The Dove and the Serpent

written by David Bersson on May 3rd, An CXVII 2020 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

It should be clearly observed with clarity the "metoo" movement where women arise from the pain of those whose men who are of the Serpent who have been aggressive to the negative to those whose formula of Love is the Dove. You will note that this is the reverse of "to me" where the Priestess calls to Her Children in the Fold.

After meditating on some remarks of someone in the Hierarchy who clearly living in another city where the Abbey resides I cannot have the heart to heart personal conversation with those realize that I should otherwise cover this issue of love and the Serpent and the Dove where I ordinarily discuss it completely in private I will give some comments on this burning issue.

I must act with absolute caution with such decisions. Unless those involved with such issues in their relationship which warrant my action come to me personally I must permit it all to resolve itself letting such comments covered in this essay to be held in strict privacy and confidence where they might actually attain with experience the proper decisions. You must realize, firstly, that I absolutely condemn the magical currents of the old Aeon where the Priest of Asar uses the slave whip against the will of those who exist among them. If a sister is a Dove do not permit her stand on Love be in violation of Love under will.

I have seen a lot in all of these years. I will not tell you where in the world this occurred or how long ago but this is a severe example of carrying the whip of Asar. In this particular scenario a fool who confused his disordered nephesh for behavior as a Priest thought to leave the Priestess tied up all day expecting when he came home from work her not to end the relationship which of course she did. Showing how much she had become a slave she cried instead of slapping the mother fucker in the face which I would, in such a rare case, thought tolerable. She saved face in my eyes by at least moving to another city where she was encouraged to begin her own movement based on her experiences in the Outer and Inner. She found another place to live where she could learn her tendency to be a Dove did not compromise her will by a confused perception of Love under will where the deterioration into s & m had occurred to such a degree that she was considered not a Priestess but a slave girl. In this case, although it turned out to be a learning experience she turned out better than other sisters who simply could not overcome the crutch they had relied on for too long where they are psychologically damaged by too much abuse and eventually leave the Order bewildered and disgruntled on what hypocrites the men of the Outer were where the True Will and Love under will were simply words that with her negative experiences she would never return.

You must get through your head that Asar is the adorant and Isa is the Sufferer as clarified in the Book of the Law, It should also be clarified that it is stating that they are both not of me and therefore not of us. Those with slave lord tendencies who would try to reiterate the old habits of the old aeon Priest of Asar should note that unless you act as the adorant you will end up abusing your Dove who will be violated by the old aeon protocol of the Priest of Asar.

Those others who did not move away to learn from a compromised independence who would have been a Dove girt with sword with Love under will in the Temple of Nuit deteriorated into a slave girl whose domination delayed their initiations. Of course, we had another ex sister who was of the Serpent who had a baby by her Priest and ended up making all sorts of stupid accusations eventually taking custody of the child leaving him with any number of insane issues that made him resign when he was confronted with yet other issues pending. She deteriorated from being a wondrous concubine, highly intelligent and independent to being a nasty, demanding little bitch who tried to stop everyone from smoking cigarettes and claiming her perceptions were anything more than the demonic screams of Lilith, the demon queen of malkuth. So the Dove and the Serpent can deteriorate without True Love which is Love under will as it should be obvious. We might state, respectfully, that the Dove deteriorated into profane s & m games and the Serpent deteriorated into a poisonous snake.

I think this issue of the sister or sisters over the years who have considered them of the Dove and actually permitted themselves to be a slave in a relationship we must be extremely cautious to not proclaim accusations without the full facts. After all, it does seem to be in contradiction to a woman to be the scarlet woman type priestess to be of the Dove rather than the Serpent. Both the Dove and the Serpent are subject to deterioration into the lower planes where with the Serpent they poison you with their demands or the Dove where they become a nuisance behaving like they need you as crutch. A sister who is balanced and of the Dove and a sister who of the Serpent will both be girt with the sword to the advantage of their demeanor and free from the shackles of those karmic handicaps will be to the advantage of the Temple of Nuit or the Temple of Horus consistent with the aspiration of the magical gesture. Once again, initiation changes the manifestation completely so do not be so quick to judge surfaces.

The sister who is of the Dove might very well during a initiation become of the Serpent as the self confidence of the manifestation of the magical energy gives her confidence to stand where she hadn't the foggiest notion to stand properly on her own being compromised by some karma of her own making like drugs or rape. Clearly, during the initiation in Tiphareth the aspirant is a bride to the Angel showing polarities of Dove and Serpent at play in the process.

Sisters who are of the Dove are more common than those of the Serpent but both must be embraced and experienced. This does not mean that a sister of the Dove cannot be as efficient a Priestess as the sister whose love is of the Serpent. This does not mean that Priestess cannot enjoy both worlds depending on the will of the Priest.

Love is the law, love under will