The Choice of a Magical Order

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Many, many changes have occurred since I arose from what some consider to be the dark recesses of primal nephesh and other have decided that I arose from some ancient shrine unnamed that is energized by spiritual light under the shadow of the wings. The truth being that I arrived as a normal initiate who grew slowly and carefully to my present status over many years. I have a very real history and have gone out of my way to explain many details of my Path. I have no regrets to my choice of becoming a Thelemite.

The glory of the magical order, the Hierarchy are a truly important experience to share. Being absolutely confident that the Grade is achieved by an experienced Instructor gives a level of confidence and self esteem unknown to the mere solitary who cannot be sure that any claim has validity. Ordinarily, they get all bent out of shape where they are under the delusion they can judge you.

Judge and prepare to be judged.

Of course, such sloppy thinkers can be dangerous and stupid. For the lack of tolerance is a disease that can spill over to inquisition. Let me explain all this in some detail.

It is no odds for the majority of the multitudes how I arranged My school of thought to present it presently suffice to only note that only a few will hear my Message and Gesture knowing magically what to do. Clearly, it simply isn’t necessary to burn bridges unnecessarily or condemn anyone on the path that I cannot be absolutely certain of. After all, I am trying to be the honest Instructor and it is a waste of time to agitate anyone. You’ll find so many in your adventures with various so called aspirants don’t always have true aspirations. Some of them are going to be dangerous and stupid where it would only stifle not only themselves but others by their callous and presumptuous outbursts. Of course, it might seem dramatic to any number of fools that another inquisition might evolve from so poorly adjusted critics who create argument based on any number of ego reactions.

Be that as it may, what is for one individual to seem like a glorious promise of a golden age might very well seem to another as the beginning of Armageddon. You must pay attention to how you structure the ceremony, magical gestures or essay. Uninformed opinion is worthless and without the facts shall recoil viciously on you. Those types of novice imbeciles who fight among themselves and criticize others Great Work or religious or spiritual path only create conflict where nothing is accomplished. Only one example which would bring on another inquisition would be the young man who recently wrote a long judgment and objection to the existence of Hierarchy and magical orders. Of course, if anyone took his poorly conceived objections seriously he would stimulate a war which would begin hostilities to mystics and magicians everywhere.

Being incalculably low in linear logic himself being infested with the gossip of herd mentality he tries to object to the Grade system and Hierarchy of magical and mystical orders. Whether it is Freemasonry, Rosicrucian based Hierarchy Grade systems, Golden Dawn type magical orders, the O.T.O., the A∴A∴ or any number of the overall spread of the Grade systems geared toward initiation he thinks he can destroy them all by his twisted judgment on their value by a few fragmented paragraphs passed off as wisdom.

Both the word “Grades” and “order” occur in the Book of the Law. Confer Liber AL, Chapter I, verse 40 and Liber AL, Chapter III, verse 38.

Of course, those in mystical organizations will always object to his lack of tolerance, misguided obsessions and rude behavior towards those who have gained grades in any number of mystical organizations. Being less than a human operating as an elemental he is observed to be dangerous enough for anyone to be wary where no attainments, whatsoever, from anyone are accepted. After all, being a failure himself his ego cannot permit acknowledgment of anyone to be Adept or Master.

I won’t mention the name of the person who fits the description of this person but those who are honest and alert will be on the alert for his type. His type was a good excuse for the fall of the Roman Empire being of a similar stature where men like him always destroy the self esteem; and in an attempt to gain recognition find what they have done to be destroying everything glorious that greater men have built. Naturally, it always comes to pass that they cannot replace the Temple that they have managed to raze but escape into their world of delusions where they eventually end up dead or insane. Not following the rules of “veiling the shrine” to avoid persecution themselves they will be the first to be burnt at the stake with the new inquisition they kicked into gear. All this has the possibility of coming to pass if caution with regards to this issue isn’t taken seriously. Puppets of the black brothers never consider themselves anything but for the general interest or overall good of the whole but cause very real deterioration.

In another essay I noted that patterns of history do repeat themselves and I stated that eventually they would come for us. It need not occur as an inquisition for Thelemites if we have a proper lens with regards to “as brothers fight ye” where we honor each other and acknowledge each others will. Right now, the tendency to fight among ourselves rather against common enemies means negative reactions from the outside world which leads to inquisition and instead of fighting wisely using social evolution with carefully chosen words and ideas the oppositions cross the line toward extremist revolution against us. This results in inquisition rather than a golden age of spiritual enlightenment. So be warned of all this. That coven, Lodge, magical order and Hierarchy you belong to is glorious for its gathering of those who would not; and should not persecute each other. In fact, the magical order that you are a member of is a “veiled shrine” where any persecution is kept at bay by secrecy and true initiation is scrutinized by your wise, experienced teachers.

This makes organized magical organizations your sanctuary and where you are not persecuted you can learn and grow. You have wisely moved from a family that objected to your choice in life to a new family where your will is acknowledged. You have joined forces with like blood who would teach and even protect you from the type of mentality who would make the evil of inquisition.

I absolutely recommend the solitary aspirant join a magical organization not only to avoid persecution but to be among those who are of like blood and the presence of the experienced. Whether it is a Coven, a Lodge or any Abbey I absolutely recommend Hierarchy and Order as an intelligent choice on the Path.

Love is the law, love under will

I haven’t covered in this essay the many, many, many magical secrets that are passed on in a magical order from those who have truly attained. I will go into this in detail in another essay for this has levels of complexity taking place on a multitude of planes. For now, meditate on joining a legitimate magical organization that has experienced teachers. Anyone who proclaims all the magical secrets have been divulged in writing are clearly worthless, little charlatans maneuvering themselves and their own intellects in the manner of the word of sin which is restriction. Clearly, a Wiccan woman who has been a member of a Coven for fifty years always has surprises, as parallel to any number of Thelemic Orders who have had time with the method of science with the aim of religion to give some very real methods to be passed on orally. Blowing the “dog whistle” is perfectly Thelemic and is covered in the Book of the Law where we know and destroy the traitors. I absolutely recommend you blow the dog whistle on such sub human teachers passing themselves off as real initiates. By blowing the dog whistle you'll bring these dogs to come out into the open where they can observed for what they really are; psychologically compromised failures lashing out from past failures. In an interview I observed carefully one of these scoundrels who was interviewed by a young PHD occult scholar who seemed to be far more balanced than the person she was interviewing. All his answers were with a sad face and with no enthusiasm whatsoever. His answers were uncertain; and reminded me of a manic depressive whose lack of magical energy reflected into his personality. He sat there like a man with a paper ass sinking into the dispersion and sorrow of his lack of self esteem where his failure from the magical organizations that he experienced was unmasked by his lack of courage and energy. Compare any other interview where you look for their energized enthusiasm, their insight, the self confidence and their thoughtful attitude to other initiates and you can see where they are going on the path; and even what they have become. In addition, this person in question would be just that type of person who would make idiot proclamations that magical secrets no longer exist. Never achieving any initiation; and being kicked out of three magical organizations he tries to bring his sorrowful ego to younger initiates and instead of inspiration he tries to bring them down his level. Open up your eyes, astral and otherwise to see what such failures really are; and how dangerous and stupid they are.