System and system

written by David Bersson

“Beware of false teachers pretending to be lions; are but weak sheep within when facing the Truth of what must needs be toward Initiations and Higher Magick.” -
A quote by David Bersson who finds it hilarious to quote himself to stimulate action packed bleeding edge controversy.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” -
A quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson who David Bersson finds intensely amusing to quote.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Oh my. I feel some controversial and thought provoking thoughts coming on! Brace yourself, my pretties! I am about to desecrate your living room with controversial outbursts where trolls will laugh madly, fat cats will faint, devils will scream with delight, goblins will scratch their bellies, and wicked smiles will erupt from freckled faced girls in Florida; and in general the world will never, never be the same.

Why yes. If you’re the type of fellow who has fallen in love with a digital girl in a video game; or is as worried as a little girl who thinks a wizard is under her bed plotting to steal her teddy bear perhaps this essay might be too racy for your blood. Run along, stupid. This essay is for grown ups only.

Why, of course! That was a better introduction to this essay than what the stuffy Professors at Yale University teach who insist on rigid protocol with regards to format. I recommend everyone skip Ivy League Universities and go to a real college like Tulane University in New Orleans or Basel University in Switzerland rather than the so called progressive educational processes who have created, recently, stupid protests.

Well, I have my own method of protest; and it most certainly would never be entering the mob where herd mentality has become dangerous and stupid. I wanted to write this time about how comfortable I am among Thelemites; who are involved with magick and the Great Work. This makes Thelemites of a breed that makes perfect sense for me. Knowing that the True Self, True Will, Great Work and magick are essential in its body I can actually have a conversation with other Thelemites while any other Path seems to have deletions of the processes of initiation. I do realize that no matter what a woman looks like who has become a Thelemite they seem more beautiful to me than any other type of woman. I state all this prior to proceeding with this essay where I insist that my choice of the Path does make me similar in breed to others who also have chosen to become a Thelemite. No doubt, I insist that among my fellow Thelemites I accept what they are but I really must insist that I am of another Breed altogether. You must realize that when the complexes are unfolded what you really, really are from the perspective of the reality of the True Self initiations shall give revelations and insights that are going to be different depending on the star upon his or her course. Yet, this factor of not knowing each other is given in our Holy Law.

Thus ye have star & star, system & system; let not one know well the other!

This line has been important for my observations of other Thelemites where unless you are absolutely confident and with proof of violations from Hierarchy it is best to mind your own affairs and be extremely careful who you propose to judge. Of course, I wrote a long essay on the Golden Age of Space Travel giving yet another perspective where I observed this as a rule for one Goldilocks Planet colonized should avoid war or progress from each other. It is interesting that I should have such insights but I have stated that the Temple of Nuit is sacred to the space programs; and I have always been interested in our stature surpassing the stars by becoming a multi planetary species. The space programs have therefore always held a keen interest for me. Yet, the line from the perspective of Thelemites exchanging with each other is wise advice.

It should be observed with clarity that I do represent as someone expounding a school of thought with other insights that even among Thelemites I am of another Breed. Whether you explain it by astrological tendency, initiation or realization of the True Self I have always tried to explain myself. No doubt, such explanations have done very little good to anyone but my students; and a few who left my Hierarchy yet insist that I am the same that I was forty years ago. For those who knew me four decades ago or more who expected me today to behave like nothing has been experienced I really must object. It has many years since I held status as the man on the silver mountain in Yesod; and those who think they know of me know absolutely nothing of my breed. I do observe how peculiar it is for those who yet adhere to a stone age magic, as it were, might be somewhat bewildered on how the 93 Current has had a different manifestation for someone like me whose Breed fits such garment where others might not see what I am capable of seeing. I should of known that what I wrote as notes on page 51 in MAGICK COMMENTED would be observed either with shock or praise depending on your Grade. My comments on page 51 are only the tip of the iceberg if you would observe my school of thought for insights that occur daily; and with so many Magical Gestures yesterday, today I am confident that my contribution will be of assistance to not only my Lineage and Hierarchy but others. My previous lecture trying to explain such issues so even a reefer addict from the Bronx can understand the various insights has taken no little effort.

For those intrigued by My existence I have duly observed this tendency for others to learn of My history. Well, I have already given what I have deemed important; and no historian is worthy of My full story. I’ll be the judge of what I should expound depending on who I think is worthy of the tale. It is, however, important to note that I wandered prior to 1972 era vulgari when I found a perfectly tailored suit that was absolutely radiant to wear thereafter. After 1972 era vulgari to the naive historian they might of decided I continued My wanderings if they found all the villages and cities I resided in but this was not wandering at all; for with my new suit I was invited to meet yet again not random persons of like blood but the entire dance hall was filled with those who were like me. I have had absolute idiot observations of what I was supposed to of been doing in any number of cities where one idiot stated I ran away from one city for some mysterious event not really emphasized; and yet another idiot claiming I was kicked out of another city, again, giving some stupid reason that they made up for sensationalism of the chapter. In every case, these are people I have never met; and had they actually written me to get any facts I might of told them what was going on if they wrote a polite inquiry. The last thing they never do is to actually get first hand information about me from me! As pleasurable as it would be to beat them within an inch of their pathetic lives I am too disciplined to act this way where I couldn't bring myself to touch them. If someone remarks of me the first question is whether they have ever met me. They rarely do this, of course.

Yes, I have moved to quite a few cities. Making stories up on motive with no basis in fact does seem to have occurred several times.

Motivations for the aspirant who moves from place to place over the years is therefore a topic that might be explained. After all, many aspirants seek the Master, aspire to be among like blood, or even decide that family is objecting too much to spiritual or magical tendencies. Something of interest might be given commentary with regards to those who move to many lands to find the Master who would be right for them for spiritual enlightenment. I am not like the others, of course, and if anything I knew those aspirants to the Mysteries went absolutely to the Orient. Yet, these same aspirants decided their Quest was satisfactory by ignoring the western esoteric path. Yet, those who start with West ordinarily go to the East and return to the West depending on their temperament. Yet, the habit has been for so many to seek the Master in the East; and ignore the very bloodlines of their ancestry that might give them real success. How many articles have you read where the fellow from New Jersey went to India, Tibet or China; and came back with wondrous tales of spiritual enlightenment. Absent from their thesis would be the Western Master.

It has been many, many years now since I wrote My thesis with regards to the patterns of history. How radiant that everything I predicted came to pass as I so long ago gave soap-box. The general consensus was rather repetitious where I was giving a history that was starkly questioned by so called intellectuals whose experience of what is today; and how it came to be today was settled with the usual delusions that the same changes would occur again and again. My motivations for the essay were to begin solutions where a world could be created tailored towards tolerance of my Breed on at least one plane. Once again, if you read a singular essay you might very well sum up the overall story from false deductions.

It is, indeed, a curious state of affairs, don’t you think? Where the Eastern Gurus from India or China come to the west to teach and are automatically considered Holy while My Breed are given any number of peculiar accusations. After all, being accused of being an evil sorcerer maneuvering for power or worse isn’t at all what the Doctor ordered. How perfectly ironic it is that none of Our literature is even remotely scrutinized by any of the accusers where we have a rule where we “veil the shrine” to avoid further issues; and it is of course counterproductive to enter social media, make video or do anything where opposition might recoil too much of a fuss.

Other Thelemites might disagree with this but I do well to adhere to my Path not knowing well their Path.

Love is the law, love under will