Social Evolution and magick

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I did mention to a few students that I really should give some insight into the perspective of social evolution; and give some detail on how any number of those involved with agenda attempts to introduce any number of experiments that in their eyes are going give us positive change. Also, I promised to deal with Russia in an essay where we observe social evolution moving in a much better direction as KGB or Commie thinking slowly dissolves and the magick of the Aeon becomes more apparent in their overall commonweal. I refer all Russians to the song by the Fifth Dimension called Age of Aquarius, and absolutely recommend they study all literature of the western esoteric path of spiritual enlightenment and magick. Is social evolution even a topic in the Russian Universities? Well, this might be outlawed where it might create some controversy but this subject and western esotericism cannot be ignored in the long run where they will come around to the complexities of the True Self. Shall we take it a little further than “know thyself” and move toward volition over confused thinking? After all, social evolution from the perspective of the magican and exorcist has many planes of geometry to gain control of.

In terms of magical gesture some of these attempts of social evolution are worthy of magical energy to the benefit of the New Aeon, and some of them are meager attempts that either recoil or are out of touch with the reality of our species. Universal Life and its Great Work by the Master has to be distinguished from mob manifestations of madness made malicious by those perceptions out of touch with our evolutionary processes. Indoctrination and gambit tactics are easily imposed upon slave mentality but have severe reactions when you are giving choices to freethinkers who actually are in touch with the True Self. This results in any number of stupid decisions and radical rationalizations from the academic community who only enslave the consciousness of the growing mind of the Freshman. I refer to the serious student my essay on the issue of thinking as you will rather than the individual ending up as a slave without a master where wandering thoughts are absent from the insanity of this error of education where indoctrinations are confused for social evolution where the student released into the world ends with a nervous breakdown on any number of planes of geometry or even permanent insanity when faced with linear, volitional decision making.

What of the Jews in Israel, you might inquire? They, in recent times have had a mental block with regards to methods of war. Not wanting to become like the Nazis they held back and confused tolerance where any social evolution stifled their consciousness from awakening their True Selves. Of course, the insanity of Islam pestering them has created a real return to the wonderful, fierce warriors they were in ancient Israel where with only a handful they countered the Romans attempt to overthrow them; and of course, the strength of the ancient Jew as a fierce and efficient people is duly emphasized in the story of David who killed a giant with a slingshot. So, social evolution has awakened the Jews in Israel and in spite of dealing with savage nations such as Iran they emerge victorious against all odds. For them, I absolutely recommend the western esoteric version of the Kabbalah to assist their inner strength and True Selves.

Of course, Iran has some work ahead with regards to social evolution where its ancient people, the polytheistic Persians were a far more advanced nation than when it became enslaved by an inferior religion like Islam. My recommendation to Iran is to end Islam in its nation where it would experience a golden age of freedom where the ancient spirit of the glorious polytheistic Persians might end the stupidity of their ridiculous and counterproductive Government. How glorious the ancient Persians were! How revolting it is to see something as savage as Islam pollute an otherwise wonderful people.

Oh, oh. Brace yourself. I feel some controversial thoughts rushing forth to the surface of my incredible mind.
Now consider of this. Shall we perceive an ironic juxtaposition of two versions of the Declaration of Independence from two nations observing how social evolution properly manifesting results into a different timeline from the opposite side of the coin which is extremist revolution? I can and I shall and I will!
Now consider of this. We have the Declaration of Independence from aristocracy from England in 1776 e.v.. Now compare it with the Declaration of Independence in Russia in 1918 e.v. where extremist revolution murdered nearly the entire aristocracy. With the USA the timeline from the Declaration of Independence resulted in an advanced form of freedom from social evolution. Russia’s version of the Declaration of Independence from aristocracy with extremist revolution lead to the communist party and a lack of freedom.
You have considered of that?
Well, consider of this.
That this is an excellent example of social evolution leading to a greater freedom. Extremist revolution only sees the stupidity of genocide and the enslavement of the masses. Therefore, social evolution should be a very important study at the university where it is distinguished from indoctrination. This, in addition, gives you some insight how an Ivy League university could error by choosing a President whose absence of linear logic has them confusing the planes of one concept to the other. A first class university should teach the Freshman to think for themselves. Instead, they indoctrinate them in a manner where they are incapable of original and creative freethinking. Social evolution is not emphasized for the students are mere experiments for teachers who are enslaved by an ideology that history has already proven to be defunct in its solution. Carl Sagan is an example of someone so hated by new age boomers that I wondered at one time where he would go down in history as a commie spy or even murdered. He never saw the new age boomers from the perspective of social evolution where he eventually died of old age never actually reading any of its literature. An excellent example of a teacher whose attempt at indoctrination never worked where he has become an example of the oppression of free thought. Of course, from the perspective of science he did contribute but he also stifled research on parapsychology. As someone involved with new age I heard what was said about him during his lifetime, and he was so disliked that I avoided any discussion about him to remain civilized where his stiff upper lip, conservative, closed minded silent generation attitude was an example of someone who treated the ancients and their very real wisdom like they were little children.

It is a curious observation that when human beings are used in scientific experiments in the laboratory it is considered savage but when a Professor experiments on students to emphasize any number of rationalizations of the proposed notion of applying social awareness, (it, in itself not really being proved pragmatic but used anyway!!!!) they are praised for being progressive. At least until the sum of their mad scientist experiments shows the otherwise innocent student protest against or for the very issue that even a high school drop out would consider to be a breach of common sense. Hollywood, some politicians, and theater in various nations attempt to improve society by planting any number of seeds for the improvement of social evolution thinking they are going to change the overall population. Sometimes with it is adding blacks, orientals or gays to the script, and sometimes it adds some popular technology where the audience is supposed to be improved from the entire attempt at a lesson. Of course, if the educational system is pulling you in one direction and theater is trying to pull you in another direction, and politicians are pulling you apart with negative screams of the the sky is falling, it might have serious consequences to those whose slave mentality are on the level of a conspiracy theorist permitting themselves to be ripped apart with everyone screaming in their ears. The result of the experiment in social evolution by said participants does nothing but recoil. We end up with a passing fad where the next generation taunts the older generation for being so obviously naive to think that something like gender pronouns or a new form of socialism will create anything but recoil in a free society.

After all, the biological will has not been applied properly to balance the intellectual or spiritual will leading to any number of stupid decisions in either Government or fashion among the multitudes. All these issues have repeated themselves throughout history where the insanity of Carl Sagan’s campaign against new age boomers, the stupidity of Red China’s attempt to proclaim comparative relations to Tibet traditions, the naive attempt from weak and hypnotized minds of Russian thinkers attempt to conquer Ukraine or other nations they have bled when they were infested with Commie protocol, the stupidity of gender infatuations, the elimination of history that gives lessons, the deluded attempt to protest lost causes or the attempt for an American politician to change anything from a single speech are all examples of experiments in social evolution where nothing scientific is brought to the experiment but stupid rationalizations that without the body of volition drop to the usual savagery, recoil, or that situation where we are back to square one.

I never completely agreed that the Russian population was as weak and hypnotized as propaganda would have it. If anything, and in spite of the Kremlin’s attempt to keep the Russians from experiencing those adventures of youthful spirit where they are all slaves to the party they do secretly have their vodka and their private gatherings. Of course, even though the Kremlin has done damage to the overall population where social evolution is stifled and freethinkers had become rarer than other nations we have seen some improvement in the general population’s behavior. When they snapped the chains of slavery of the Soviet Union social evolution began to arise. Today, the Russians are nearly as free as they were when they were at their best as an aristocracy. So, we can observe them with less severity where we no longer observe Russians as weak fools who have permitted themselves to be slaves to communism. They do seem freer today where some of them actually consider themselves a part of the west. Russians are such a beautiful looking people and some of them have even shown signs of intelligence even in the Commie days, that it always seemed so tragic that something as ugly and evil as communism would make them so weak, docile and hindered by an absence of social evolution. Modern Russians that actually were free enough to have an intelligent conversation without the never ending aura of their hypnotized demeanor interfering with a satisfying exchange are actually possible. Of course, they have a long way to the path toward inner freedom but they at least are stronger than they were when they were during the Soviet Union era where they were convinced no other nation could have an important ancient culture and tried to replace the traditions of innocent nations with Commie thinking. The New Age or the New Aeon or Age of Aquarius simply hadn’t occurred to the Russians unless they had studied the genius of Helena Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley or Dion Fortune which was never encouraged by the Commies. They are very slow to awaken but awaken they shall as the real social evolution shall be manifested as the 93 Current. Of this, Russia cannot escape for the Universal Life is beyond the petty thoughts of the mob where supernal is now feasible. Why yes, I proclaim to Russia! Tune in, turn on and drop out of the slave without master mentality and join the free world where spiritual sex orgies and True Self are at last embraced free from the weakness of dictatorship leadership that is always the death sentence of inner freedom.

Love is the law, love under will