Humanitarianism and the Universal Life

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Humanitarianism is the volition; and humanism is the life style that from the perspective of the Universal Life being partaken of from the essence of the supernal for Holy Task means serious changes or even recoil depending on the circumstances of the karma or cause and effect. This should be not be confused with charity; no more than evolution can be confused from spiritual enlightenment from the perspective where the True Self awakened should be in its true light where we avoid the implications of such stupid terms as “higher self”. For those following my instruction or planning to join our Lineage I recommend you read my essay called; “Ponder the True Self”. No, I did not digress; I simply added some complexity to my school of thought by quoting Myself. My Thesis of Exempt Adept stretches with subtly over many essays so quoting myself is necessary; not to mention showing consistency with my overall aspiration.

Consistency with overall aspiration is already resolved in the Book of the Law so I shall expound this how this is consistent with overall humanism. Hadit, from this perspective protects the aspirant from the insanity of the abyss while Nuit protects you from the insanity of the supernal. The New Aeon formula is absolutely human, absolutely, in the sense it shall be aligned with what you really are. (The True Self) Macrocosm balanced by microcosm is made more human by stating every man and every woman is a star. This is quite an improvement for initiates from the old Aeon currents where the candidate to initiation gives it up in self sacrifice thinking this manner of perception is virtue rather than the reckless, and unsure path of self deception that it really is. In such a tedious scenario, you are ignoring the nephesh and its survival instincts contrary to the True Self. In addition, you are throwing yourself off a cliff where your ruach has been confused by dogma or rituals that have become black. You have embraced the confused actions of faith; and have ignored with the absence of certainty you shall be lost with a ruach not taking action with the common sense of a human being. So the Book of the Law has given us a better path where the clarity of sanity can accomplish what human beings really aspire to. That is, the real initiation from the supernal.

Quoting ONE STAR IN SIGHT is important where I am trying to show the concept of “welfare and progress” gives you a definition of humanitarianism and humanism from the perspective of the High Initiate. How the school of thought exists from the universal life means, at the very least, an idea of the Master of Temple where He is to comprehend the existing Universe in accordance with His own Mind.

“The Adept must prepare and publish a thesis setting forth His knowledge of the Universe, and his proposals for its welfare and progress. He will thus be known as the leader of a school of thought.”

Now, wait a minute! I’m not done. Sit yourself back down and let me finish! Now, how many incarnations do I have keep coming back and give you the same lessons incarnation after incarnation? I absolutely promise you I won’t turn you into a big black toad as vicious rumor would arise; or anything else but the priorities of the lecture.

To continue, while it quite true that the entire human race is involved with regards to effects of the universal life it never concerns Us that leaders would not be conscious of Our existence; and that very real changes are occurring. Yet, it is reflected in their speeches, their laws, and their attitudes toward greater freedom that without them knowing us personally they offer themselves in a mutual assent of our existence. In this sense, you can observe, as it were, which nations are closer or in alignment with our deepest spiritual goals from the perspective of the Holy Work of the universal life. This is identical to a salute to us of mutual aspirations toward a greater freedom.

It should be, after all, with some pleasant news that at least a few nations have decided it would be to their advantage to offer peaceful relations with us. For those who yet hold out among our breed we cannot nor will try to save their nation from what is coming.

Humanitarianism and Humanism are therefore defined without the usual emotional overtones whereof from the perspective of the universal life their definitions are important to avoid any self sacrifice or savior complex to see clearly how the karma manifests.

After all, bearing this in mind, some of these nations which are beyond redemption are postponed corpses where we simply await their final decay where they will be replaced by those who are of us; or at least are more in touch with Plans that are beyond the comprehension of the multitudes. Like anything that would promote social evolution we realize that certain manifestations must be taken in steps. It is otherwise a warning to all nations that extremist revolution is a stupid and dangerous form of savagery where social evolution must be in the forefront of your insights from the square one of primal perception.

Of course, no amount of warning, dramatic or politely explained can undo the cause and effect that shall result in their survival throughout the ages. Decisions have been made; and that which shall come to pass shall come to pass. I have been very careful to never utter a single word that has not been verified to compromise the protocol of My breed; and I have already warned this world that not to heed me is to pay a price. That price being higher than they could imagine. You cannot escape us; and we are not merely trying to make our mark on this earth but actually becoming the future of the human race. It might seem unfair that although We are unafraid of the consequences of our actions it is you who must beware of the consequences of not listening to us.

If I am really doing what I am stating I am doing then you must pause to meditate how I am doing what I am doing getting those positive results on the volition of my volition. Of course, those who cannot believe I am really doing what I am doing successfully, they matter little. After all, the slaves will not; and know not how to will.

I have lectured how it is to the advantage of social evolution to adhere to ideas that do not deteriorate into extremist revolution. In addition, I have advised science and philosophy to alter their plans to assimilate a positive future where humanity exists throughout the ages. I have gone so far as to instruct NASA and JPL towards a golden age of space travel. Even further, I have advised the academic community to add the ancient methods of storytelling with lessons to promote a better future of those who would be born in the civilization that is proceeding on schedule; and in some ways with some nations ahead of schedule.

It would depend on what plane of geometry you perceive My Great Work. Some might observe all of it as a threat which, naturally, is simply the usual primal fear of our breed. We do not threaten nor are we trying to accomplish anything that results in extremist revolution. Ours is the path of ideas that permit the survival of the human race. It should be carefully explained that it never Us who create war or genocide. It is the reaction of change or the false aspirations on what a human being is presently or can be when the True Self is awakened. In a word, the Master of the Temple is harmless to humanity. We simply hold what you are up to your face where you’ve ignored or permitted the True Self to be buried by complexities.

Humanitarianism and Humanism are therefore to be defined from the perspective of the Thelemite whose self discipline will not permit their false definitions to deteriorate where old Aeon currents stifle the magical operation from its determinative and eventual manifestation for the overall good of the New Aeon.

I have tried to explain in the past and the present to those not ready for the insights are only going to perceive deplorable recoil. Sometimes the signs are interpreted incorrectly. Yet, adjustment eventually raises Her head and we find those who are fit for those Holy Tasks actually to be tailored for the True Will of any number of those who have arisen to smell like roses. Patience and understanding where we look deeply into their being. The man on the silver mountain as a Zelator is only in Yesod but they can be very useful. The Dominus Liminus will always be in danger of the evil genius making them a black magician but it is the Master who has already tread the path that can advise those below the abyss who need instruction when instruction is really imperative toward the ultimate goals.

I warned all of you that I was not like the others; and My school of thought at Exempt Adept means something else than what was expected from others of My breed. How difficult it is to expound these mysteries to the multitudes whose herd mentality has so many obsessions and delusions. So, this lecture must be those of the many and the known whose educational level mystically or magically is sufficiently energized with proper volition. Since wizards are not supposed to exist who is the wiser I once stated in my tongue in the cheek rascal, humor where some leaping laughter is essential for balance.

Be that as it may, and in spite of all those vicious rumors I have only given my true history to those who I can absolutely trust; and permitted those speculations to go unanswered. After all, who can keep track of the endless slander or speculation from those who permit themselves to be slaves without masters. Yet, it all falls into place my Holy Task for those who have verified where I really come from, where I have really been and where I perceive the future. Mystery is the enemy of truth.

I do realize my latest essay on “The Universe is alive” shall be only understood completely by those whose existence in the Universal Life and Temple of Binah are imperative to gain perspective. This world was barely ready for the implications of this essay but I have to speak to plant those seeds where glorious trees shall grow.

That will be all for this lecture as we move forth towards explanations of magick and metaphysics that shall be absolutely consistent with the awakening of the magical powers paralleled with the very real initiations.

I have many, many, many surprises ahead; and naturally we work as though omnipresence is at our fingertips and eternity at our grasp as we move forth your training to realms beyond your wildest dreams, yea, beyond your wildest dreams.

Love is the law, love under will