Emerge with Triumph

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

On more than one occasion a student either in the outer or even a frustrated but loyal delegated person of the Hierarchy has come to me expressing how perfectly painful the ordeal has become either for themselves or others that they are relating with.

Like a sloppy drunk spilling stinking whiskey on a Gentleman's tailored suit that disgruntled member screams internally with his or her pain where disarray and dispersion is the signature of the room rather than the calm and sane volition that would fit the aspiring aspirant toward the greater Ecstasies upon our Path.

How perfectly contrary this is to the existence that is pure joy that the initiate who has even the most preliminary and rudimentary initiation being at last aware of the joy of the path ahead where, after all is said and done those sorrows are but shadows. You are, of course, out of touch with the reality of our species, however, if you think nothing remains from such experiences.

Knowing this, I might even anticipate that even the most miserable ordeal from the most confused aspirant can be turned around where they actually emerge from the ordeal where they realize the leaping laughter and joy that is existence. Why, even if they only see only a spark of the light at the end of the tunnel that is something, isn't it? Trying to turn this insight into the light at the end of the tunnel as the light of a freight train coming to destroy you was never the point, of course. We learn from our mistakes and emerge with triumph from all ordeals.

Now, how often have you emerged from an ordeal noting to yourself that this is not the way it need be for it is of Our Path and of Us for existence to be pure joy?

This or that member seemed to have spoiled it for you where at that moment of sheer ecstasy, that time of cosmic consciousness, that intruded moment of samadhi they dare to enter the room to complain on and on about some absolutely irrelevant ruach masturbation that when analyzed is nothing but those very sorrows that are shadows. Your old grey land attitude tries to disturb My forests of eternity where I never lose touch with the reality of the struggle. After all, My roots are deep into the black earth.

Of course you do not console the student that is spilling his pain upon your table and you try to give the advice that might turn the stumbling drunkard into a dance of life where joy is the signature of the outcome. Not an easy task yet the Oaths & Tasks demand we attempt zeal for those below us in the Order. Yet, how much much expenditure of energy must the Superior exert before that terrible decision must be made? For every star that you deal with in the Hierarchy has to be dealt with careful weighing of the scales of the delicate balances of the scales.

As enjoyable as it might be to have that satisfaction to the pained aspirant who is rattling on about the ordeal to tell him or her that they are a miserable piece of garbage too worthless a pile of rotting feces to be worth a moment more of your time you simply do not handle an aspirant of the path with such savage exchanges. The Oaths & Tasks demand you show zeal to those below you and you must give them the advice and only then release them back into the world in anticipation that they will have learned magically what to do and do it.

This does not mean if after trying to deal with such difficult aspirants you end up by going back to that one last savage exchange where you cut contact with them forever as a failure on the path. After all, it is a matter of the Superior firstly fulfilling the zeal of those below them. After that, all bets are off.

This one is at least continuing the practices and trying to achieve some balance. Help & hope in other spells and even more spells seems to be changing them. Others have gone too far into the darkness where ignoring the great wisdom of Liber Tzaddi did not balance the opposite. Those who do emerge from the ordeal with greater self confidence and do see existence as pure joy are clearly worth the annoyance of those who fail miserably and forget themselves by calling themselves names lacking the pride and determination to continue no matter what.

That one did not come to me with tales of past or present severe ordeal where they spill there insanities on my table. This one shared told me of how the triumph of overcoming the ordeal.

It is otherwise an important step upon the Path to know that existence is pure joy. How distant such a glorious consciousness seems to those in the middle of the ordeal where they cannot even see forest nor trees.

Yet I must proclaim the impossible to all by stating that existence is pure joy and if you have never achieved it I must seem like a liar and a dreamer to those who live their lives in persistent misery and sorrow.

You will either emerge from the ordeal with triumph and joy or go the way of a slave. When I have finished giving the advice that needs to be given what have you now but your own self determination to overcome it?

Love is the law, love under will