"I sailed over the sky of Nu in the car called Millions-of-Years, and I saw not any creature upon Seb that was equal to me. The venom of my fang is the inheritance of my father, and of my father's father; and how shall I give it unto thee? Live thou and thy children as I and my fathers have lived, even unto an hundred millions of generations, and it may be that the mercy of the Mighty Ones may bestow upon thy children a drop of the poison of eld."

A brief meditation on Genetic Construct

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

As everybody knows the science of genetic engineering is but the child wherein eugenics is the father which stimulated the research. We might state that genetic engineering has less deadly armament aimed at its overall structure as a science than eugenics which was given a bad name when the Nazis began to use its methods for its plan for a Master Race. Some, though not all, who adhere to the gospel according to Charles Darwin have labeled both in violation with the natural evolutionary process. Rather than go into these objections I will behave myself and not criticize something that would accelerate a Trajectory toward an unwanted crash landing on the planet of heated argument.

Those who trace the lines of research of genetic engineering can easily see some of the objections brought forth by the protests in the March Against Monsanto where, again, in this lecture I will not go into these objections.

My first few paragraphs clarifies those who would object to genetic engineering or would want to study any of its objections. Henceforth we will give the positive side of the science noting that any argument against genetic engineering only would distract from its usefulness for humanity.

The science of genetic engineering would be essential baggage to a Goldilocks Planet colonization in consideration of those minor or major adjustments to the new planet. Since diversity of genes for a newly colonized planet might ordinarily mean new constructs must be devised to assure cross breeding does not result in those in breeding issues over successive generations. Some scientists with genetic engineering in mind might not need 30,000 colonists with such a plan but only one hundred. A limited gene pool can create all sorts of nasty mutations where rather than the planet being colonized with diversity creates a dead end colony.

My solution is my project outlined to NASA & JPL to send human frozen embryos to be revived by AI and robots where the number of colonists are easily sent in great numbers.

Well, to have it on file is going to have to be good enough.

With regards to actual evolution occurring on planet earth it would essential to note that our time in the forest and caves where predators eliminated all but the most fit we have western civilization which concentrates its technologies in ways that we cannot state have been recorded in ancient history. Of course, the conspiracy theorist might state we have already gone to the stars but unless facts substantiate such theories we must assume they are obsessed with brand new forms of mental illness to be studied by ambitious psychiatrists.

In my research on the patterns of history I pessimistically noted how every civilization we have ever had has crumbled to dust with the same human errors over and over.

Are we more or less stuck as a species being homo sapiens forever where we no longer evolve?

Well, the earth is no longer is what it was where Darwin's emphasis on natural selection can give us evolution!!

I must optimistically take the stand of a visionary and proclaim that genetic engineering and the restructuring of the educational system based on a structure which emphasizes a path toward each individual awakening his purpose in life has merit.

The real issue is not the science of genetic engineering where emotional compromise has ignited uninformed opinion on what defines tampering with evolution where we no longer have the forest environment or predators to create the stage to parallel the evolutionary process with an experiment in a controlled, vast, laboratory. If we use linear logic where we think scientifically, we can visualize an entire Goldilocks Planet where the entire planet is used as a real laboratory experiment to be used as a vast controlled experiment where we continue our evolution. If the conditions of the experiment are unsuitable for the method of science to unfold our data for the research we must have a laboratory that meets the demands of our controlled experiment. Ecologists, will of course write an array of hypothetical articles on how such a mad scientist visualization would seriously compromise the ecological system. Well, it's a matter of perspective where we must remain level headed with such perceptions. After all, no planet lasts forever.

So how do we evolve here on earth? It would be essential that the individual have an educational system that gives an outline of the pragmatic awakening of the True Self. In this manner a purpose of life can be emphasized based on the True Will of the person who follows such a path. Of course, to determine the natural evolution of our species on millions of years scale of generations to attain to a higher level of initiation will take the method of science to determine.

Love is the law, love under will