Magical Practices and Magical Gestures

written by David Bersson

August 12th, An CXVIII 2021 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The younger generation of Thelemites in the Hierarchy have struck again. This time perpetuation of more discussion on what magical practices they are doing. Well, perhaps it is better to hold off on sharing too much. After all, let not one know well the other. Your private work should be shared only with your immediate superior. If you are trying to impress your younger brother or sister this is pure ego gratification and besides, such behavior will only stifle your creativity. An example of diarrhea of the mouth and ruach masturbation is a recent case scenario is a failed Probationer who proclaimed to be in touch with the Secret Chiefs. How about the type of deterioration where yet another deluded fool claimed to be a Magus whose Word is OTO showing they haven't read or paid attention what it states in One Star in Sight. The word of the Law is Θελημα for any who would actually become a Magus. Another deluded fool tried to use the crapulous creed title of "Caliph" forgetting the Curses in the Third Chapter. How about the failed Probationer that wrote about me in his books where he complained that on April 8th, 1976 e.v. he was annoyed by the way I vibrated names in a meek and weakling attempt to destroy me? How about his idiot wife who printed a book where only the poetry of ONE STAR IN SIGHT was presented with the rest of it deleted? How about the secretary of A.C. deleting 15,000 words from his stupid edition of Magick without Tears? How about that idiot who took the magical motto "Frater 333" where no aspiration was emphasized in his motto where no essays, and no real insights were possible from his dash to the temple of the Qliphoth. How about that sister who claimed to be number one on His store of women as High Priestess to the Master only to run away upon the death of her instructor and betray the last will where she was supposed to vote? How about that fellow who never signed any Oath and Task and claims to be a Master of the Temple? What can we learn about all this where motives have to be questioned and true aspirations acknowledged? With regards to so many failed Probationers and a younger generation of Thelemites that might not of had time to of developed enough from their intuition to ward off fraud I will carefully go over the difference between magical practices and magical gestures. Magical gestures are defined as magical operations that can be accomplished after the skills of magical practices have been done persistently over a period of time. When I became a Thelemite in 1972 e.v. I could find no other Thelemites for four years and no social media existed so some of these issues never occurred for me where the only people I was encountering were Arabian Circus fortune tellers, now gone from the world, and on occasion the gypsy who if you crossed their palm with silver they tell you the past, present and future. Of course, in the French Quarter in New Orleans you could find Mambo (Priestess of HooDoo), now gone from that area or underground who would do spells for you for a price and then the astrologers who back then I had little interest in. Aleister Crowley was the only author that really made me excited and the rest of them I was bored shit less with. In 1970 e.v. in the French Quarter a book called Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Huson became popular but although interesting never matched the castle edition of Magick in Theory in Practice that came out in the 1972 e.v. I purchased which made me in the summer of 1972 e.v. to find more books by Aleister Crowley. I went through mail order book sellers and looked through the ads of metaphysical magazines which was the way back then to find books.

Now wait a minute, I'm not done, yet. I only gave the above paragraph to give you what consequences of your actions are possible to the negative from such idle behavior as would so viciously be evoked by not moving forth from magical practices to magical gestures where you concentrate on the priorities of your Oaths and Tasks. Now that I have shown the negative lets go for the pragmatic where we balance theory and practice even balancing our opposites as in Liber Tzaddi. May the Companion be with you that you might attain to the heart of the groves of Eleusis!

Feast days always have a higher sensed magical energy to partake of and depending on how dedicated you have been with your magical practices or advanced students who have grown to do magical gestures the magical energy is useful for a magical operation.

Have I emphasized prior how magical practices will result in magical gestures enough? The magician might go years before realizing the magick they have been practicing has not begun the magical gestures. It is very important to do something more with the magical practices than be a daily robot where the magical energy dwelling within is not used for magical gestures. The novice Thelemite with a conversation with another novice Thelemite might ask what magical practices they are doing not realizing after several years of magical practices how far they need to go before they actually use the magick with volition with magical gestures. My personal experience is to try the impossible to see what you are capable of. Read my essay again on "Magical Powers" and my essay called "Guidelines for attaining magical success". Of course I seem if you do not look below the surface that the way I teach is a deviation. My point has always been taking each Oath and Task seriously which, with my Path, has lead me to advise some particulars that will assist greatly with this contradistinction of magical practices and magical gestures.

Come on, are you standing around doing nothing while all your brothers and sisters are writing essays, giving new insights, instructing students, doing daily magical practices and actually attempting real magical gestures? No doubt, I have tried to press the issue on certain problems but the most important is how important it is to have aspirations to become Adept or Master in this lifetime. Are you researching all the systems of attainment after ten years when this work was supposed to be done in the early Grades of A∴A∴ of GD? Well, join those who end up never learning the difference between an occult scholar that has little insight compared to the initiate at work who works the Grades toward the true initiations.

It is actually more exciting to do the magical gestures. To carve, paint, magical energize and consecrate the Wand is only the first step. You must learn how to make magical gestures with the Wand to cause change in conformity with the will. How glorious that feeling of triumph when you create a wand from a fallen branch with your wood carving tools, consecrate it with Abramelin Oil and see the magick manifest with magical gestures. Are there magicians who have never felt the surge of magical energy, the feeling of triumph? The novice magician has to look forward to triumph in this manner. True triumph from something pragmatic as a magical gesture accomplished has nothing to do with ego but something that when experienced is like nothing you've ever felt. Rather, it is existence that is joy! Well, have you ever felt existence is joy? My point is to emphasize magical practices and the necessity of magical gestures for all of this to make sense.

If you keep doing what you are doing, you'll keep getting what you are getting. Love is the law, love under will