Objections from a hostile

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Ah yes. Once again, I titled the title with dual meaning to show how clever I can be and shall be. Of course, the title “objections from a hostile” are both my objections to the objections of a feminist whose hostile objections are worth some contemplation. Therefore, we’ll go over these accusations that I might be a dangerous male chauvinist rather than a sweet, innocent bird of youth like I have so radiantly announced. You might state that I’m a special breed of heterosexual; or “straight” coming out into the open where in this particular essay I touch upon her outbursts and reactions. After all, it isn’t everyday you hear from a feminist who inquires so viciously of my alleged reputation. I ponder whether she is one of these nasty lesbians who hate all men? Well, I don’t care of your sexual preferences one way or another so why should you care of mine? All I am concerned about is keeping our Holy Books intact.

How perfectly enlightening! I have received a letter from someone informing that I might be absolutely erroneous in my immediate philosophy or school of thought. Quick. Inform me where I have erred so that I might not go astray!


It might turn out that the character that has written me is wrong and I am as I think I am that I am not being what she thinks I am has, on the contrary, it is she who has gone astray herself rather than Me. Perish the thought! I tried to explain that being skeptical about the skeptics being skeptical does keep me on my toes with regards to my stand, self esteem, satisfaction, without the old issues of inferiority complex. I dare say, I’m getting along just dandy where I do not let such critics sway Me. Of course, I’m listening. It is worthy of proclamation if you’re not really saying anything but yet another tedious sounding board of herd mentality I’ll have to let you move along letting you go the way of your stupid delusions. The conversation being over before it began where senseless argument only makes the pot of soup overflow the edges of the kettle.


Perhaps this silly ass was presenting a unique form of humor where I might simply laugh off such nonsense as yet another random fool amusing herself at my expense to see if I would be fool enough to take her seriously.


She was testing my tolerance in preparation for a marriage proposal.


She was one of these nasty lesbian types who simply hate men and found out that I’m a heterosexual where she must absolutely have to voice some sort of objections to a naughty womanizer like me who adores women and relationships. I take it would be out of the question for me to tell her to make me a sandwich; and bring me a beer while I watch the football game? Indeed, I did stir things up with a few of those past essays, don’t you think? Such desperate and peculiar times, you might contemplate, where such vicious letters do leave room for meditation on where all these gender pronoun infatuations are going. I do try to spice up my essay with some sprinklings of humor but it doesn’t always work out the way I would of foreseen for it to work out. Well, it should be otherwise a relief to the feminist movement that I wasn’t purposely trying to agitate anyone. If I had, you would of seen a real blaze of testosterone instead of simply objections to not changing the style of a letter.

Well, I’m about to set the record straight on the subject of women, and I don’t mean maybe, young lady!

Naturally, I might very well be called any number of silly names like male chauvinist pig or worse. Would I ditch a women who wants to move in with me being my lover but wants separate bedrooms? If she just wants to be just friends what good is she? From My perspective, a woman who is chaste has cursed herself and is a coward and a fool who has permitted such dogmatic slavery to hinder her freedom within. Any attempt to condemn Me only wastes her time. After all, I am not an enemy of feminism. Every man and every woman is a star. It is pointless to try to label Me when no research on My school of thought has been carefully scrutinized. If I were actually the adversary of equal rights this foolish woman thought I am that I am you can be assured the situation would be clearly from another perspective than my very real innocence. On the contrary, I have a detailed history of the deepest respect for the Priestess in the Temple. I am against the people. Meaning, as centralized my decisions are not going to be those who are so stereotyped as male chauvinist. This feminist that has written such a vicious letter does not know who she is trying to deal with.

It is worthy of comment that polite company doesn’t always share my sense of humor or tendency to be frank. Yet, you can relax. Well, I’m about to set the record straight on the subject of women, and I don’t mean maybe. With the use of normal logic we must most assuredly avoid such a callous and ill defined stereotypical remark where I behave like I’m putting women in her place. Nevertheless, my preferences are logically a choice of a woman who has her place in a relationship with me. Why, this isn’t male chauvinistic at all, but simply a preference for the type of woman that I know is compatible with me. I’m not required to comply with her standards but if she were to associate with me she will have to fulfill my high standards with regards to mutual exchange. It should be obvious that standards when reversed work the same way where the woman chooses the man based on her preferences. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. Where any woman’s place with me if a relationship occurs has to be “love under will” or she turns into a vampire. How difficult it is to explain to those outside our Circle this difference between the approach or perspective of an “initiate” who aspires to initiation and the relationship of a casual lover. I might absolutely honor the woman who has chosen to be Priestess where “unto Nuit” is clearly perceived where the casual lover only views surface exchange. I will to have depth in a relationship failing this we would incompatible. Any feminist trying to observe this would only come to stupid and presumptuous observations where her knowledge of the particulars of the woman who has chosen Our Path is ill defined from her mundane lens. A woman who has accepted the Law of Θελημα will always understand how the perspective of the dedicated initiate has complexities that are overlooked by the profane world for she, will be also in the same position where she has to be concerned with the profane male who does not understand how to see it from her perspective. She is as aware of any relationship where the male becomes the vampire hindering her Great Work. So, it is not with surprise that a Feminist would jump to conclusions. Clearly, it is a breach of logic to immediately jump to conclusions on such a stand. I have a very real objection to such a woman who seems absent of a sense of humor. I could never carry on a decent relationship with any woman who doesn’t have a sense of humor; and jumps to conclusions. After all, any objections are not going to be considered from the perspective of the initiate who has absolutely dedicated their lives to the Great Work, male or female.

Any fire in the hole proclamations on such a touchy subject will either ponder on how wicked a fellow I must be or you’ll be the type of woman with a sense of humor finding my latest thoughts on the subject intensely amusing. My personal experience notes something very imperative. That psychological research and study of what we heterosexuals call “the nagging wife” are a consequence of an absence of “leaping laughter”. That old issue when you encounter a possible lover who you realize has been abused in the past (the normal sense of humor gone) and you realize that to move the relationship to the next level would only result in disaster. Of course, when you break up with her you are considered callous and cold when you were only trying to avoid future problems.

The rest of those who are incompatible with someone of my adventurous spirit might very well wonder whether a relationship with someone like me might be a major nightmare. Well, I’ve found better exchanges with heterosexual women being a heterosexual myself than trying to work out an exchange with a women whose preferences would only hinder a speedy rise to mutual understanding. Many have had many more relationships than I but those that I’ve had I know the type who enjoys men like me. The rest might be doomed, short lived or a waste of time. From the perspective of the initiate rather than the lover I do confess serious considerations where if they are going to work with me they will have no time for anyone else. Of course, when they decide to move to another lover I never let on that I think more sex magick or more development of the relationship might have been preferable. After all, I want to be mature as possible. It never fails where I always contemplate how much better it would have been if they hadn’t left so soon. Of course, I am careful so I do not infringe my clearly aggressive will on them. Heterosexual women last a little bit longer with relationships than bisexual women but, not much. In the long haul, I choose the Great Work over any one woman. Of course, as Priestess they are a part of my Great Work. Women have ditched me; and I have ditched women. I have used women and let them use me but have never abused them. I’m that package you get without too much drama. I have never struck a woman; and I am actually proud that I can enjoy their company.

Some years ago a sister of the Order who was a Feminist passing herself off as a Thelemite stated that she thought that the theory that our evolutionary beginning came from a woman. The entire idea was, of course, to taunt or test my acceptance of feminist philosophy where she in her obsessions with the subject wanted to test me to observe my level of male chauvinism. She was a boomer feminist and I carefully replied that I had heard of the theory but wasn’t sure whether it was factual. Of course, the type of boomer feminist that kicks you in the balls and calls you a male chauvinist pig is clearly more intriguing than some slimy, contemporary feminist who waits years to turn in her aggressor crying that idiot slogan, “metoo”. I observe the boomer feminist with more courage than the contemporary ones whose delay turning them in to law enforcement those who harm or rape them deplorable. Some feminists I like and some I find revolting. My private rule is to judge them on how openly sensual they are. After all, unless they put out what possible use for them would I have? If they are chaste I do not observe them functioning as women; but cowards who are unable to have glorious relationships. The most compatible women, and the most glorious women are those who accept the Law of Θελημα. I do realize how this comes off where I consider any woman but those who accept the Law of Θελημα to be lesser and somewhat petty in their approach to relationship. I might date a woman out of curiosity that does not accept the Law of Θελημα but I wouldn’t even attempt anything long term. Nevertheless, no matter how beautiful, and intelligent a feminist might be in her exchange she simply doesn’t measure up to a woman who has accepted the Law of Θελημα. Yes, yes, I know that this might create some friction among feminists to state what would be to them be considered to be outrageous but I stand by what I have decided. The majority of feminists simply do not understand how I would perceive such a notion and jump to conclusions. Clearly, writing me as if I am a hostile serves no purpose. After all, I could care less for the pronoun gender infatuations where it is an attempt from the gay community to gain tolerance. Think about it, the gender pronoun obsessions most certainly did not have its start with the heterosexual community. This is not my Great Work and if it means people are going to smear the Utterance of the Master where they object to the use of “man” for “humanity” in the Book of the Law then I object to it. Confer Liber AL, Chapter II, verse 54. So, my objections are not for the girl who wants to identify as boy or the boy who wants to be called a girl but the objections are with regards to changing the style of letter when the movement of gender pronouns gets in the way of keeping the records and texts from being smeared. The future of evolution of the English language comes from the Book of the Law; not from temporary attempts at social evolution that ignores the glory of literature, past or present. Try to tell an educated fellow from the U.K. that William Shakespeare writings should be changed, and see his reaction or an educated individual from Ireland that William Butler Yeats writings should be changed and watch the reaction. Yet, the short sighted blares of this feminist who has written me only would recoil on her if everyone fired such audacity in other directions.

Of course, I avoided any argument with my carefully chosen words to that feminist knowing how subtle exchanges can be with man and woman. Her feminist eyes twinkled with affirmation at her private delusions of my closet male chauvinist affirmation; (she, being the typical feminist who think all men are alike) and we both went our merry way perfectly content that we have sized each other up. Of course, she was a bisexual with a stronger urge toward women where she patronized shitty Feminist poetry and wrote the most hideous thesis at Vanderbilt University I have ever read where she conned the academic community toward a diploma. It did, however, give me some pause for meditation. I take her possibly plagiarized, and contradictory theory of evolution from some girlfriend where our ancient origins are from one distant female without a male hadn’t occurred to her that this was the same type of logic where the creation of the universe from an all male God in monotheism has similar twists of logic. Of course, a scientific study of ancient cellular evolution; and what scientists were really imparting about our cellular beginning would of taken away from her ridiculous and dogmatic urination on the hallways of scholarship.

If you take it from the perspective of monotheistic religion we are no better off that God who is a male is the God of all that created all or take from the perspective of Goddess who created it all.

Be that as it may I have had to deal with a multitude of enemies who try to sum Me up in one paragraph never paying attention to what I am clearly attempting to impart. No one survives who proclaims to be My enemy. No one escapes Me who openly slanders Me. They either die, go insane or both. It is nothing on the physical that I do. I never lift a finger at them. Of course, some enemies take more time and magick. Those who pretend to be My friend are infinitely more annoying than someone who writes me directly. At least they are brave enough to face Me rather than attempt manipulation.

Nevertheless, it is My decision how much magick to exert when I utterly arise with a magical wand against them. So, purposely making me an enemy when I never stated anything negative to their cause is a very bad mistake.

All I can state to this confused woman is to be careful who you agitate. Some of us will retaliate immediately with counters of magick that will give you more troubles than you might think are possible. One imperative insight to proclaim is we will not let anything that we consider to be a threat to go unanswered. We have tried to explain that we are not like the others. We are not passively indifferent.

The usual reply is if you do not believe in magick nothing can happen to you. How perfectly convenient this is when their world falls apart from a magical attack we smile how stupid they are for making us their enemies when being our friend would actually have promoted their movement.

I really don’t care who you think you are; or what you think you think I am; where you haven’t the foggiest notion how to think as you will when your very surface thoughts aren’t even of your own decisions but the notions or obsessions of slave mentality. Why bother trying to trouble me on evidence of your psychological compromises or attachment to the band wagon thought? The reality is if you push it where you cross the line with Me it will turn out the way it has always turned out for past enemies that are little use alive as their thought form, firstly, drops and they slowly deteriorate into their world of shadows as they eventually die like dogs from trying to meet a force beyond their comprehension. If it will be Me that is coming for you with magick or perhaps it will someone like me; and if you do not regret the day you were born you will live the rest of your pathetic and worthless life wondering what next demon shall make even more troubles to your deteriorating life.

I have been personally responsible for many, many initiations for others over the years; but be warned; I have also warred against constant enemies for decades and
you cannot escape from me, yea, you cannot escape from Me.

Love is the law, love under will

A brother once remarked that we are a version of the O.T.O. called a Society where our entire organization world wide has mainly heterosexuals; and another version of the O.T.O. uses the crapulous creed title of Caliph for its leadership consists mainly with gays. I have no way of knowing for sure that other version consists of mainly gays; and could care less. I am clearly not looking for sexual preference in members but aspiration and dedication to the Law of Θελημα. The "real O.T.O." issue doesn’t look like it is going to be resolved any time soon; and I was instructed by my teacher to stay out of it; and concentrate on my work as Lodge Master. Copyrights have never been an issue since new membership is attracted by my essay; and the past ten years we simply avoid each other not really caring what each other is involved with. The court cases resolved nothing and neither side seems to have been compromised with membership. I am pleased to state I was never really permitted to be involved with the conflict; and not so pleased that I inherited so many enemies from my Instructor. It is interesting that those who opposed me in the past automatically thought I was going to continue battles that existed for my Instructor that I was never involved with. Any battles I have experienced have nothing to do with the endless debate on which side is the real O.T.O.. After all, I don’t care what they are doing or whether they call themselves the “real O.T.O”. I am too involved with what I am doing; and continue with my Instructor’s directive to stay out of it.