Ecological balance and True Will

written by David Bersson on August 8th, An CXIV 2017 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

In an attempt to explain the pros and cons of applying the science of ecology to the True Will we will give examples that will warn the reader that developing such perceptions of the will and environment have to be considered with careful deliberations and elucidated in a manner where the correspondence does not impose a ratio logic that becomes so linear that infringement of the will and relations fall on all fours.

An attempt to correlate the discoveries and observations of science with evasive species to the variant of cultures science cannot show any tolerance for any additional species that would upset the balance of the original ecological system. Therefore applying the hypothetical scenario of its restorations in culture and religion you are shocked where genocide & cannibalism are now a factor in the readjustment of its ecological system when the correlations are given correspondence to cultural balance.

Hitler tried to restore the culture of the Nordic by genocide on the Jews in an attempt to adjust the ecological system of his view of cultural geography. Clearly, his savagery had deplorable consequences where he committed all sorts of war crimes against innocent human beings who in Hitler's twisted mind was a solution to the Jews actually taking over the economy & culture of the area. Now, you will see that the same principle applied to invasive species and ecology where we as human beings are quite content to commit genocide on evasive species in an attempt to restore the ecological balance and exchange.

Phenotypic plasticity might apply to the red squirrel but when applied to human beings we have the factor of those rationalizations which make it reasonable and natural to resist change. Clearly, we do not consider the genocide of the Burmese python in Florida where it is considered an evasive species in the same light as Hitler committing genocide on innocent Jews.

Invasivorism which is a method of promoting the adjustment of an invasive species by including humanity in the balance by eating that species. When applied to culture balance this makes us cannibals. It is perfectly natural for the Virginian to create a dish that includes the sweet potato and the possum but when applied to the roasting of Islamic Terrorists for a new and interesting addition to the menu we are clearly skeptical on the protein content over baked chicken and brown rice.

Genetic pollution is a convenient terminology in the science of ecology where applied and confronted in culture exchange amounts to averse attitudes to others and again, the word eugenics becomes a dangerous word whose application where the scientist commits atrocity in an attempt to improve the ecological tendency or the natural evolution of the human being.

These minor and major issues of correspondence are most enlightening where our beastly instincts are given some clarity when applied to the introduction of the evasive culture that either devours or absorbs the natural inhabitants. In the case of the Roman Empire converting to monotheism and devouring the cultures of the polytheistic geographies surrounding them we observe that humanity's attempt to adjust the ecology of its cultures meant millions of innocent people died horrible and senseless deaths.

In a world where no free countries exist and actual deterioration from poorly chosen leaders we have the ecological upset of political systems where the ego has become the master and wisdom is discarded by poorly conceived sanctions. Sanctions are an attempt to cut off the supply of the enemy so the enemy cannot grow or even die out. From the perspective of the enemy it is blackmail where the animal becomes desperate for its life support and only creates more hostilities in its future plans.

How relevant is this correlation with a species introduced to wipe out an invasive species only to have that species create even more problems in the ecological system. We therefore arm the rebels against the terrorist and the rebels act with equal brutality only to repeat the never ending war to readjustment. In the end, both sides are diminished in population so harshly that whoever arranged the meager attempt at adjustment becomes the silent rulers of the soiled geography. Neither side which was arranged by this strategic war maneuver benefits and many cases no one comes out alive.

Tolerance has cost us our culture and our attempt to preserve the culture has brought genocide on the doorstep of entire Nations. The rules of the preservation of the ecological systems is oft times viciously breaking the scenario down to brutal realities where our perception of human rights is rationalized away by those crapulous creeds which, having proven detrimental, are brought to the surface.

A careful examination of the proper step forth where we try to preserve life and balance culture where everyone comes out not only alive but with the chance of joy and success the ecological system of politics, culture, philosophy and religion we have no other known method of establishing a reasonable amount of ecological exchange to the benefit of all than the initiations that are corresponding to the True Will of the individual who at last knows which dance partners are going to be consistent with their association and which dance partners will crush their toes being incompatible with the particular culture or dance hall.

In an attempt to apply more pragmatic views and therefore better decisions of our will in relation to others it is clear that the science of ecology is to the benefit of our future where applying science to politics & culture is at last viewed with renewed aspirations.

Love is the law, love under will