written by David Bersson
April 30th, An CXXI 2024 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

All these email letters!!! Well, I live to communicate with those who finding our Lineage realize that an exchange can be beneficial for those who have decided our Path is tailored suited to their will. Although the aspirant has the option to write my representatives I do seem to be receiving the majority of the mail. With regards to those who would attend our Feasts; not being members I am open for exchanges. A Feast can bring a lot of inspiration. My first Feast was the April Feast of 1976 e.v.. when I arrived from New Orleans by airplane I was a Probationer who had only signed the Oath and Task four months prior. Yet, it was all quite exhilarating. Although it is disappointing that all of them are gone now the faces change but the spirit is ever alive with new aspirants. I have had a glorious path and the adventurous spirit of aspiration exists where I am confident that I with new membership I am able to pass on experiences that will be beneficial to their growth. When someone writes me; and has found parallel experiences or I have inspired someone toward new insights from my essays it is always an important experience that I am actually assisting others. It is always a pleasant surprise when you find someone has written you who has purchased all my books; and has been preparing themselves for months to join.

You can assured that I adhere to the rule to “veil the shrine” where the privacy of the aspirant is considered foremost; and to go on social media or make a video is absolutely a waste of time. We “Refuse none…” and will never do any of our ceremonies publicly. You may of left your family who has rejected your choice to become a Thelemite but you have a new family where your choices of a Path are accepted. If it is your will to write, then write. Or simply enjoy the essays.

I have many, many more essays coming; and I have many surprises ahead as the daily insights flow endless as I build the Hierarchy; and proceed with magical gestures of interest both private and public. Or should I state that the Hierarchy builds itself where someone will be saddled with a position that I thought would be improbable when they firstly entered our ranks.

It should be absolutely emphasized that no one has restricted you from creating videos, watching videos nor going on social media to ask public questions. I simply have my own Path; and it is none of my concern what you do or will unless you decide it is your will to join us. I must emphasize that my school of thought is presented in my essay called, “Trumpets of the 93 Current” where I explain how I have come to perceive the importance of writing essay. In addition, I really must emphasize how imperative it is to be concerned as a very real secret society where the safety of the smooth workings and life style of exchange, privacy, respect and comfortable environment is standard. “Veil the shrine” therefore makes perfect sense and writing essay staying out the endless noise of the all the herd mentality. I shall therefore do my will; and not your will. I shall think as I will and not as you will. If your idea of a secret society isn’t secret then you’ll only compromise duty or permit persecution. This is the way I shall proceed; and no one is stopping you from what you consider your will to be. Yet, if you join Me you’ll have to agree right from square one, after reading how I observe it be already in agreement. If you don’t like it, go find another Lineage, stay solitary, or if you think the way you think shall be more with how you think it should be, then do your will. I absolutely refuse to do it the way I have been observing it with others. Too much argument. Too much talking overmuch.

For those who have chanced upon us my Lineage is as follows. My instructor was Marcelo Motta, his instructor was Karl Germer, and his instructor was Aleister Crowley. As a member in good standing at the time of my instructor’s death I have moved forth since his Greater Feast to develop the Hierarchy. Anyone who was not in good standing at the time my Instructor’s death I will not associate with; and my instruction was to never associate with anyone who has been expelled, cut contact with, left the Order; or was named an enemy by my Instructor. Obeying this instruction has kept a lot of friction at bay where all the unfit eventually fade away while I continue to move forth with the glory of the Great Work. I am pleased that it all came to pass as it did; and the feeling of triumph I feel with all I have accomplished over the decades is very real as I move forth to glorious gardens; and what could be more proof of my dedication that I existing for the Great Work to this day?

So, although I welcome correspondence you should not request to attend our Feasts unless you are have decided it is your will to become a member.

Yet, feel free to write. I welcome all correspondence; and what is several hours of my time writing everyone back? I live for the Great Work; and this is what I do! Everyday is what my Great Work is all about; and eventually I have time for all those who write whose aspiration and discipline is attuned to their will toward initiation.

Love is the law, love under will