Reformulation of Education
written by David Bersson
August 30th, An CXIX 2022 e.v.

Young brains store sense-impressions without necessarily judging them. Higher mental faculties develop gradually. It is criminal to force growth, especially in dogmatic directions. Reflection, classification, coordination are devices of the growing mind for dealing with accumulations of detail. Education should simply furnish facts, intelligible or not, of every order. Avoid comment, explanation, moral judgment; the child-mind must manage its material. Truth must be taught as the condition of right relation, courage as that of right reaction. The individual equal to his environment, evolves in perfection. Children so educated are absolutely themselves, adjusted to apprehend and act by autonomous evolution.
Confer Education by the Master Therion, Section IX

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Am I to suggest a complete reformulation of the Educational Process based on the latest developments in science? Well, this is like asking politely that tradition and dogma be reconsidered and rethought which will most certainly permit my person toward awkward insults and false accusations. I command to differ and you can beg to differ all you please. You cannot hide your poverty!

Step aside Gentlemen. I’m about to reiterate that boisterous and controversial habit of putting the entire human race under my Microscope to study these fascinating specimens in my volitional attempt to classify them in preparation for any number of experiments. Our somewhat diabolical goal is what we have clearly defined as our objective called, “the method of science with the aim of religion.” After all, with such a directive motivating our aspiration to actually evolve spiritual enlightenment we, with no uncertain wickedness attempt to set fire to dogma and previous rationalizations that have hindered the human race from firstly initiation and second evolution which we try to define as “racial initiation”. Well, we evolved the way we evolved, most certainly, and the entire concept of rolling away the stone scientifically to see what crawls from the darkness will most certainly create gossip among University Professors who attempt to rule the scientific community with their limited minds, and also those of the clothe whose dogma is absolutely inconsistent with scientific discovery. Meanwhile, the mental illness of conspiracy theorists will create any number of idiot theories of my alleged connections to the Illuminati or any other common delusions that so dominant the sensationalist. Is he using twenty century era vulgari science (the critics naively proclaim) as I cleverly use a slide rule and a protractor to calculate round figures and use my trusty protractor to actually create any number of geometrical figures such as the Hexagram and the Pentagram creating fear and doubt in weak fools who assume that with such savage methods of bygone science I clearly must be up to something sinister. Of course, if the “aim of religion” necessitates a Temple then the “method of science” requires specialized laboratories with trained assistants who will observe the specimens as we proceed. No doubt, our human experimentation consists of ourself and we will stop at Nothing to achieve our goal toward the true initiation. The paranoid student will nervously observe the Instructor reading his magical diary and mutter, “why does he keep clicking his pen, man?”. Naturally, the skeptic who is the instructor will eventually go through the magical diary and red ink will be spilled all over the margin of the diary more horrid than the most horrifying horror movie where the complexes are shown in their true light and the darkness of the unconscious release of any number of primal urges arise from dimensions beyond the understanding of the multitudes who are slaves without masters. Well, I am doing what I am doing and not what you think I am doing therefore either observe with clarity of mind or be subject to your asinine delusions. I cleverly proclaim; “Mystery is the enemy of truth” and those casual observers who desire I give up secrets that are classified can use the Freedom of Information act to find out if “the truth is out there” are disappointed that someone who is paranoid has blacked out pertinent data from the documents reluctantly sent to the news reporter. I state that it really was balloons at Roswell and no data substantiates your previous sensationalistic notions and I am accused of being a Government agent or any number of false accusations for those who are fools for not listening to my lectures and experiments. After all, isn’t the initiate on the Path always the person who gets the false assumptions and similar minds were actually burnt at the stake during the dark ages? Well, sometimes blinds and keeping them guessing can actually save your life or even a sense of humor might give you time to move on while you let them laugh at you. Is it not rumored among the Adepts these words of a forgotten sage from a now defunct civilization? “A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse.” From the perspective of A School of Humanity I can only state that the doorway is never locked and you need only knock. Do you fear what might awaken if you meditate on the True Self and the True Will?

Perhaps something of a consolidation of those meditations might be of assistance to others who aspire to if not a higher plane of existence to be attained at least that mode of altered state which might in some cases stimulate and create creative thought might be given in some detail. Oh dear I feel yet another series of controversial thoughts coming on as I try to explain myself. So brace yourself and consider of this.

I tried to experience an experience that I hadn’t experienced before only to realize I had already experienced the experience which was an experience unexpected, indeed. Therefore, I got what I got and received what I received not knowing what I was to know being surprised by the surprise. Whether it was a twist of fate, where I opened the gate, I took the bait and goodness me, I really felt great. I thought to myself and meditated real deep what thoughts were expensive and what thoughts were cheap. So I purchased the thoughts with the gold of creativity thinking cleverly it’s all, after all, basic relativity. So I cleansed my mind of thoughts too averse and the end ended with this clever verse. Only then did it occur to me if I am to see what I am to see complete in its content and sane in its mode. I would surely have to take a different road. So, I balanced the opposites like ancients of old. So the experience of an experience was a whole new bold. Where I traveled a path that was like taking bath in the waters of new experience. So I experienced the experience I hadn’t experienced prior my entire mind was set on fire. I experienced the rate, and twisted my fate and opened the gate moving where it altered my state.

Think back when you Graduated from College. Were you weak willed, wondering what would become of you, uncertain about your future, worried if you would succeed, concerned about your goals and generically afraid of challenges? All these are red flags that something was wrong with the educational process of your institution of learning. Where is the sense of humor, that careless brave youth to whom to the world was gracious, the scholar who enjoyed the debate, the self confidence, and glorious memories of the crowd you associated with who moved forth toward successful careers? Did you gain a well deserved Diploma or were you condemned to a coma of sleepy, nightmarish inferiority complexes where your only relief is that it is at last all over with and you barely got through the thesis and the finals where being a mere statistic in the classroom permit the hopelessness of mediocrity cloud your ambition and potential. No one taught you to learn the True Will stimulating what you really are and therefore what mark you could will upon the world?

I do realize that many studies are simply not published on this issue of teaching and learning. Homeschooling releases morons into the world, classes larger than twenty students hinder the learning process, virtual reality classes breed introverts, no school should mix religion with schooling, no one should gain scholarship from sports and other debates that are unending. The main issue has always been the teacher who teaches the student to think for themselves will always turn out to inspire overall. The entire concept is not to indoctrinate the student but to educate them by some means of inspiration where the student arises to the occasion. I might add that carefully selected group meditations geared toward the development of the creative faculties is yet in the experimental stage but shows promising results. My personal experience is meditations on the True Self and the True Will have pragmatic results.

A first rate college teaches the Freshman to think for himself. This issue where you do not learn to think for yourself until the first year at the University is clearly deplorable. Here in the USA not all families can afford to send their sons and daughters to the University of Basel in Switzerland or an Ivy League College where the tuition is worth the investment. A pertinent issue is a real reformulation of the educational system. Where is that inspirational self confidence, that flood of ambition, those insights from literature and inspiration with all those other positive traits that mark a truly educated graduate who is unafraid of the consequences of their actions and brave toward any dark forest?

Step aside, Gentlemen. I’ll make a ghost of him that lets me as I adjust my garment stepping up to the lecture with the terrifying motivation of destroying everyone verbally. The situation could at any time move toward controversy as this terrifying concept of “the method of science and the aim of religion” is shown clearly to be human experimentation which moves beyond the research of Freud who was never psychoanalyzed and others who researched without a goal beyond the simplicity of a human being as he has been created by society rather than a human being who would aspire to the highest with very real attempts to give method free from delusion.

Complexity or abstraction of a subject that is being presented has to viewed from the perspective of inspiration for the student to be excited about the subject matter. For myself, I might be baffled by the overall subject of a particular science being turned off by that subject by a lecture from a dry and poorly presented teacher. In my attempt to make sense out of an equation, a process of experimentation, an insight or a approach that is foreign to my previous knowledge my solution has always been to read or hear another book or lecture on the subject to see if it is presented in a manner where any confusion is resolved by finalized clarity. Whether teachers like to hear it from me or not I absolutely insist that there are bad teachers and there are good teachers. As I apply introspection to my own personal learning process I actually can learn more from teacher A who inspires me while teacher B with no sense of humor, no inspiration, no comprehension of the learning process presents the subject matter in a way that boredom has drowned inspiration to such a degree that I have to move on to another teacher who presents the subject where at last everything clicks into place. Teacher A is surprised and delighted that I am doing so well in class while Teacher B wonders how I even made it as far as I did at the university. Now Teacher A will teach math with example and I will do well while Teacher B who is presenting art analysis nothing is making sense. Let's go over what the issue is.

I’m including the following footnote in the middle of this essay to upset Vanderbilt University Professors who will either commit suicide, go insane or proceed to proclaim me academically inconsistent with their moral standards. Now that you mention it, such a pretentious deviation from the norm might result in a hideous avalanche of gossip, don’t you think? Where at last I arise to the throne of wickedness where I am public enemy number one of the academic community who has viciously moved away from standard standards of standard. Although I wouldn’t move to harsh deviations like using contact as a verb I might very well destroy all of you by forcing you to endure run on sentences to assure the thought form is cogent, thought provoking and the terrible truth of my words be a horror of horrors to weak fools. That is correct. How I smile at my clever and wicked deed putting a footnote in the very middle of an essay.
Now, take that!!!

(My first slide rule years ago was a gift. It was the Aluminum Pickett 271 or it was titled back in the day. Today, they call it the 1010 Pickett showing me that they weren’t alive to know what it was called by everyone in 1968 e.v.. I moved on to different Pickett Slide Rules and I ended up as my favorite the Aluminum Pickett N3-ES. The ES stands for Eye Saver which was bright yellow to help eyestrain. Please no puns with Eye Saver and I, Savior which is a pun long worn out! I absolutely recommend the Pickett 271 to start off for those who would will to develop their skills with Math. Start off with the C and D Scale and become an expert at that first. When it comes to Slide Rules I know how to Pickett.)

The issue is the Teacher where one gives examples and thinks out how to present the problems. Well, shouldn't art history or analysis be easier? Now, if the teacher who was presenting the history of art had explained it to me with some inspiration and humor I wouldn’t of been so bored by the lecture that I could no longer to see what all the fuss was about. For myself, two artists discussing ancient art teachers and their methods and approach or where or who influenced them and so forth makes me want to dash over to the liquor cabinet to relieve myself with drunkenness to recover from a psychological nightmare of boredom worse than any vision of any hell, anywhere. If you have ever heard an art critic explain the details of a style of an art work where they are able to tell what styles, influences, lessons and abstraction you can only take two steps backwards in awe that the human mind is capable of such a glory of analysis. Very impressive, indeed! I suppose art analysis should be for those who love the subject and had Teacher B been able to present it where I could be inspired it might of been a learning experience rather than frustration and boredom. On the other hand, what inspires me I learn as well as any other.

Although I was able to finally describe art with acceptable symbolism and abstraction I was never satisfied that everyone else seemed better at it than me, and I was suspicious that some were making it all up to amuse themselves to see if anyone was fool enough to take them seriously. Others seemed to be giving a selling point to get a high price for the painting. I am not embarrassed to unveil that so called masterpiece that for myself looking at it casually only saw chaos and dispersion in its creation. As if they splashed paint on a canvas and then made up a perfectly complex story around it to convince others that the stick figures of humans on the canvas was simply an abstraction of the tragedy of anorexia or worse, some slick guy using the description as a pick up line to some naive Freshman girl at the art gallery to impress her to get a date. Why of course, it would be out of the question to give a presentation where I tell everyone that Vincent van Gogh stole his style from the Japs, was in a mental institution where he never learned anything better than a brightly colored 2D flat looking paintings that I would hesitate to hang in my basement. My word, that will never do. I have to create a wondrous, creative expression of poetic lecture on the glory of the painting to get through the semester. You see the fine mess that a Teacher B imposed upon my sense of taste who could not inspire me has done? Even decades later I look back on those trying moments where not being taught with any real inspiration on the subject of art analysis makes me wonder in my more controversial meditations whether the entire subject of experts of art analysis are those who could bullshit the teacher the best to get through the class. Later moving on to a career in art sales where they confuse fools out their fortunes by the college classroom encouraged con game.

I absolutely insist that the True Self and the True Will of the student has to have a Teacher who instructs in a manner where the excitement of learning shall be emphasizing the importance of inspiration, self confidence, humor, stimulating presentations, and of course when the classroom is too large how in the world does any honest and dedicated Teacher expect to spend the proper time with the students?

Well, if we are to apply Education by the Master Therion as a series of lectures or classes perhaps we should choose a text book that moves from elementary principles to greater complexities and try to find ways to inspire the student to think for himself or herself. You need only observe Issac Asimov’s footnote on page 46 of his fine textbook on the Slide Rule where he assures everyone, after all, he will not be dealing with higher mathematics. Of course, of course, this must be proof that the subject will not be too involved. The book gives instruction where right from the beginning chapters Mister Asimov calms the student down by giving an amusing example of two normal foot rulers where he lectures and gives examples of the basic principles. Well, Slide Rule by Issac Asimov moves you slowly and carefully chapter by chapter where you're given example after example. All the teacher has to do is to separate this book into carefully planned classes where the student is taught to think for themselves inventing ways to inspire the student. In 1959 e.v. Issac Asimov gave an essay he titled ON CREATIVITY to Government after refusing to participate in a Government project that he considered would impair his ability to write freely if he received classified information. In addition, he is known for showing the academic community a thing or two by growing Elvis Presley sideburns not to mention turning conservatives upside-down by writing science fiction about such nefarious ideas like humans existing in Space with “Galactic Empires”. Clearly, Issac Asimov and I went to separate schools together! Something of a character, this Issac Asimov fellow who as a teacher excelled where his natural talent on presentations made you excited about science.

Can you survive a complete reformulation of the academic structure so such concepts are normal for upbringing? Where do you begin for such an adjustment of the timeline in the present where the future of the human race has doorways toward initiation and evolution?.

I absolutely recommend “Education by the Master Therion” to create such doorways where the creative faculties are not stifled.

Love is the law, love under will

We are human beings with many traits that have brought us to our status as an intelligent life form. It is always vital that everyone to learn to be the center of their universe, with self confidence and the psychological dampening attitude of the genuflecting weak fool who is insignificant in a infinite universe is clearly in contradiction to the educational process. Be the center of your universe, certainly, but acknowledge your fellow humans as well. I should think that an explanation is in order on how important it is to observe a story line in Science Fiction where humans are conquering and creating Galactic Empires in contradistinction to the weak fool, nerd, geek type of coward who cannot think beyond aliens invading earth and wreaking havoc. What could be more disgusting than the stereotypical intellectual who is capable of any number of intellectual feats who is shown to be a coward in the theater or the revolting genuflect of the high IQ graduate who has been weakened by inferior schooling. The script in so many Science Fiction stories has the earth invaded and the humans screaming being conquered by some slimy alien race. Now, how are such scripts any inspiration whatsoever? We all know that once the human race begins to populate Space and Goldilocks planets that our primal instincts will kick into gear and we will proceed to take over where ever we can. Therefore, any Science Fiction script that shows the human race as glorious conquerors is going to be far more inspiring than the stupid nerd, geek version of Science Fiction where Earth is being invaded. Even the old Superman comic books show this parallel of a psychological nightmare scenario where an alien from outer space is the hero even though his race was too stupid to survive and Lex Luther who is the genius human is thought to be the criminal mind. So the real hero is Lex Luther who fights the alien invader in spite of popular consensus who have accepted the interference of an alien savior god. Lex Luther fights the invasive species alien while his reputation is compromised by controversy. Now that you mention it, a rewriting of the origin story that will be more consistent with our present scientific knowledge of invasive species where Pa Kent decides to suffocate super-baby with the Krypton blanket found in the spacecraft. Ma Kent then does her patriotic duty and telephones Government who reverse engineers everything to speed up the space programs and their knowledge of alien DNA. Of course, Government covers it all up and Lex Luther grows up respected in the academic community as a true contributor toward science and discovery. Such a timeline means no geeks nor nerds appear in the present but human genius has strong associations with the strong and good. The point is not to be grotesque but to meditate carefully on the influence of the educational process where certain patterns are out of touch with the sum of the equation of creativity and reality. Such a reformulation of the educational process means angles that are impossible for the Graduate are natural meditations for the possibility of discovery. Date the Wicked Witch of the West to discuss with her the murder of her sister and bring up the possibility of bringing to justice to a con artist calling himself the Wizard of Oz. Does Dorothy have a receipt for those slippers which are suspected to be stolen family property? You will observe fresh perspectives and new discoveries go hand in hand with such a reformulation of the Educational Process.

Additional observations or a footnote to the above footnote: An “origin story” in the old comic books was an exposition on how the super hero came to be. Sort of a narrative emphasizing a biography on how the super hero developed their powers. In the case of Superman the home planet blows up and one survivor of the civilization only is sent out to planet earth. In spite of their incredibly advanced technology they don’t seem to have a seismometer or related technologies, nor any real agreement in their science councils, no space programs, nor have they colonized planets. In the absence of any apparent technology that gives proof that the planet is about to explode they exist with an absence of technological advances with detection that exist here on planet earth. When super baby crashes on earth it does not seem to have a proper trajectory calculated so it crash lands in Kansas where Ma and Pa Kent decide to adopt super baby instead of turning it all over to Government. It is unclear how they get away with the absence of proper papers from an adoption agency. Nor how the super baby could have been raised without accidental death by super vomit or a crushing super hug to the Kents from super baby’s super mouth or arms. We have an illegal adoption with no exposition on what was the matter with Ma Kent that she couldn’t bear children or why she never adopted a human baby earlier in the Kent marriage. The exposition in the Wizard of Oz seems much better where she seems to be an adopted teenager living on a farm in Kansas. Like any teenager disgruntled by emotional compromise with the decisions of adults she runs away from home and finds herself in another dimension where she kills one of the witches accidentally and her sister witch tries to exact vengeance. She acquires the slippers from the corpse of the woman she kills with the house which are a key to her getting back to her dimension. A shady Mayor praises her for killing the witch and a nefarious cartel of juvenile delinquents called the “lollipop gang” arise in power. It is unclear whether the poppy field where Dorothy's gang of outcasts pass out from the illegal drugs has any connection with the dangerous cartel in munchkin land. In her adventures she commits an act of animal cruelty by slapping a lion with an inferiority complex adding to her crimes had she been caught by the Oz police. In addition, we add trespassing on the turf of an intelligent tree species who she cleverly cons to throw apples at her where she avoids starvation. She never feeds nor waters her dog the entire story adding to more crimes added had she been caught by the authorities. When meeting the Wizard of Oz he hires her as a hit woman to murder the witch of the west knowing full well to get her broom she would have to assassinate the witch. She succeeds with the hit on the witch and returns to Oz where the Wizard admits he is a liar and a con artist. The entire story seems to be a story on invasive species and whether they are intelligently disrupting the ecological system or not to become a danger to that environment.