Elect the Best
by David Bersson

What is impossible today is impossible today...
Until tomorrow when it isn’t.
A quote by David Bersson who finds it intensely amusing to quote himself.
I mean, really….

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

In 1966 e.v. I asked my teacher at school which political party she was going to vote for. She surprised me by telling me she ignores political party and will always vote for the best man. I have been meditating on her wisdom with regards to electing the best since. How perfectly typical of my demeanor to carry the weight of a meditation until my strength of its variant of abstractions finds strength and balance. I dare say, for someone like Me a sixty year long or longer meditation is a shrug of my shoulders and a drop of a hat. I dare say, I make no apology for a delay with a commentary on this meditation suffice to state I have been busy with this and that.

How do you get the best to surface to have the citizen to have someone worthwhile to vote for? Indeed, we have millions upon millions of citizens. Most certainly, an intelligent life form must exist somewhere out there who has the best interests of our nation. How do we find such an intelligent life form which parallels the wildest dreams of a half crazed conspiracy theorist? After all, with fifty states and so many people the “odds” of finding honest and good people who will not become corrupt in Washington D.C. have to be in the favor of optimism. Someone out there has to at least comprehended our system of Government, the wisdom of the founding fathers, the glory of our Declaration of Independence and inspire patriotism. Not to mention avoid any unnecessary conflict with other nations. So far, we are not in the habit of finding the best citizens for high seats of Government where we end up with those with skeletons in their closet or confused realities with regards to progress. How perfectly contrary to common sense that the search for such intelligent life forms haven’t even begun where we so rarely observe anything in Washington D.C. but endless argument or even lizard mentality. I must insist that they have to exist if only we would have some way to search for them. I will not deny that good people do exist in Washington D.C. but with millions upon millions of citizens we can do much better. What precisely are the Professors at the universities specializing in political philosophy actually teaching the students where they are so rarely inspired by patriotism or being sufficiently educated in our system never arise to anything other than stupid debates? If these Professors know so much about the American system of Government why have they not assisted Washington D.C. to recommend the best? Well, the academic community doesn’t work that way, does it? So many of their lectures do not give thesis from the perspective of the citizen or how to initiate the system where the best surface with inspiration.

Here is the real problem. How do you find the best man or even the best woman to be a candidate in the first place? Patriots and good citizens exist in all fifty states. We see that wealth and backing has a lot to do with it where we observe the type of candidate that is old money that is distinguished from new money. A conservative ordinarily wants the old money whose family has some history and then you have new money who the liberal likes who thinks they can change things. (new money is usually considered reckless) Of course, it all goes into circles where neither candidate is necessarily any better than the other candidate where they not only never quote the founding fathers or consider anything more than debate among themselves. How perfectly repetitive where in debate they try to make a show of each other digging up often times outright nonsense at each other. This done publicly is supposed to show the citizen that that the candidate is unworthy of a vote. How perfectly ridiculous it is to be placed in a position where the choice of who to vote for amounts to whom is the lesser evil. Yet, such debates do not choose the best but who seems to be more clever with debate. You do not always walk away from observing such debates feeling the glory of our nation but you ponder how they could be so immature with their communications.

My observation is therefore our system never gives us the best man or even woman. Government doesn’t seek out the honest and good who would have the best interests of the nation who are true patriots. Ordinarily, that great person is sweeping warehouses or so involved with a large family that they never are seen nor elected. In fact, they might not have the charisma to get votes even if they tried. Of course, if the best man or even woman was elected he or she has to know the ropes of speeches with no breaches. So, that good person or the best person isn’t wealthy enough to launch a campaign. No matter how well the performance would be as a public servant to the citizens the best man or even woman is rarely elected.

So money bags gets elected who is morally insane and ego based getting the seat while the best have to sit on the sidelines watching an arena of endless debates that accomplish little or nothing. Lawmakers give endless laws. The system seems to be working fine and the endless cycle of money bags everywhere and ego gratifications are flying everywhere. A millionaire’s club Government where they often times have forgotten the citizens completely. The same old soup, only warmed over. When it comes time to vote we really, really, shouldn’t have to make the decision on the lesser evil.

I’m not the type of person who names names. It might soil someone’s reputation to speak out without any real data where no matter how convincing I might sound I might be totally wrong. Debates are a waste of time for someone of my breed who are firm in my private dedication to country. Someone like myself who has such an aggressive will would only make horrifying scandal where I would be falsely accused of any number of lies. This article is clearly not any promotion of myself for any position in Government. I am only speaking out so someone who would be the best would try to get elected or someone in Washington D.C. might consider a way to give citizens real choices during voting time. I would never want any position at all in politics. What I do want as a citizen to have real choices during voting time. As a civilized human being I am not going to tell everyone I am as mad as hell and am not going to take it anymore. This is the proclamation of a moron who has permitted the boundaries of self discipline to become compromised. Rather, I am going to explain my thesis where it does not insult the intelligence of others and try to observe sensible solution in the face of traumatic transitions of the times. Any protest is a waste of time publicly and any sensationalism to stir up riots are clearly going to go nowhere. This article is not meant to create more problems but to think out the issue that is an issue which I insist has been ignored. I want the best people, the most honest people, the most intelligent people in Washington D.C. and I want to be able to vote for the best rather Mister Money Bags who only entered politics for ego gratifications. Perhaps they started off as honest but got lost in the way Washington D.C. kicks each other around in their maneuvers? Years ago, I did a study of history where my thesis showed that civilizations repeated the same errors over and over again. Perhaps I am overly optimistic or patriotic to want my country to exist throughout the ages and not continue with the errors of the past. So, I pinpoint the real issue which is how does America get the best elected?

Making false accusations against politicians is clearly madness. Nor can you completely convince me that any politician is totally corrupt. On occasion, they see an opportunity to get away with something and enthusiastically step secretly across the lines. I only shrug my shoulders noting this is so typical and routine I cannot really state it is other than human. As long as they function honestly with their Oath of enlistment and Duty why should I care if they have an affair on the side or sip whiskey after hours? After all, I never expected the best man or even woman to ever miraculously appear. The system really has no plan nor protocol for the best to be presented as a choice for who we vote for.

Men move where angels fear to tread and angels exist where humans cannot find perfection. Although politicians cannot ordinarily be angels we cannot expect them to such pristine perfection, we can at least try to find the best to vote for. How this is to be accomplished shall be the question I present as a very real issue yet unresolved. We have millions upon millions of citizens here in the USA. How is it even possible that corruption could be anything than an extremely rare occurrence? How do we get the patriot who is honest and good to surface so we good citizens can vote for them?

Of course, we are back to that very real issue of who do you vote for when none of them will be great? After all, they were not chosen by virtue of anyone’s wisdom but move up the ladder of political success in spite of a citizen’s aspiration to have the best man or even woman for the task.

So, what are the chances that money bags whether they are old money or new money are going to function as the best? The idea of the citizen who moves up from rags to a seat in Government based on our system which permits anyone of any race, or background is clearly a noble concept intended to inspire the citizen. Does it actually work out this way? We have a President that went from chopping wood to President, we have a President who was a dirt farmer who arose to the Presidency, we have a President who went from ice cream boy to President and so forth. Well, this is meant for inspiration where a byway for the best to be a choice for the citizen is clearly not brought up.

I have no objection to the rich getting elected. If anything, they are the only ones who can get elected where they can afford to put it all together with the usual expensive campaign. Is this where we stand with elections? Where, only the wealthy can afford to launch an election?

My point is not any objection to money bags getting elected. Wealth can give better education and character. My observation are otherwise a point rarely, if ever brought up the best have no way of being elected.

How do you get the best people for seats of Government? When it is time to vote how I really know who I am voting for will be the best?

Ask not what you can do for your country, ask your country what it can do for you. For as Government is the servant of the people we citizens who pay their salaries by taxes demand the best servants to serve we the people. Remember President Lincoln’s severe warning in the Gettysburg Address where he warns us not to fall from being a Government for the people. Our Declaration of Independence from aristocracy was an excellent idea for a new system of Government where we twisted around the relationship of citizen and Government in an honest and good attempt by our great founding fathers to avoid false elite Government.

For if you study the speeches and original Government of our nation we see something very unique and glorious. That original, primal freedom that is the very root of inner freedom. This makes our system of Government here in America, immortal, if you meditate deeply enough on the message of freedom and justice for all. Can we find candidates that truly grasp our system of Government and its freedom to elect them?

In a certain sense everything that our Government and Democracy is beyond the words and debates where if you look deeply into the rebellion of spirit of liberty you see the primal freedom of those who took the reins and rode the noble horse of what free people really are in the depths of their being. This is a psychological complexity that rarely is brought up where you sweep aside all the words and see deeply into the primal freedom arising which is absent from words and beyond reason. The concept of the United States of America being free from words or debate is something that might seem confusing to those in Government but freedom is a spiritual state within where enough points of reference correspond to its tenet (our original system of Government is glorious) is making it sufficiently progressive for freedom and justice for all. I might add that freedom is a spiritual state within and once attained no Government nor individual can take it away from you. If they try, we have inspiration and speeches of our founding fathers where to read what they proclaim is to never fall to lesser protocols. A President to be elected that gives the insight and great genius of such primal freedom akin to President Lincoln or President Thomas Jefferson? Rather an optimistic fellow, we have here, don’t you think?

Of course, this is really what makes America great where such people who are the best will see clearly being free in their primal beings while other politicians are not free within and therefore unworthy to fill the shoes of our founding fathers will debate in circles about what is right and wrong or even what should be made into law.

Good Men can do nothing unless our system permits them a way to arise to take seats of Government to triumph over evil corruption. If good men are doing nothing do not blame them when no byways exist for them to become public servants. Blame those very tactics that rig, compromise, confuse, create clever laws, or other methods of chess play that allow our seats to sat upon by those who have trapped themselves by their contradictory maneuvers. Well, how do you open up those doors for good men? As a citizen I can only proclaim the issue is an issue. Government has to adjust itself. I do realize that this is the very opposite of what you might speculate. Yet, consider of this. If the citizens rather than the Government attempt adjustment without becoming seats of Government you have extremist revolution. What could be more asinine to fight for your freedom again when so much bloodshed occurred last time? This is yet another verification where the best must be permitted doorways.

I might end this article by stating I would like to see a way for the best to be elected. I offer no solutions, of course, and yet I thought I might bring it up where it never seems to be in the grasp of those in positions of Government.

Although no solutions have presently been presented I can at least present the issue where a search for the best somewhere, somehow among the millions of Americans we might find inspiration and patriotism where previously we citizens have been stuck in the mud of reiterating problems, unresolved.

Love is the law, love under will

In the next lecture I will go over some of perceptions of the citizen in a free country where conflict of will is eased by an understanding of the relationship of citizen and Government. It seems so clear to me that I’m embarrassed that I might be elaborating on the obvious. The concept of “universe of discourse” or sometimes it is named “domain of discourse” gives some parameters to give it margin and grid where we do not spill over into the endless debate among political parties. After all, if I simply vote for the fellow who is the best or, unfortunately the lesser evil I need take it no further than my decision of the vote. As everybody knows, “a universe of discourse” is defined as the limits within of communicating ideas through words. Many examples could be made on this issue of domain of discourse but my favorite example is when a politician states a raise in taxes is necessary. My retort is within the universe of discourse of my position as a citizen who would then inquire what extra services are you going to provide me as an citizen for such a outrage? Moreover, as a citizen who pays taxes and pays the politician salary, for road work, our loyal servants the police who protect and serve and so forth I expect them not to violate the principles of our Declaration of Independence from aristocracy which presented taxation without representation and absolute adherence to my Constitutional rights. Why, of course! It would be a breach of logic to pay more taxes than what was demanded by England which created all the fuss that led to all the issues of the American Revolution against England. All this makes an American Millionaire who offers to pay a greater percentage of taxes out of false charity morally insane to our original principles in a capitalistic democracy. Unless, of course, any charity is tax deductible it is better to think like a capitalist where ecological considerations are a sensible addition to any decisions.