The Ordeal and the Dissolution

written by David Bersson on
September 30th, An CXIV 2017 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

I should give insight from the perspective of a successful series of initiations in spite of the dominant number of failures where the negative percentage would discourage the weary pilgrim.

Working toward the movement forth where you fall unto infinite possibility seems simplistic and elementary to the casual observer of our metaphysics. After all, what could be easier than living the Path of your True Will? It does seem a contradictory state of affairs, don't you think? Where something so innocent and mystical as an alignment of the Great Work or achievement of a initiation become muddled and confused where the very ego is aflame with dispersion. Not unlike a baseball bat being viciously struck into a hornet's nest for the novice where when the fog clears it is shown that the sound you have heard in the words are really night crickets soothing you in evening meditation.

Being a human being, a star upon your course you find you are more complex than a few mere words of casual advice that will instantly resolve all your complexes. After all, there are lions in the way and thorns upon the path and complexes to resolve. Clearly, you were not raised by parents who used the essay Education by the Master Therion to assist you and thinking back you realize that the parameters that you see now as wisdom were not applied to your early upbringing. In the attempt to mold you it poisoned you where you had to rethink the freedom of your self and the path of your will.

Well, well, well, what have we here? You dare not permit yourself to be caught in the web of restriction and in order to free yourself you must find a balance that you only suspected might be possible with initiation. Those around you are equally aware of the issues and you are aware that you must not interfere with them. When you involve yourself with them the rules of engagement become complex and your ego reacts. So, you have been struck into the face of reality where you must find your Path and make it your Great Work arising from the madness of the karma of your past.

You find a byway to resolve the issues of relationship carefully respecting others will and realize you are in union with those who are of us and absolutely alone on your path. This perception becomes one and none as you engage the enemies of your contradictory complexes and resolve them where calm is restored. Restored confidence is the first initiation on the plane of your mind as you realize another step is necessary to discover the true will of your path.

The drugs that enslaved you become the experiences that unlocked you. They are old toys to be discarded for they are no longer strange drugs but familiar perceptions cogent with what was necessary for your inner freedom. Those apparent stumbling blocks become the golden steps toward the next step to your Great Awakening where the very spirits that stood in your path step aside acknowledging your glory and triumph.

The ordeal has been met with courage and the dissolution of the movement forth toward the Great Work has blended in a perfect alchemy with the black dragon.

When the way has been amalgamated into the end, it is if the end is dissolved into the way. When the I becomes one with the all it is if the all is dissolved into the I.

Love is the law, love under will