The Glorious Great Work

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Although I salute overall most of the efforts of Thelemites to promote the Great Work I also object to a few whose eye candy video or empty of insight essay seem deplorable. As usual, I will not at this time name anyone’s name for the purpose of this essay is not to make enemies but simply outline my perspective. After all, I have my own Path with its own unique history. You are reading an essay from a “new age boomer” who accepted the Law of Θελημα in 1972 e.v. who eventually four years later became affiliated with the Order. It is presently January 2nd, An CXX, 2024 e.v. and I am still alive, and in perfect health.

Going from “new age boomer” to Thelemite officially in adherence with the formal discipline of the Order means I might very well seem hard core to those novice on the path. In spite of any number of rumors, I do not instigate magical war but if it comes my way I do enthusiastically embrace the concept where I am not below blasting you into a thousand universes, verbally, or otherwise explaining myself in no uncertain blasts with methods of magick you’ve never heard of. So, lets go over praise and objections. Reality and delusion must be clarified when it comes that time to  "to call a fig a fig and a trough a trough." to quote from the Greeks.  

Those who are “called” Thelemites have persistently presented an introduction to the Law of Θελημα in an attempt to present it so it is easily assimilated in the early stages. To them, I do salute the efforts. Such efforts are some excellent karma yoga. However, this particular lecture shall not touch upon anything to do with them who often times make up objections that they think exist but when you observe over the years the real objections they are simply manipulating their own intellects to find a byway to manipulate others. I shall not insult you by such maneuvers and leave them to their own devices. Clearly, any soapbox I would present to the novice is simply not necessary when I need only to tell them to read what is already been given by the Master Therion. I will not be so presumptuous as to think that I could match the incredible genius of Duty by the Master Therion, Liber II or Statement of Θελημα....1.

Others have attempted to give some history of Aleister Crowley. Well, while I will not deny its formal study I must state that it was his genius that we are studying; and to concentrate on the man rather than the Magus with His Word confuses those who would aspire to parallel the initiations.

So, the above introduction are a byway to the preliminaries where experience shows the above recommendations are sufficient. I leave the other introductions to those who try to be original where the only caveat is a beginner trying to introduce a beginner isn’t going to give you much in the way of insight. Observe with clarity the wide abyss of deliberations or observations of such history between those who are promoting the Law of Θελημα.  

Next, although I will not at this lecture name a name or names when someone proclaims the Law of Θελημα a religion or changes the style of a letter by not putting Θελημα in Greek or using 93 as a Greeting when you come to Me for instruction I will insist as an act of discipline you follow the Law. The discipline will do you good and if you object go to someone else to be your teacher. I’m not asking you. I’m telling you. Of course, if you insist on wading your way through ponds that have brain eating bacteria where you lie and state that Order and Hierarchy are useless don’t blame me if you never rise above intellectual snobbery. Rather, if you join a very real Hierarchy and Order you’ll at least have someone who will monitor your progress, audit your record, point out your complexes, learn self discipline, learn proper exchange with brethren, and the experience will make positive your very real attainments when they arise are going to be acknowledged by your Instructor where the fellow who tells everyone to avoid the Order will be on much the same level several decades or more down the line. Ordinarily, someone who rejects the Order or Hierarchy is someone who has failed or being cowardly evasive does not want to be tested for the very real fear of being exposed as a worthless and lazy little dreamer whose only real ambition is self gratification. The difference between being stupid selfish and intelligently selfish marks the difference between those who are brave enough to really be dedicated to the awakening of the True Self. You can always spot such a rascal where his life has become an endless request to give you lessons of magick for money with a curriculum questionable or has created yet another fancy video whose elaboration on the obvious or deletion or absence of any number of pertinent insights are compensated by the skills of an organized video that nearly insults the intelligence with its eye candy. 

Yes, back to those promoting the Law of  Θελημα the comments below the video trying to promote our Way are quite revealing where any number of idiots come out of the woodwork making all sorts of stupid compliments from naive novices not being able to distinguish a real teacher from a skilled video maker unmask themselves by choice remarks. Subtle little hints where they are wished Happy New Year from some dumb ass in January rather than April. Other choice comments always reveal themselves on the level they are. When you read the actual essay they create very little insight. Instead, they criticize everyone’s hat trying to cover up they failed with the Order. Since many who are “called” Thelemites are doing some excellent work with video I won’t mention any names but let the seeker find out for themselves which of those which have appeared I would find objections toward. How perfectly deplorable it is that Thelemites can be so automatically unfriendly to each other (mostly on the internet) and this issue is so rarely brought up that it might very well demand a separate essay.

For myself, making a video would be a waste of time where I “veil the shrine” and reserve my magical gesture to the essay. In addition, social media for myself seems like a wasted effort. No loss or gain in membership occurs with my approach and if anything the truly serious are more likely to write to me who have truly thought out their aspirations toward a serious path of the Great Work. Rather than repeat what I have already explained I refer you to my essay called, "Trumpets of the 93 Current".  

Very well, you’ve awakened the True Self and are satisfied that your journey of self discovery has made you whole. It is what occurs in the aftermath of the initiation where you distinguish between doing daily magical practices to doing magical gestures that operate very real change in conformity with your will. You think you can attain this level without Hierarchy and Order? No doubt, you might only if you could actually discipline yourself without the usual delusions. If you cannot, perhaps you need only call the Law of Θελημα a religion where you can piss away your life with your stupid and insulting presumptions while real men and real women move on to being True Elites, that is, those who have dedicated their lives to the Great Work. It is not a wonder that so few attain in this lifetime by this persistent error where instead of taking the bull by the horns and tackling the Great Work they are tackled by their own inertia and end up blowing the bullhorn of ruach masturbation. You can read, and you can read, and you can read some more. Of course, unless you balance your theory with practice you are nothing less than a sidewalk philosopher. Nor should the casual observer perceive this as anything evil or arrogant. No more than a soldier at Fort Bragg after his boot camp time would consider his trainers to be anything more than what the military intended them to be. He looks back at his discipline with his teachers as those who taught him where the untrained soldier cannot match his skills. In the military you do what your commanding officer delegates and it isn’t a matter of ego. We need those human teachers and trainers with experience. The same applies to the Hierarchy and Order where the solitary practitioner who tries to be home-schooled cannot match the dedicated disciple trained by the dedicated Instructor. Such stupid frogs hop from lily pad to lily pad  of rationalizations only to finally be swallowed alive by the reality of the hungry coyote called reality and real initiation.  

It is imperative that we continue on our Path trying to gain control and develop our insights never considering ourselves absolutely satisfied that we reached the ultimate, sublime goal. During dharana I have, in the past, had insights that I thought were to transform the very fabric of phenomenal existence where they turned out to be a mere preliminary assimilation of the awakening of my True Self. Verses in our Holy Books reversing themselves, finding contradictions that showed me the folly of old Aeon dogma turned up with little solutions only to be resolved over long periods of time where the answer was before my face all along. These issues presented to the Instructor in the early days of the Path have a greater chance of being resolved. No doubt, the solitary practitioner, the occult scholar, that person trying to criticize us from another path of spiritual enlightenment or even a failure from the Order will all live their lives with the delusions of their objections or method of teaching. They are easily ripped into shreds when real initiation has occurred where the reality of their delusions are seen with clarity as a consequence of being on the other side of the very real ordeals where you observe these issues from a higher plane of existence.

In reality, no intellectual can possibly know of the real Trances until they are attained, nor can they even believe they exist. No one, but no one, but no one can actually know the Grade until you’ve attained it. What in blazes, you might inquire, is samadhi to someone who hasn’t experienced it? These realities are difficult for those who attempt to be teachers without initiation. Yet, Liber 61 tells you what occurs to an Order that has failed to initiate. This important transition of those issues of the old Golden Dawn should have been a normal lesson. A.C. saw this years ago; and those who would try to try the patience of those who have truly attained must give this issue real inspection for an entire magical order had to be destroyed to adjust the manifestation. Are you then going to deny that this might apply to yourself or are you going to rave on with any number of foolish presumptions? Much of the magical powers balanced by the level of insight or experience with phenomenal existence dispel any number of delusions. Yet, if you are trying to be a teacher who was your Instructor and what was your place in the Hierarchy? Some of you cannot answer that, can you?

If you cannot sit your fat ass in the Dragon Position for more than a few minutes without squealing like a fat pig do not criticize the initiate who actually attained rigidity in posture and acknowledged them the next Grade. They earned the Grade so curb your ego. Don’t give me theories of the astral plane, secret doorways or lost rooms unless you’ve conquered the astral plane and complied with Liber O. You made too many errors when reciting your Chapter and I am making you go another year? If you resign in frustration from this and try to come back where I tell you you’ve been barred for life don’t complain I’ve been a hard ass. I am in compliance with the training from my Instructor where you were in violation of your Oath and Task.

Love is the law, love under will

1....This entire issue of how I give introductions by simply recommending those three essays by the Master Therion should, after all, emphasize that I cannot do it better than He. On the other hand, I might give an introduction to a novice but in conversation where I absolutely am aware of what A.C. was in approval of in his later years when he had worked out many insights. I take it this idea that to give the instruction he was given that had his approval at the time of his death means some very real study of everything A.C. has written is important. Yet events transpired after A.C.’s death. For example, what is left of the yellow school of magick has been preserved in the Chinese Equinox. (The Equinox: Volume V, Number 3) (January 1, 1980 e.v.) One of the purposes of the Equinoxes as a Rosetta Stone is to preserve ancient wisdom and of course, with the yellow school of magick in critical condition as the demonic forces of communism slowly destroy the glorious, ancient culture of China at least one volume is meant to survive the transitions coming. Centuries from now this volume can assist the orientals to bring back what was lost or if orientals do not exist in the coming centuries the white or black school of magick can study it. Confer the Chapters on the Three schools of magick in Magick without Tears where some of the issues of that time were brought up.