Natural Selection and the Hereafter

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Remind me to remind you that a reminder about a lecture on the hereafter should hereafter be promoted, quoted, and noted. Am I to imply yet another controversial presentation for the multitudes is about to be expounded where I attempt to correlate and correspond the insights of Darwinism with a previously unknown perceptions of the hereafter? Not so fast. I have some of that and a little bit of the other as I now present a few insights that might be of assistance or at least pause for momentary meditation. Although this essay is officially presented to Thelemites - even those who shuffle the Rhine ESP cards or the Medium with her Ouija Board might find the following of interest. Not to mention the scientist engaged with experiments that involve EEG Machines, biofeedback machines, ghost detecting electronics, or those setting up laboratories that have been denied the overall approval of grants where the researcher has found a sufficient amount of used equipment to proceed. In my essay, “It is no odds” I point out the folly of no data making a scientific proclamation similar to a Las Vegas Gambler logic where in this essay I note that of the billions of people that have died in 300,000 years of human history a possible byway to a hereafter retains as much logic as searching for extraterrestrials. I do not observe, therefore, any debate against scientific experiment with regards to the hereafter.

Many Thelemites throughout the planet earth have experienced the communion of saints during the Gnostic Catholic Mass. So the concept of egregore manifesting supernal into the ruach will not be a foreign experience and the following lecture on the hereafter might even be connected with very real insights of an overall school of thought to be developed by very real experimentation. It has, in addition, occurred to me that scientists, researchers, and parapsychologists of the Rhine School of thought of experimentation might find the following useful as a working hypothesis to create experiments along these lines.

We human beings have been involved with no little fascination with the subject of the hereafter over the centuries whether it is an explanation with some religious dogma, or a mystic trying to make claims of channeling the dead, or a séance with the traditional Ouija Board. Harry Houdini, who went out of his way in his attempt expose the fraudulent fashion of fakery that existed during his time period with regards to séances actually embraced spiritualism where the point was an attempt to eliminate the competition and make himself a recognized magician where those who observed his tricks weren’t completely sure how he managed them. Abraham Lincoln’s wife had a séance at the White House. Even the Russian Mystic Helena Blavatsky (whose vast intellect baffled lesser minds to carelessly consider her insane) with her brilliantly researched volumes embraced the concept of séances and the hereafter. Not to mention the endless mystics throughout the decades who have used the Ouija Board in an attempt to communicate with the deceased shows an endless interest in the hereafter.

I have written several times about the hereafter. Once again, I will present something that I find to be a real answer. Over millions of years, of course, millions of people have died. Yet, during the lifetime of some of these people they no doubt developed control of planes of existence which created planes of existence. Egregore as a thought form from a group is a matter of experience although I absolutely and simultaneously observe its original meaning from the ancient Greek simply adds to the concept where we observe that ἐγρήγορος, egrēgoros means "wakeful".

The Egregore has presented as a metaphysics where thought forms manifest by the Theosophists fits in very concisely with the ancient Greek definition where we are able to use their symbolism to explain a complexity of manifestation that assists us to a school of thought where the hereafter is explained with less redundancy than some foolish superstition as a heaven or hell in the hereafter. Such a theory of the hereafter does not exclude Darwin’s natural selection where we can at least present a postulate that has some consistency to be studied scientifically. From this perspective, a chameleon who can change its color on a leaf or the existence of eyesight studied from the perspective of natural selection is no more unreasonable a concept as the hereafter being created by a select few who were anomalies of thought form desire creating a byway into other dimensions where consciousness does not rely on a physical body or brain. Therefore, the existence of the hereafter is no more surprising than the sum of the equation of any other talent that was developed by natural selection. If a great number of the dying are to believe that they can exist after death those moments of the time of death where consciousness is dying they would, among the millions that have died, have at least a percentage that tried to find a byway toward extended consciousness. That very primal instinct to survive over millions of generations latent within our DNA verify our lecture. To visualize something or have a vision of something or have an aspiration of something desired has to be a key to its fulfillment. How many get rich quick books tell you to visualize your goals? Or a professional gambler who imagines and visualizes the win actually does win? We must apply this imagination being the key to creativity and raw struggle to survive as we die and fight with our last breath to reach out.

Now, somewhere in the distance past a peculiar phenomena occurred. Someone had died and was self aware in the hereafter which was a hereafter created by the thought form when being alive. The hereafter from this advanced human being between death and life was able to reach out to others who had the potential to exist. Whether this first time resulted in permanent manifestations of others to have a byway, a doorway cannot be at this time known, although it is possible that scientific experiment might resolve the entire process of its genesis. The hereafter had to start somewhere through this process where one anomaly led to an entire existence of those who learned to gain energy without deterioration being on a higher plane than the norm survived. “company of heaven” in Liber AL, Chapter I, verse 2 would mean what we have come to be known as the Gods! In Liber LXV we have one of these Spirits relating the concept of finding a vessel of quicksilver.

In Liber AL, Chapter II verse 52, Aiwass states He can reward in the here and hereafter. All of it brings us to the observation that the hereafter is for the select few who are on a higher plane of existence where during their lifetimes did not restrict themselves and therefore do not die the death of a dog where I refer you to Liber AL, Chapter II verse 45. The Line prior to this, (verse 44), condemns the old Aeon fear of death where the word “hereafter” is mentioned again in the Book of the Law.

How interesting a concept that the feast is as important as the ceremony. Of course, the two complement each other where the magical energy is always important among Thelemites.

Love is the law, love under will