The Importance of the Hierarchy

written by David Bersson on April 30th, An CXVIII 2021 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I will give an entire article on how this is a twist of irony or direction of karma unanticipated where an indepentent Thelemite who goes public increases membership. I have no doubt the higher initiations can occur with the solitary or independent Thelemite but how can they be sure without an immediate superior who has been trained officially in the Hierarchical Structure? We have the issues of delusions, obsessions and ordeal being dealt with the immediate superior to assure that we have fulfilled our Oaths and Tasks. So, it would be difficult to accept a claim from a solitary Thelemite who has not the Hierarchy's wise advice and guidance away from self delusion. I am absolutely for the Great Work of the Order as a means to assure truth with regards to countering delusion where the solitary Thelemite can claim nothing without extreme skepticism. In spite of this I do give them respect. They might be young and represent the next generation of Thelemites who will give insights in directions unforeseen.

In other essays I expounded how you must determine which "Rosetta Stone" documents in the Volume One Numbers of the eleven books should be your will to explore. While Thelemites know that help and hope is in other spells you have the vital issue of the cursed creeds where the old Aeon Currents stifle the 93 Current.

The solitary or independent Thelemite is rarely touched upon and the difference between he or she and the member who is trying to fulfill the Oaths and Tasks. Both are the product of their own consequence being the sum of the equation of their overall work which builds their karma. So we have many similarities with regards to karma and divides for the sake of union. We invite them to our Feasts and if they do not join we ordinarily do not invite them the second time unless they express some will in favor of our overall aspirations. Of course, our attitude is that we are gathering the children into the fold and they as magical children prefer not to associate or work with us are useless.

Although this has been the case when they start writing articles we resume our interest with them to see what original content might be of interest. It has occurred to us that the majority of Thelemites in the world will in the future no longer affiliated with a magical society as our numbers continue to grow.

It should be wise to observe and study the schools of thoughts of older Thelemites. To do so you must read their essays and observe what experiences might be valuable to you. The 93 Current is very powerful to manifest when you do the Star Ruby and Liber V. Well, lets dive into this issue of assimilating more lines of the Book of the Law into our assemblage of ceremony and observations. It should be obvious that such a magical gesture to our benefit will manifest a stronger 93 Current.

These magical methods might be perceived as magical secrets from the elders. Of course, they cannot be truly be found without years of experience, and actually working with any variety of magical gestures. Only the experiences and the very real initiations where the elders have presented will give the younger Thelemites some insights. In many cases, time might very well be an element where you are prepped for the preliminary initiations with insights that might very well give unique schools of thoughts or at the very least, the tip of the iceberg of Thelemic metaphysics that might assist all future Thelemites with fresh insights.

With regards to any debate with regards to any objections to younger Thelemites objecting to the Hierarchy you will never meet the elders that would pass on their experiences. Rather than go through the processes that A.C. laid down with such incredible genius you try to reinvent what has been given in the form of the method of science and aim of religion. The young, solitary Thelemite who sincerely aspires to real initiations might object to the Hierarchy but you will definitely reach a time in your Path where being among other Thelemites will assist your understanding of the Dove and the Serpent. Well, at least read my essay on the Dove and the Serpent where it will assist you to perceive the insights of Love under will with some clarity. This is only one example. Other lessons of the Path are simply not going to occur without at least an immediate Superior who has lineage and experience.

Being annoyed with a young Thelemite who kept up the arrogance and presumption has occurred from time to time but ordinarily by the time they write us they realize that we have something to share and give respect. If you write, show respect and don't patronize me with polite lies or assume that you are in a position to dictate our protocol.

You simply cannot compare the solitary Thelemite after twenty years to a Thelemite who has been involved with the Hierarchy for twenty years. When I became a Thelemite in 1972 e.v. it took me four years of being solitary to finally become truly excited about meeting Thelemites. I do not know how many Thelemites existed in the world in 1972 e.v. but I think you would be shocked to know how low the number would of have to been for my search to have taken so long. Finally, I found Thelemites in Nashville Tennessee and attended my first April Feast in 1976 e.v.. I took the plane from New Orleans to Nashville and the first Thelemite other than myself who picked me up at the airport was Frater Mars. I met many at that Feast and the conversations were truly inspiring. The years prior to 1972 e.v. I will go into in another essay suffice to state that the Hierarchy was very important for my personal growth. The discipline and the fraternity has been a long and complex learning experience.

It should otherwise be pertinent to observe that the solitary and independent Thelemite might be young enough to be of keen interest where we consider them the next generation of Thelemites where we enjoy the anticipation of which books they have chosen for their library, which direction they are taking their path and above all what insights they have with their private studies which are apart from the discipline and fraternity of the Order. My advice is therefore the deepest of respect to allow them to go under the shadow of the wings, or seek their Holy Guardian Angel, or expound insight from whatever assemblage of a library or ceremony or practice that would otherwise arise their Phoenix from the ashes.

As an A∴A∴ Initiate who must follow the Manifesto called One Star in Sight I am not permitted to take money. Of course, the O.T.O. being a temporal Order rooted in the Plane of Disks demand dues and welcome donations. The solitary Thelemite has no such issue where he or she will gladly take any donation which might raise an eyebrow to a member who is A∴A∴ only.

Well, the entire idea of the secret society was to permit those of like blood to know each other where the general population always gave us persecution. In addition, those who had attained were to pass on the knowledge lectures, insights, initiations, fraternity, discipline and secret documents to those who were truly serious. You move up the Grades depending on the star and his or her seriousness and dedication. Naturally, it has been always assumed that those who are not serious enough to participate in the gathering the children into the fold to bring the glory of the stars cannot be as serious as the solitary and independent Thelemite.

The Law of Θελημα should be the guide whether the chosen ones need to be a group effort. Feel free to interpret the commands as you will.

I do proclaim, however, that without the Order I would not gained the initiations and learned the lessons of the Path I have learned. Both the discipline and the fraternity was excellent for my growth.

With regards to the solitary and independent Thelemite I would not name names nor criticize them. If anything, they might give an insight that might be useful.

The twist of irony is when they expound publicly some of their associates come to the Order. Therefore, the active solitary or independent Thelemite actually increases our membership in the long run.

Love is the law, love under will