"Look again at that dot. That's here. That's home. That's us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every "superstar," every "supreme leader," every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there-on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam."
(Quote from an important lecture by Carl Sagan)

The Possibility of Genocide

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The hypnotized multitudes who have been swayed from the growth that is necessary for any wisdom of the path of life is clearly a dangerous tendency in society and civilization. How this is related to the pattern in history where the outcome is mass murder and assassination must be studied with open eyes.

Well, it is no longer a matter of what age or generation you are. For every generation has real obstacles with regards to the emphasis of apostrophized thought form in ratio to hyphened and multi dimensional perception where the choices of abstraction and the selection of assimilation pave an easier road for self determination and understanding what the will and the path should be for each individual.

This horrid issue of not having the creative will to determine a unique path has a lot to do with our educational system, the press, the theater and the attitudes that leave the freethinker behind as an individual who for all intents and purposes never arrives at any decision based on statistics. Clearly, if we permit others to do our thinking for us we become their puppet and you are led into the darkness of their obsession.

Shall we begin with the press in the United States? We have a most peculiar and revolving door where no matter how many times you enter the door it sends you back into the street where nothing is accomplished. If you act on the opinions of the press one way or another you are permitting yourself to become a puppet of their perceptions. Naturally, so many of the multitudes fall into this nasty trap that it should be brought up with some detail. Freedom of the Press in the United States is clearly an important stand where we are given the facts of events that are occurring. Naturally, the press gives us commentary based on their particular political leaning so one news group will give the same story expressing different angles to the same story. The press does not consider themselves responsible for mass murder as a consequence of how they give a story. After all, they are supposed to be impartial to the events simply innocent reporters trying to give the people the facts of the case. Sensationalism is of course for the grade b black & white news groups and naturally none of them consider themselves anywhere close to such low life. Well, no one disagrees with free press. We want the news reporter to tell us of events.
This does not alter the raw reality of the free press instigating murder, torture, riot and vicious protest by wording the way they word or expressing without impartial attitudes actually give an agenda rather than present an event. People have died like dogs, slandered, innocents been driven from their homes or gone to prison as a consequence of the free press. The press is forever a tool of propaganda where those reporters cannot help themselves being so generically overall out of touch with their true will and unaware or not permitted creative thought aligned to volition. So and so wrote an article and it resulted in a protest where many lives were lost. Naturally, the reporter who wrote the article does not blame herself or himself but acts like the article was a verification of the contents rather than the instigation that led to the murders. Naturally, the alibi of the freedom of the press clears the reporter from all wrong doing. Without a doubt these points are rarely emphasized as a consequence of our honor of free press until the situation moves to that level where false flags, press propaganda, malicious smear move to a scenario where the agenda of the press is to stifle or overthrow the existing Government. The pattern of history results in such tension that genocide is actually considered a solution as it turned out with the propaganda of various other countries who went too far in the eyes of their mutual Governments.

I have briefly covered the press noting that my ultimate purpose is to unlock the ultimate mystery of all for sociologists. How it is that history shows us no progress in 10,000 years of history where we continuously destroy our knowledge where genocide is practiced on both sides of opposing armies? That question I keep asking in my lectures is how to keep alive and progress without this mutual self destruction where genocide occurs either over a short or long period of time?

For those freethinkers who try to rationalize it all out with political party they stifle themselves by not including social evolution over extremist revolution. Those who adhere to the gospel according to Charles Darwin are going to come to different solutions where it might be possible to study the natural evolutionary wave of humanity to determine how to accurately deduce human behavior where genocide is avoided and understanding the will of the human being on his path of life might be with less savagery determined with logic and love under will.

Shall we move on to another factor that in our modern era of technology accounts for perpetuation of genocide, violence and mayhap. This factor is modern theater where the hero always, without exception, murders everything in his or her path to achieve the goal of vengeance. The exhilaration of the human being reacting to such heroes who murder and torture the bad guys run rampant in theater and science fiction is no exception to the tendency where we have everything from snuff films to the near genocide of world civilization where Armageddon is the theme of the script. From the modern theater influencing our spare time where endless death & torture are shown in the video games which do nothing with the script but murder everything as an obstacle to reach the next level of the game where you, having reached the next level, murder more with bigger weapons.

That young American after reading from a news group about the atrocities of the terrorists who murdered thousands decides this brutality is too graphic to contemplate and goes to his room to play his video game where he can sooth his vulnerable mind by playing the latest game called Fallout where he can murder his way from level to level in satisfaction to develop his skills with the game.

(The video game Fallout is of special interest where it fulfills the psychological tendency toward not only the hunter & gatherer but various story scenario for strategic war maneuver. Another Armageddon background for the entire script. It might turn out that such video games are important to release complexes where primal tendencies are released.)

I realize that many here in the United States of America have decided that genocide cannot occur here anywhere in the fifty states. After all, this is something that occurs, not in our neighborhood, but in third world countries and dictatorships.

Well, I do not permit the press or the theater to make me a puppet of anything but my own conclusions on what civilization will do what good or atrocity.

For I know from a study of history that the possibility of genocide in the United States of America is very real. I also know that solutions toward the genocide of civilization have not been dealt with nor resolved. If anything, the past 10,000 years shows genocide a multitude of times where this terrible pattern of mutual self destruction has never been avoided.

I once stated that only humanity cares for humanity and the rest of the universe doesn't give a shit. Well, when we stop caring for ourselves as a species who is going to come out alive??

We have as yet to consider ourselves as human beings on planet earth whose individual will is sacred and centered rather than a group of factions and tribes who are enemies to each other.

The most brilliant perspective of all which assists us to see clearly the folly of genocide and its effects on the death of civilization and Nations is that every man & every women is a star. To perceive all of us as stars upon our course through the universe to discover our true will where each star has a path of life to discover their true nature to unfold their purpose and Great Work. Most certainly, Carl Sagan is to be admired for his lecture on the blue dot where he tried to give us an important message where it was poetically emphasized the wisdom & folly of our species on our mother planet. Well, how many read into the depth of the insight of his brilliant message & lecture where he speaks as if humanity on planet earth is one species and should pause momentarily to contemplate ourselves being simultaneously significant and insignificant ? Carl Sagan spoke not in the name of any dogma, ideology nor politics in that lecture.

With regards to the possibility of genocide we, as human beings, have yet to separate our persistent bias towards race, ideology and political tendency. It is worthy of note that someone as civilized as Carl Sagan might be ignored in the clamor and chaos of the obsession. It is equally worthy of note that a radiant metaphysics which gives the essence of a universal protocol where the law being for all which is in touch with the reality of our species should also not be ignored.

Love is the law, love under will