Those senseless protests

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The Kent State massacre is an excellent example of a student protest that ended with tragedy. It is curious to observe the guardsmen who executed the students were given a slap on the wrist and released without punishment by the decision of the trial Judge. Meanwhile, President Nixon, (tricky Dicky), made a public announcement that the protesters of the Vietnam war (read “police action”) were bums who apparently were given privileged lives by wealthy parents at top notch universities that others did not have; and should appreciate how good they have it and behave themselves. After all, shouldn’t these students be studying; and not making a fuss? The result was the far right remarked that now perhaps the students will behave themselves after those students were executed as an example of all those unruly fools who would throw rocks at the military, make nasty remarks about the police; and interrupt the smooth progress of the learning process at the university. Of course, this took place in 1970 e.v.; and being one of those controversial boomers still alive and well back then did nothing but cocaine; and complain about the establishment. Most certainly, in the year 2024 e.v. have learned their lesson not to behave like those naughty boomers at Kent State lest their behavior tempt a reiteration of such a tense moment. As a boomer who was alive at the time of this particular massacre I might remark that at least those students were protesting an involvement with an issue of their own nation rather than the present protesters who are whining about a war that our soldiers are not actively engaged with combat. After all, my logic is why would I protest a war in Israel when I am a citizen of the United States? If anything, after the October 7th murders and kidnapping of innocent Israeli citizens it would none of my business how they handled their retaliation.

The aftermath of the Kent State massacre saw protests in universities all over the United States. It did surprise me that no guardsmen were actually tried for murder that actually fired the shots.

Well, we’ve come a long way since 1970 e.v. you might think? Social awareness with newly invented forms of progressive education have moved us to real pinnacles, don’t you think? Today, we have protesters actually siding with terrorists; and all led by those who major in Marxism and sloppy thinking. The hell we’ve come a long way since 1970 e.v.. If anything, the students are expressing the most hideous, the most unAmerican, the most idiot logic, the most hypnotized and indoctrinated attitude that I have observed since those times when everyone was voicing some opinion of our soldiers in Vietnam; and the way the White House was making any number of rationalizations where so many came back not with victory but in a body bag. Of course, the protesters to the Vietnam war were right; and when we withdrew the troops any ground we gained went back to where it was. All those good soldiers in the prime of their lives dead and nothing gained but lonely widows and forgotten graves.

I would never participate in any protest at all. After all, I have already explained how I perceive the psychological issues of mob activity where your individuality is compromised; and if the big shots at the White House have made a decision they are always under the assumption that their logic will actually work out in reality. Some times it does; and sometimes we have something like a Korean war of the fifties or a Vietnam war of the sixties when you study everything is a bloody sacrifice on the altar of crowd appeasement for vote where its reality is only seen to be delusion when the body bags begin to pile up and nothing is accomplished.

Back to the present day protests I do not agree with the side they take and it all seems baffling to me what laws apply with regards to treason to the United States of America. Freedom of speech, you might cry, but I wonder if some of these students shouldn’t be tried for treason. Have they forgotten 9 11? We observed right here in the United States of America the horrors of Jihad.

Well, I am of that boomer generation. So it is only on rare occasion that the younger generation would snap to the attention of any advice.

Yet for all the good it would do my advice would be to go back to your studies; and stop making a fuss. Whatever you might say about President Nixon he did make a similiar, intelligent observation. He was one tricky rascal. The entire Nixon Administration was like he was a master card player in a five card stud poker game where he always retaliated with astounding debate and solution laying down his cards like a master gambler. I remember being fascinated that his caliber of intellect was so interesting to analyze. Most certainly, this habit of students behaving controversially is deplorable.

Have we learned our lesson from Kent State or are these protests going to result in a similar tragedy? I want to believe that it will end calmly.

Yet, the entire scenario seems so bizarre that I have been concerned on any conclusion that does not repeat errors of the past.

Love is the law, love under will