious hints on the development of supernal insight. So, appraisingly I emphasize such an essay of rare manifestation where previously I have observed caution to not give enemies much to twist around. I am writing an article corresponding to April Fools Day.

Love is the law, love under will

Frater Sphinx
David Bersson

March 30rd, An CXVIII 2022 e.v.

Brothers and Sisters

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Ce n'est pas du tout ce que le médecin a prescrit, les enfants.

I think I should proclaim my somewhat dissatisfactory reactions and skepticism toward my essay on magical retirements. I have changed the essay, deleted lines from the essay, altered the essay, scratched my head from the essay, hazarded guesses about the essay, meditated on the essay, put up and took down the essay, hid the essay, buried the essay, wondered about the essay, hypothesized about the essay, judged the essay, sent the essay to prison, condemned the essay, lynched the essay, tortured the essay, fired arrows at the essay, and generally contemplated the essay in dismay. Since 2005 e.v. when I first wrote the essay I have changed the essay more times than any other essay.

My Word, what ever is all the fuss about? It is clearly much more than the very real problem of sharing a magical retirement that would make me feel tainted, mocked or harassed by those looking over its struggles where my private work is judged by those who do nothing with their lives but lie about me and about themselves. Of course, this is clearly one of the factors of the dilemma. Keep in mind, that over a period of nearly fifty years of magical work I have accumulated approximately five years of magical retirement so I know the truth. That without the daily magical practices the magical retirements would not have turned out the way they did.

I do realize that magical retirements are only really important if you have done daily practices over a period of time where the delusion of them in their perspective as a means of absolute attainment is a skew perception. You really cannot attain from a magical retirement unless the previous work and routine kicks the forces and initiation in gear. My magical retirements have been very successful and the experiences beyond my absolute wildest dreams. I have seen things, forces and so forth in the universe that would freeze your blood and chill your soul. I have completed magical work that would have been impossible without the magical retirements. Yet, none of them would of turned out the way they turned out without my daily practices.

Clearly, explanations are in order to explain how it is that I have changed my essay on magical retirements so many times and I most certainly do not want to lead my students astray by promoting any old Aeon Hermit protocol. You must live in the world and experience those around you. You cannot wear the costume of bygone protocol in the casket in old Aeon grave clothes where you have cut yourself off from reality and experience.

In addition, I have changed the essay as a consequence of the peculiar reactions of those who knew me previously. What is the reaction to the initiate who has completed a real magical retirement? Clearly, something has happened during these mysterious absences from previous, normal social exchanges. He went away for a while and came back different, altered, changed, and those who thought they knew him wondered what happened. Who is this man? We cannot seem to analyze his behavior from who we thought he was from and what we thought his biography was showing his real origins are yet to be given fair commentary. He seems to be speaking a form of English that has a grammatical syntax not spoken in any nation, he seems to of suddenly gained knowledge of various languages, he is uttering a style of mysticism that has in its body a metaphysics unlike anything in any literature, he is uttering a strange poetry, and much gossip surrounds his life which seems in contradiction to his classical education. He is giving us a science which claims will immortalize humanity throughout the ages. He is sharing insights with similar individuals who seem to understand what he is imparting. He has a grasp of symbolism and its correspondences that do not make sense. What did this man do when he went away and came back so different? Do you fear him like a God, or love him as a king or kill him as an enemy or escape in fear from the power that He radiates not knowing what he has become or where he went or what he saw or what he experienced. Behold the man who has gained initiation. Will he be burnt at the stake or laughed at as a pure fool? You see how writing of my experiences on the magical retirement have been added and deleted to avoid the usual recoil of the profane who might react to the negative to interfere with myself or others like Me.

Would you wrap your females in 400 yards of garment veiling your vices in virtuous words? Or lose yourself in the cave of retirement where the Priestess is ignored in the Temple? It is vital that you have relationships, it is vital that the errors of the old Aeon Hermit not be repeated by a false perspective of the magical retirement.

My point being released into the world among fellow initiates that in addition to these meditations on magical retirement I have the entire issue of my personal privacy to consider. Let not know well the other and star and star…

Love is the law, love under will

Feb. 29, An CXVIII

To: David Bersson
From: -----------

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I'm a forty five year old woman from the suburbs of Detroit. I have been a Thelemite eighteen years and have heard about you right from my first step on the path. If it wasn't for my asshole ex husband who I let be a vampire for too long I would of written you sooner. I have had to adjust my life too many times. I don't care that he called me a broad but not being a ten and jeering at me. You know the type of drama. I'm a six or seven but I've got it going on.

Your essay on essays. Wandering around surfing the net for Thelemites giving some real insight I was surprised at what I was reading where even a college dropout like me they can't give what you give.

If you follow the Book of the Law trying to make its lines right for your path videos are a lesser way than essays. One thing about writing it can be changed when a new thought comes to mind as the insights grow so I have been looking over what Thelemites are writing. So your essay on essays has changed my mind about it.

I'm willing to move anywhere to be among Thelemites so if you are still living in New Mexico or where ever city I would like to contribute to your movement. Or are you living on the east coast now? I couldn't find a land address on your website.

You are an older person who has been a Thelemite for decades. I would prefer someone older and I don't feel right getting an instructor that is younger than me.

I already know that you have seen slander and drama. I have read Silly Games by Soror L aka Brooke Schooles who I understand is something of a warrior woman. She has some real spunk. Anyone who mocks you, lies about you, or slanders you I would never want a part of my life.

Can we start a correspondence? I consider myself a real sincere magician.

Love is the law, love under will

(name not shown to honor her privacy.)

March 2nd

Greetings --------------

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Thank you for your letter "dated" Feb. 29. I understand completely that a vampire husband will be difficult. Years ago, I had a woman write me during the 93 Lodge days that she had an urge to join forces with me but backed out when she realized she would lose her health insurance if she left her husband.

The usual and safe way to proceed is for you to attend one of our Feasts where such relocation is easily resolved. Don't worry about food nor lodging for the first few months. We'll get your fires ignited in the routine of the Temple. After that, employment is so easy in this town that you'll find work with no problem. I live in the -------- area of ------ which is a safe neighborhood.

I should think that a list of books in your library would be good to observe your influence.

Also, a very brief history of your magical practices. Do you have your own Temple? Write freely about anything that you consider to be important.

For the time being, no phone calls. I'll need email letters only.

As for your looks I could care less. What is important is your spiritual aspiration and dedication toward the Great Work. Years ago, in New Orleans an old saw went back and forth:
"It's not the look of the book, it's the registration of the education." In the deep south an array of old proverbs exists and some of the Cajun French have some very unique sayings.

Detroit is a city that I have never been to. You are actually the first aspirant to write me from that city. I take it "broad" is still used? Interesting. During the hippie times women didn't seem to mind the label "chicks". It is otherwise interesting that "broad" doesn't bother you. Some feminists might find both contrary.

Love is the law, love under will


David Bersson

May 16th, An CXIV 2017 e.v.

Cara Soror ---------

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Well, well, well, what have we here?
This isn't at all what the doctor ordered, children!

It seems you've finally surprised me by showing some questions that involve the work. I will try to outline how it was for me and no doubt for many who take an interest in Liber תישארב.

I've done Liber תישארב for many years on and off since 1977 e.v.. It took quite some time to get through the exercises where I could record any significant results were going to occur. I went with my method of blind routine without lust of result. Bearing this in mind where I was doing a variety of practices for not very long my natural talents made some of the practices come quicker than others. For instance, it took me six years to have the first satisfactory vision from Liber תישארב while it took six months to master the astral plane. Some exercises I did double up on if they were especially tough so I could get through it.

I really meant serious business when I wrote that magick should be done on whatever pavement or road you travel and I developed various meditations while walking to employment. (I named this the mystical walk) I take it this saved my ass from those days where I was working a ten hour shift at work and my only real free time was the walk back and forth to work. On such days I would do about forty five minutes of magical practices and I can remember some really painful days where the inertia was so strong that I felt I was going through the motions where my concentration was near impossible by a stiff schedule. No time for women, no time for drugs, no time for anything but work to pay bills where I barely broke even at the end of the year. It should be noted that some of my early days of trying to keep my practices up were not pleasant. After a time, your magick creates your reality and yet this is a matter for another letter. As I stated, getting on the other side of those thorns there are roses that eventually manifest but I really, really never meant to imply that it was all thorns.

This is how I mastered any of the Liber. I simply included them in my daily practices not knowing how it would all turn out or what surprises would occur with simply being persistent and regular. My life is the Great Work. As many have I treated my Path like omnipotence was at my fingertips and eternity at my grasp.

When I finally began having vision from Liber תישארב I was paying no attention to the instruction in the Liber that was stating that when the Exempt Adept thought it wise to take the Oath of the Abyss with success of the practice to do so.

No way was I going to take any Oath of the Abyss until I was absolutely sure or reasonably (terrible expression to describe this) sure that I was going to fall back to Chesed or become a Black Brother.

My will was to know see for myself what I was and the intense curiosity of finally learning where I came from by regaining my lost memories from centuries prior. This was my true aspiration. As it turns out I went back farther than I anticipated and my visions were so intense that I have had let them set while I contemplated how to present them to assist others. Even Ray Eales, who I have known for years I only shared a partial vision who published it in his red Equinox.

Some of the visions I leave unpublished until someone in the Hierarchy would have a will to interpret them without the prejudice of my individuality. For no matter how fair I want to be in my commentary someone else will clearly come along and have a school of thought that will give a perspective that is going to shed my reaction to these visions. As initiation occurs through the years this serious issue is somewhat resolved as I tried to emphasize in the introduction.

After all, I wasn't even an Exempt Adept when I began Liber תישארב. I was an aspirant in the lower Grades of the A∴A∴ who found a way to unlock myself with the Liber to see where I was and who I was not even remotely considering the equation of initiation of where I was going.

So that clarifies your query on how on preparing yourself for the work of the Liber. My advice is the usual drudge of routine and eventually results will occur.

So you think that a magical retirement will make a difference with your aspiration to master this Liber. Well, think again, my pretty!! You need to follow my advice and establish a routine so the magical retirement will have its desired result. My instruction to you is to work the Liber as routine for at least one month and only then outline a magical retirement for my inspection. I can correct it if you are paranoid about your first magical retirement. If you wing it alone and learn for yourself that is perfectly acceptable as well. For I never requested as you have to inspect the plan of a magical retirement. How do you know I will not be stifling your originality by giving showing you how I would do it? I leave it up to you to meditate on both sides of this flipped coin.

As I consider it I haven't actually written an essay on magical retirements where you seem to attain incredible results in a matter of a week or two. This is clearly absolute delusion. For example, when I went on my two week magical retirement to London I had astounding results. You must realize that it was the background of my prior routine daily practices that made it so successful.

Love is the law, love under will
Frater Sphinx
David Bersson

June 6, An CXI 2014 e.v.

Cara Soror -------------

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Your letter where you request something on daily practices is worth commenting on. So I'll try to write it in such a manner where I can pass it out for others. When a good question is asked I always feel obliged to do so not wanting to repeat myself over and over. Well, here are some points or issues for you to seriously meditate on. After all, I reiterate my dismay of those aspirants who want Grades and show me no magical record or do not participate with their Tasks in a manner that would show Us zeal or responsibility.

It is without a doubt imperative that the aspirant after following through with an invocation to go steady and persistent until the energy seems established. This might take past four months of daily invocation when it becomes a part of your being and you are in complete control - confident that the force and energy is manifesting strongly in your private Temple.

Around the third month you will have made those pertinent changes (being under the Shadow of the Wings) where you add still another line or lines to your invocation in an attempt to raise the force to manifest it into the lower. This statement requires comment. Through successive invocations you have created the magical link. You have manifested the force strongly. Of course, to raise it yet again is to reestablish its force from the higher into this plane where it can be used more efficiently.

Meanwhile, with the constant changes of your License to Depart you are able to adapt at will those changes which are passed down to you from high (partaking of Essence of the Temple) and you are moving closer to knowing what to magically do. The routine License to Depart continues day after day, night after night as you firstly concentrate on the release of residue, secondly command the spirits that are attracted to the energy of your circle and thirdly finally when your magical army has accumulated send them by your command to be representative of your magical will to change those items in the realm of phenomenal existence that are necessary for your next step.

I absolutely demand that you write it all down. You should follow the instructions of Liber E, Section I and not neglect nor forget the magical record. It is clearly emphasized in more than one paragraph throughout Book 4 how important it is. Do not neglect either the License to Depart. Many have - and it astounds me that the Chapter on it is ignored by aspirants. It was not written as some meditation where you contemplate it and have done with it! I have placed the License to Depart in many forms for everyone publicly and I insist that it be a command and not a monotonous overtone wherein you do not breath life into it. It is, (and I've stated this many times) a very important practice to keep a part of your practice.

Love is the law, love under will
Frater Sphinx
David Bersson

December 12, An CXI 2014 e.v. 7:37 a:m Friday

Cara Soror ------

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Not another letter from you expressing distress on all the magical attack! You need to learn to meet the movement of the universe and all manifestations with a sense of command & volition. Your latest letter reads like manic depressive whose soul is lost in sorrow from the ebb and flow of evil currents where you might drown at any moment. You already know how to fight back, counter and do the magick to restore equilibrium in your private Temple.

Go peddle this schizophrenia on another doorstep and pull your head out of your ass!

It is without a doubt that magical attack will come from all planes as you exist in a world where great changes are taking place magically. Join Our fight against the hostile currents or go the way of a slave, for all I care. Do you understand me? I want you to take a stand and stop whining like a little bitch. Meditate seriously on what it REALLY means to be a woman girt with a sword!!

I don't care that you use both the Lesser Banishing ritual of the Pentagram and the Star Ruby. You are to do the LBRP the way I tell you to do it. You can trace to the pentagrams to block but I also want you to CAST the pentagrams like you do with the Star Ruby. Enough of all this passive indifference. You are a magician, not some slimy Indian Guru who would castrate parts of your being at the expense of magical powers! Anyone who took a private oath to deny the siddhi I would cut contact with forever. I have been fighting these manifestations and thought forms for years in case you haven't been able to perceive them in my essays. Yes, I have definite goals with my magical gestures and no - I don't want you involved in any way with My Great Work.

The time might come where you would do so but not now. To increase your concentration I demand you add dharana exercises to your daily practices. I want you to use Tejas - Vayu daily for one week and then use Tejas - Prithivi for one week. Your concentration is still not satisfactory and want those pentagrams visualized with greater intensity in your banishing ceremonies. CAST THEM!!!

You need to increase your concentration NOW and not put it off at some later date.

You've accumulated a sufficient amount of energy for you to feel the hostile currents. Now I want you to take a stand and fight like a woman girt with a sword.

Although I am going to send this letter to my mailing list I will not reveal who you are. Your private work is simply no one's business but ours.

Follow my instructions in this letter to the letter.

Love is the law, love under will
Frater Ankh
David Bersson

January 1st, An CXI 2015 e.v. 7:51 a:m

Care Frater ----

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Yes, I enjoyed our discussion very much last night. Here are few remarks on how I have come to see this issue of adjustment to the Order for new members. Our discussion which revolved around the way of the Hierarchy and especially new members who are confused on what is expected or even demanded of them should be brought forth in serious meditation on how to explain the oft times complex scenario which would so cleverly raise the head of issues of discipline in the Hierarchy.

Caution should be observed that the great initiative does not become presumption, the depth of intelligence does not become ruach masturbation and the apparently innocent awareness of duty does not become that dire rationalization that moves you to mix the planes with regards to the next step.

I have tried to explain this in my essay called "Thelemic Discipline" and gone so far as to exclaim and proclaim that fraternity must be balanced by discipline. It continues to be difficult for new members - and they either begin to understand its balance or go the way of so many others that become members for a while and then suddenly run amok leaving the Order more confused than a step forth with experience and wisdom.

Yes, blunders will occur with members and patience should be observed and noted. It is also true that once discipline has been perpetuated the calm of fraternity should await with observation as the member is permitted to learn the lesson and actually adjust themselves toward a new perception.

How the member is reacting to the discipline is vital and attitude is going to be carefully watched.

We will discuss this later on as we observe those upcoming new members which even as I write this await in anticipation the initiation and magick to come.

A tidy state of affairs, don't you think? Where we actually have three candidates lined up for initiation!! It looks like it going to be a very busy month!!

Love is the law, love under will
Frater Sphinx
David Bersson

May 13th, An CXIV 2017 e.v.

Cara Soror -----

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

It looks like ------ is furious with you again. Goodness, is there no end to this endless parade of ordeals and issues? The Great Work, initiation and the Oath & Task must be our joy and priority. We aspire to develop and to grow on our Path. Are we to lose ourselves with petty squabbles when there are doorways to open, exciting magical gestures ahead, and the sublimes insights of our path for our own personal evolution?

He has written a letter for me to approve officially a letter that suspends you for thirty days. It is noted in the suspension he lectures you on your lack of understanding of Thelemic Relationship and the exchange of a Priest and Priestess of Nuit.

How awkward is all this when you give me respect and are not doing so with -----. All as consequence of a relationship which you insist is paramount to your demeanor and necessary for growth. Well, you see what has come of it. He went to another sister and that should have been the end of it. Instead, all this friction seems to exist which really was never necessary. You could of shown discipline and learned to be careful what you remark to your Lodge Master and Director.

In accordance to the protocol of the chain of command of Hierarchy if he sends this letter I will accept this thirty day suspension. I, of course, have only the objection of late rent so I would not of taken this direction. Yet, I cannot object noting that you still haven't learned the self control that is vital in the Hierarchy for further Grades.

I urge you to meditate deeply on responsibility, self discipline in the Hierarchy noting that we are, after all, on the same side. As a sister of the order you must note that important fraternity which bonds us to assist and associate with each other with no little joy & care.

It should otherwise be an insight for you that we stand together and all these petty squabbles are clearly contradictory to our union of fraternity.

Love is the law, love under will
Frater Sphinx
David Bersson

With regards to presenting myself as an honest and good Instructor that would be the best choice for the doubtful novice seeking a teacher I shall comment. After all, if I show too much humor in my attempt to show irony, wit or leaping laughter I might come off as not serious enough for the student looking for a real teacher. On the other hand, if I am too serious I might come off as too hard core and the type of teacher who has too little patience. The Initiate is always the seed of the instrument that he was or the man he was. I do realize how difficult it all is to present yourself, and especially when you have troglodyte mentality, mockers, liars, slave mentality, and slanderers trying to hinder you with character assassination or any number of immature maneuvers. I have tried to present only those essays on the front page of my website that would attract the attention of the serious Thelemite, and of course, I am always deliberating on the wisdom of any number of paragraphs in my essays. So giving these letters for potential students to observe might be an excellent idea for those who would observe the sincerity of my efforts to truly audit and instruct the Hierarchy. We veil the shrine and once again I would point out that you’ll have no real hint of the intensity of events nor the more sublime manifestations of the higher magick from these carefully chosen letters. We cannot deviate from the our secrecy where you cannot even know the number of our membership. I will state that I made proclamation years ago that I would create an Empire such as this world has never known, and have made good my efforts. For an Empire of Initiates that are truly trained and guided toward the Higher we must truly be dedicated to our Manifesto being, ONE STAR IN SIGHT. The student need not be concerned about being refused entrance with regards to membership. Our Rule is to “Refuse none” where no matter your race, social status, financial situation, or educational background we must follow this rule.