Strategic war maneuvers of a magician

written by David Bersson

Verily, it came to pass that a mighty magician awakened a terrible storm to strike fear into the hearts of the heathen and the thunder and lightening were horrid beyond words. Yet, the heathen saw not the wrath of the magician wherein their iniquity did not cease nor repent. So the work of the wand did not avail so the work of the sword was awakened and the lords of vengeance did arise wherein the heathen were vanquished and banished. From the broken rock of their dwellings arose both the inner strength of wisdom and palaces of righteousness wherein the invisible House of the King was made visible to the true elite and the heathen saw only the ghosts of delusion.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Now that I have demonstrated magick before your very eyes getting your concentrated attention; we will proceed with the lecture where we explore how inner strength is developed by magical gestures from the perspective of meeting those challenges of life where you emerge with triumph. If I decide to create this lecture as an essay perhaps it should include “strategic war maneuver” in its title. I should otherwise emphasize the importance of very real meditations of the spiritual warrior of the west. These meditations are meant to awaken those latent powers. “Within me the Powers!”is a direct quote from Liber V in the attitude of Ptah Erect. I have lectured on this by proclaiming that latent magical powers exist. Let us explore where the awakening of those powers can take us where we avoid the lack of volition proceeding to awaken inner strength that has the possibility of a very real initiation toward our True Selves. Hold steadfast on the reins of your Chariot or the horse shall bring you to a destination that you have not willed. Or to put it in other realms of comprehension take control of your path and life.

{It has become necessary to add that you take the Sign first; and then take the attitude. As the words of power are vibrated you have to breath life into your meditations and rituals. So it amounts to taking an attitude with the sign of Ptah Erect. Note the ritual uses the word “attitude”. In the east, we agree that spiritual insight and martial arts made excellent bedfellows. Yet, the endless brutality of martial arts in theater without the corresponding wisdom has deteriorated the eastern esoteric path to a level where our meditations are recommended for the western aspirant.}

So, you made it to the lecture today, did you? Those who wonder what I will cover that hasn’t been covered who are brave enough to not take cover at My presence; I will now give the latest, action packed, bleeding edge controversy by stating a motto that has become inevitable in the present Current of the times.

“The price of existence is eternal warfare, the price of eternal warfare is existence.”

You state that the war is over with now and you haven’t seen conflict in your nation in many years? Well, this doesn’t mean that you need ceasefire of your volition in whatever path of life you travel. This “Die Thou Standing” attitude doesn’t necessarily mean you need to pee on someone telling them it is actually raining, become a professional soldier, declare war on a neighbor nation or impose your will on any innocent. We are trying to keep those primal instincts, true, but we are also trying to teach concentration where emerging with triumph by any ordeal in life you have, as it were, bankrupted the psychiatrist, and overthrown the hypnotic effects of the herd mentality. No doubt, we give respect to the fellow who has learned to build computers and learn coding. Yet, we must not fall prey to the stereotypical person who actually attributes an intellectual a weak fool. If anything, a truly intelligent person knows the reality of his primal instincts and knows being a human being he is going to enjoy good food, sexy women who laugh loudly, getting drunk now and again, laughing at a good joke and attending a music festival. You most certainly do not want to be that type of hermit who becomes one out of cowardice. Nor the type of computer expert that pees in his pants at the sight of a naked woman. The point should be observed with clarity that if you haven’t gotten laid in six months and spend all your time watching TV or playing video games you are might take this a very real sign that something of your humanity has gone to sleep. It was observed that those so called hermits of the past did not move to the forest and the mountains to find spiritual enlightenment. They went away from us where they were so civilized that in disgust observing the inquisitions they left the cities. They died alone in the deep forest where their civilizing effect was lost to those villages where their wisdom was needed the most. Alas, the village absent of the wisdom of the wizard was reduced to savagery! So the lesson is important to contemplate that we must never ceasefire on our volition but keep ourselves centered for the sake of social evolution and the glory of what we are as human beings.

Such a controversial statement need not mean We have no choice but to persistently declare war but to view this from more than one plane of geometry. After all, we might attribute this to the struggle of life, the evolutionary process or even business competition where observations on the surface see no physical violence but simply a stand where true pride is awakened within in contradistinction to persistent ego gratifications. No doubt, my advice is that I want you to be stronger than you ever were and I must share with you the level of strength, vigor, exhilaration where you have taken a stand emerging victorious from any given challenge in life. I have tried to explain that if you are the center of your circle you have been given a taste of power where awakening your True Will the eruption of the magical powers have made you realize what it is really like to be truly human.

I am unafraid of the consequences of my actions for I am as important as anything that exists in the universe. Bring it on universe, I am that I am!

For those who read my essay on deviations from the norm which is suggested reading for those who would attempt solutions to the issue of survival of civilizations or are a nation that has had problems with the vile savagery of terrorist mentality. Well, let’s take it to other levels of meditation and contemplation. How curious it is this problem of herd mentality and mob activity. That pleasant donkey rider you bought delicious Tacos from who you enjoyed passing conversation with in south America with his peculiar version of Spanish suddenly screams political anger and tries to overthrow the Government joining forces with all those other Donkey riders and the next moment the entire country is screaming revolution. That nice fellow in the Middle East who told really interesting tales about the Genii suddenly is throwing rocks at people and his personality has been inconsistent with anything he ever was in his past. A nice person that you have met at the Saloon who actually bought you a shot of whiskey; and shared a cowboy joke suddenly becomes one of the villains of the posse who crucifies an innocent Injun and rapes a squaw. A college student at a first class university who was previously involved with nothing more controversial than a few late papers to the Professor joins a mob of extremists. So what do these examples have in common? All of them are not behaving the same way when they are engaged in lone activity where the same person when involved with the mob is showing psychological behavior in contradiction to previous observation. So there you are, you see. All have in common the same deterioration of individuality and centralization which I have lectured about all along. All this is proof of those who are the center of their circle are not going to permit this tendency to submit to the mob’s whim have a deeper sense of pride in themselves to not permit fools who are obsessed to take control of them. The ego, of course, is involved with those obsessed with extremist activity. Yet, the pride of the magician and exorcist who does not permit others to bring them to senseless conflict and actually thinks for themselves promotes a higher level of civilization. What could be more stupid than murdering innocent human beings? Or burning someone at the stake for being mystical or magical. Yet, the mob psychology is a separate thesis than the study of an individual’s psychology. That same person is clearly not acting the same way they act alone, with their family, at work, or with a lover. It is as if they had deaf ears when they were tutored at youth to observe caution on who you associate with lest you be led astray. Isn’t this a lesson something every mother and father give their young? Yet, they grow to adulthood and permit others to think for them and get in trouble where they have no control of their emotions or who they associate with.

If I exist the way my True Self would be consistent to exist with my consistent True Will awakened to exist; and those exist who exist object to My existence I must clearly; not permit such averse indulgence to go unanswered. After all, My existence where I am that I am will be as important on this earth and the entire universe as anyone or anything else. Would I be stating that I observe Myself as important as anything else in the universe? That is correct. I have tried to emphasize that the ego must not be mistaken for the pride of being who you are from the perspective of the awakened True Self and it isn’t arrogance to be the center of your circle. Those who have made such accusations are ordinarily either presumptuous where they haven’t thought the issue out or have very real inferior complexes where they have permitted their minds to be controlled by any number of those notions of herd mentality so common among talking monkeys, featherless bipeds and forked vegetables.

Such a weak stand on life will never do, don’t you know. Eventually, you, unless Lady Luck has the hots for you, you’ll have to proclaim some type of stand where, if you don’t, you will become a slave without a master or as bad; conquered by someone who delights in the suffering of others. So what should be the spiritual, magical, volitional challenge that meets life’s challenges so you are ready for trouble at its worst?
Let’s create a challenge, then.

Strike your sword against my shield, yea, your sword against My shield.

Shall we study this ancient challenge with a clarity to see what precisely we left behind from our past glories and to awaken them; yet again. Why yes, now what type of person are you to issue such a stand where others have forgotten that ancient spirit where life’s challenges are met efficiently? Yet, study, by all means the psychological, the mentality of an intelligent human being who has arrived at such a strong stand with regards to meeting life’s challenges.

Ah yes, how exhilarating it is to feel power. How glorious it shall be to emerge victorious. They might arise to try to defeat you or burn down the house where you lectured but you fought the good fight. Most of the time you will be left alone where you have been acknowledged with valor and strength. You will at least not be caught by a surprise attack.

Well, if you are a nation at war you must study what they really want and whether you are to permit them the privileged stand of your peace. When you look carefully at what they really want it ordinarily amounts to petty territory issues, obsession with theology, stupid accusations; and would most of them really care if they had learned to develop their individuality where they would not permit the mob to obsess them? Yet, the errors repeat themselves where they get caught up in political or religious obsessions. Avoiding war in the long run of years is very difficult. Being too stupid to realize that they are spouting petty issues over and over again they move toward the savagery of their ways and cross the line. So, a proper stand in times of peace not only keeps you ready for trouble but keeps the peace longer. Your liquor store will not get robbed if all the employees have a big iron on their hip.

I refer the serious practitioner of Magick to Theorem number 28.

Every man has a right to fulfill his own will without being afraid that it may interfere with that of others; for if he is in his proper place, it is the fault of others if they interfere with him.

This verse is very important to meditate on carefully. My only issue is while contemplating its truth precisely how I am to react to these hypothetical faults of others who stand in my way. Being in the right doesn’t mean I can get away with anything. After all, although their actions have consequences with me I have to consider what consequences I face for my breed to be always guilty no matter how proven I am to be innocent. I tried to explain this where everything you say will be held against you in the court of law of herd mentality and karma.

We observe such issues with a clear head to arrive with the old issue of territory infringement which ordinarily involves Government yet can be applied to relationship, a confrontation with a thief, a debate with rival, an encounter with any of the extremists in fashion today; or even the police themselves. You must understand that many wars throughout history have occurred with this issue where the propaganda consensus of maneuvering politicians, misguided theologians, or so called scholars; and herd mentality determines who the bad guys are. We can counter many of the lies against our breed but they do seem to be endless throughout history.

I tried to explain that the genocide of magicians has occurred so many times with so many inquisitions that the DNA of magicians went recessive in the overall population of humans. Well, who was tried for murder for these atrocities? No one. Since all but a handful were left when the dust settled. Entire nations were murdered down to the last man which existed for centuries. Of course, the victor always writes the history of itself always giving themselves virtue no matter how much blood was spilled nor does it matter how many dropped to the dirt who were innocent bystanders. The stupidity of Hitler, the greed of the mongol hordes, the presumption of Stalin, the sickly powers of the Caliphate, the blood thirst and rapes of the Roman Catholic Church, and any number of atrocities are only recent examples where the guilty were never charged for their crimes and in the aftermath of their iniquity were living quietly with no guilt nor retribution for their crimes.

I am no less existing with such a parallel where my school of thought might very well be seen to infringe on the territory of their said philosophy or ideology or even religious path. Clearly, we are on the horns of a multitude of dimensions of dilemma where we must calmly avert opposition in a manner that does not exclude volition but certainly includes the most civilized counter that is attributed to strategic war maneuver. Of course, telling your rival to eat the peanuts out of your shit never seems to produce a positive response where we must counter the rival’s idiot pranks by any number of counter moves that would neutralize the feasible outcome of the confrontation with a minimum of senseless friction.

Most certainly, both business and debates are the best where each party dashes off in due consideration that they have done each in shall be only one possible byway. Even a sense of humor should not be excluded from such awkward moments which clearly breaks the ice of such cold and blizzard storms of outburst. We must remain calm. As pleasurable as it might occur to the casual observer that resolution might be assured by ripping off the opponents head and sticking it up his asshole we leave behind such dramatic tactics to resolve the issue by a negotiation where our civilized demeanor is not compromised by a return to those sensationalistic mannerisms of savagery that can otherwise be resolved by firm diplomacy.

On occasion, when an interview is cleverly made as a chess move of sensationalism you might observe in every case the person who has been violated by mob infections of any number of delusions they will vomit the usual emotion where a careful study of their mental state as too negative from being a puppet to be worth hearing. Many savage nations in the Middle East (which most of them are) and even other areas have these worthless and pathetic sub human puppets who are a prey to any number of stupid obsessions. That same person when not involved as a puppet to those obsessions seems nearly sane. Indeed, they are slaves without masters and they sign their own death certificates by being involved with terroristic protocol. The reality is, they being on the side of the vile brutality of terrorism I am always pleased to watch them die in their misery. They are too weak within to be strong and good where they throw away their lives with stupid chants, misguided arguments, emotional overkill and being too uneducated to have the facts join in with the bandwagon of those puppets to their own insanity. As for any interview with them, it is rarely on the news where they would only embarrass themselves to those whose judgment is fair and just. I would absolutely recommend a careful study the psychological status of those involved with the mob compared with the more intelligent whose sense of individuality has made them on a level of behavior with regards to civilized behavior being an excellent study for scholars.

No doubt, if all the negotiations have broken down to the level of clever lies and presumptuous determinatives we must, only then, adjust our plans where firm contemplation of volition is brought to the empty table of diplomacy. It is otherwise imperative that we concentrate on resolutions where peaceful negotiations are to be the watchword of the problem where if it all falls apart, we are not at fault with regards to instigation. Clearly, it is more efficient to clear the area and annex it for territory than to commit genocide where lives who have nothing to do with the conflict are simply given a path toward a new and more fulfilling life. Of course, herd mentality always reacts the same where they are always screaming accusations in everyone’s ear where they cannot face facts.

Perhaps I should end this essay or lecture by stating being strong should be observed with its proper perspective and I actually feel the near tendency to proclaim that I am reintroducing the concept of being “strong and good” where previously we have been hypnotized by the multitudes never to blend the two words together.

Love is the law, love under will